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+ Wonderful snow.
+ Extremely good restaurant that is really recommended.
+ The off-piste on the back of the Mesklumpen is awesome. First high mountains and then sparse spruce forest. Then take a taxi back.
+ Gles lift-close forest that is perfect to go in.
+ A little people
+ Large free-riding surfaces if you are a snowmobile interested.
+ Audible bowl where the children's lift goes. Perfect snow sledge mode.

- You have to stack some to get to the other lift. No elevators with young children.
- The slope at the second lift is quite flat so you can put on toddlers over some hills.
- Some snowmobiles have a hard time understanding that one has to stay on the joints, or in the clearance areas.

Sofia eriksson
Sofia eriksson (Guest)
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Best staff, awesome slopes and so nice cabins. Our kids loved all the wild snow and the incredibly fun slopes.

Hanna Norberg
Hanna Norberg (Guest)
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True snow and true skiing! Fits everyone regardless of age. Cozy and nice!

Jon Dahlberg
Jon Dahlberg (Guest)
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Positive: Nice pisteed trails with nice skiing.
Negative: One of the pist men painted on my HellyHansen jacket for 3200: - when he would give me a warning! Do not get rid of the pencil pens the color!

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Blåsjön in northern Jämtland. Is known for a lot of snow and hotel fire in 1992. The normal year has the 150-200cm snow record lying at 273cm. Those who come there are 80% Norwegian and half are there to go scooters. The lift system consists of 3 lifts that are located after each other in the fall height. The ride is very creepy and varied, very sparse and nice forest skiing and lots of good drip. Much of the terrain is small drips and short and nice rocks where it's crumbling out of places and building kicking or just driving anyway and pulling some tricks out. Always so much snow so the charges are calm. Never rice and bushes that are obstacles in the ride it is hidden far below the snow. The top elevation is above the tree line, the middle of which lies in sparse birch forest and the bottom of the forest. The system gives 525 vertical meters and it is the fourth highest in Sweden. (Åre 890, Hemavan 665, Björkliden 538, Blåsjön 525, Abisko 500) Otherwise, the slopes are not as steep, but there are some red slopes up the mountain or even at the bottom of the mountain. The area is perfect for the sports-loving family and also for those who are looking for good off-road skiing as you are guaranteed to be completely self-sufficient. Children and beginner area are at an extra lift up the mountain where there are perfect places to dig sunbathers on the spring. Wärdshuset is called Fjällripan and has very good and good food and fun in the evening, but keep calm with the local snowmobiles, they are not late at the rally battle. Fjällripan is located in the same places where the hotel stood as a fire down in 1992. The accommodation available is cottage rental and the prices are very humane. However, camping is in the neighboring town of Jormvattnet.

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