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Peter Bertlin
Peter Bertlin (Guest)
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Fantastic environment and very good skiing.

Eva (Guest)
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Fantastic ski resort that has everything! Been here 3 times and no other place I've been to (Chamonix, Badgastein, Val d'Isere, Engelberg) beats Zermatt. Backs in all slopes, magically beautiful on Stockhorn m loosnö or puckel and sometimes crowded ground. Delicious food at Chez Vrony and the other ski restaurants in Findeln. Table booking required regardless of the weather. Easy to get between the different systems and weatherproof / snow proof as the slopes are high and in different protected valleys. Wonderful city. Easy to get to Cervinia to get a change and rest your legs and save a little at the lunch account. The accommodation is not more expensive than elsewhere in the Alps. The food is expensive but you save some living in the apartment.

Isak (Guest)
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Out of all the algae I've been in, Zermatt is the place in my heart. It has it all! Skiing at sloping heights, a glacier with the same fall height as Åres, a city so beautiful and picturesque that only it is worth going to even if you do not go sides and a system of rides where the length of some slopes corresponds to the total slope of a normal Swedish ski resort. Unfortunately, there is one side of the coin, but in this case we are not talking about coins but about banknotes because it is banknote you may be prepared to pay in such a fantastic place like this. However, Zermatt is not alone in having it, but that's what you can expect if you go to a larger place in Switzerland. However, they do not try to hesitate in this case, as you notice as soon as you stick your nose outside the train station and meet the window windows with brands like rolex, omega and various designer leather clothes that are not a single person with a little sense and who once stood on a pair of skis would take on the hill. However, it is this image of the resort that made it to the amazing place it is, because the nice thing about the Jetset people is that they rather show that they can afford to go to a place like Zermatt than actually exploiting its amazing assets in form of pillows and celestial heights. Thanks to this and that they gave the village its reputation so that the other pillars freaks are scared away, you can easily find untouched pads without having to climb as much as a week after a dump. The prices are most important if you choose to eat outside, where you can find the most expensive apartments for normal prices and the same applies to the prices in the food stores. If you want to eat outside, I recommend you to go to the cervinia side, because you get a three-course lunch with a good bottle of red for the same price as you get a hamburger plate on the zermatt side.
Zermatt is a great place and you have the opportunity to go there. Just watch for glacier cracks and outdoor dining with people in mink fur, and you'll have a great skiing experience.

Stefan (Guest)
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Preseason Weekend. Undoubtedly good relationship despite sparing snow. Efficient lifting systems, apart from the anchor lifts up to the glacier, are parched by taking the cabin up to the glacier paradise instead! Switzerland as usual expensive but on the whole a really good weekend.

jonas (Guest)
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An amazing system is 5 times here and I just love the resort more and more. There is a ride for everyone and off-piste that is easily accessible and very good, where there was 5 and was almost in the off-piste and it had just arrived half a mile !!!!
Do not miss the happy chicken, great good after skiing that lies at the end of the hill.
Only negative is well lift the short price while our currency is useless nowadays.
Greetings Jonas

J. (Guest)
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I'm not so young anymore and I live on the continent for many years. I travel a lot of skis and I have been to many different ski resorts in the Alps and in North America over the years. Every year I go skiing at several ski resorts in the Alps and visit other lesser known ski areas. (It was quite a while since I went skiing in Sweden.)

Of all the resorts I visited, and there are many, Zermatt is my favorite resort. I've spent about 45 ski days in Zermatt for the last 6 years, and I'm not tired.

Zermatt is a very successful blend of modern ski resort and old-fashioned cozy Swiss ski resort. The skiing in Zermatt-Cervina is fantastic, the mountains are incredibly beautiful. The village of Zermatt is very nice with the church in the middle and narrow alleys (only electric cars). Restaurants, pubs and nightlife are all right.

It is true that it can be a bit expensive in Zermatt, but it costs money at all good ski resorts.

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Can agree with Martin most of the time. However, I think it may be unnecessary to point out the high price level. There is certainly cheap and affordable accommodation in Zermatt, there are affordable restaurants at the lower price level (for example, there is a McDonalds). If the low European prices are attracting, it's easy to gas over to the Cervinia side and have lunch. If you want to travel charter there is STS and it is easy to compare prices and see that it is not more expensive in Zermatt than in many other places. There is of course the possibility to book in expensive hotels. Probably, the satisfaction is greater at Ngt of the Seiler chain hotel, which lives up to its promises, than on, for example, "perhaps the best hotel in the Alps" Salzburger Hof, which is just an expensive Swedish city hotel at a gas station.
One drawback with Zermatt is that the cabin up to Klein Matterhorn is under-dimensioned and there is often a queue. Another is that a lot of snow is required for them to open the freeride area at Stockhorn.
Otherwise, it is only recommended.

Martin (Guest)
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Zermatt is one of the absolute best ski resorts in the Alps. There are very few resorts in the alps that can match the area's high concentration of mountain peaks over 4000 meters. It provides a frame that very few resorts come close to. In addition, it ensures that it is always enforceable. The lift system is open all year round. The village with its older settlements creates a certain amount of charm, even though its luxurious character creates a clear barrier between "the rich and famous" and us common mortals. Unfortunately, the place is almost a reserve for the rich upper class. It's too bad because it's so good. With a fall height of 2000 meters, there are endless possibilities to experience nature experiences far beyond what is possible on the "regular" ski slope type St. Anton. In terms of potential, Zermatt is fully measurable with Chamonix, but Zermatt fits more the lazy ships as numbers are more comfortable. Stockhorn offers a huge playground for easily accessible offpiste when snow conditions are the right and piste number 7 from the top of Kleines Matterhorn down to Cervinia has not been nominated for the world's best piste with a wonderful scenery and a fall height that strikes most. Additionally, it should be added that the entire ski area is closed down by small amazing lunch restaurants that make the Bustamoon appear as a simple cattle breeding place. The only, but major, disadvantage of Zermatt is the high price level. Making a living and traveling yourself is a must for a common mortal who does not belong to the category "rich and famous"

Johan (Guest)
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Does not understand the signature Henrik.

From Sunegga you easily reach the highest peak by subway and then the gondola and after the cabin. Here is a lot of good red and a really good black pist which is also quite tall.

From here, you can easily cross the Gergergrat system via a cabway. From Gornergrat you can get to stockhorns that have quite difficult skiing. The skiing down from Gornergrat is quite simple but there is a little puckelpist here and a nice restaurant. From this system, you come down to the small matterhorn system, which reaches 3800 meters. At the top it's quite flat skiing Here you can easily go to cervinia, which most people seem to do not eat for skiing (quite flat in cervinia). Further down to Zermatt from Kleinmatterhorn, skiing is steeper and from Schwarzee there is a black pist that the pistons do not manage to get up in.

The systems are thus clearly linked to each other, even if they are clearly delimited, in part, I believe in different owners.

I have been to Zermatt about 10 times and think that the village's charm combined with skiing is unprecedented. In addition, it is possible to make some good bargains. Accommodation does not need to be particularly expensive at all.
If you go weeks in low season, I usually go to the weeks before Christmas, so you can get a ski guide or ski school for six full days, plus a ski pass for 7 or 8 days accommodation in a really good hotel with half board or breakfast and ski rental for everything between 1300 - five star zermatterhof for 2200
chf per week (go to the maternity ski shop on www.zermatt.ch. Transport is possible by yourself. The most practical is enough to fly to Zurich with Swiss and then take the train at the airport. You can easily book a train ticket in Sweden at Sj About 750 kr. There are lots of different. I think that ryanair is flying to basel.

Henrik (Guest)
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We were in Zermatt week 11 and had an absolutely wonderful weather. It was snow so it reached almost all the way down to the village. The village was cozy and nice, so long is the rating 5/5, but when it comes to skiing, I'm not at all as positive. There is the worst of the systems I've been in, Val Thorens 6 times, Whistler 1 time and Alp D Huez 1 time.

I think the lift system is far too too flexible, it's not easy to move from one part to the other, but you always have to go down to the village and start from the base stations. It takes a very long time to change the area of ​​refuge. Furthermore, I think too much of the system has the character of transport stretches. It always feels like just getting to the next lift.

We went the most on the Cervinia side where we found the right ride, which was very "efficient" ie the falling height and almost completely without a lift queue. There we found good pistes which also enjoyed the whole day despite the strong sun.

The really high part of the system, Klein Matterhorn is ready for flax to suit my taste. However, it is wonderful view.

What I miss most is a flexible system that makes it easy to "go around" without having to go down to the village to change. Furthermore, I lack black slopes, there is almost only red and blue.