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Borgafjäll is located in northern Sweden. More specifically, it can be found in southern Lapland, on the border of Jämtland. You'll almost always find snow in the winter and heavy rainfall in the summer when moisture from the Atlantic comes in over the mainland. You often get many slopes to yourself when you visit Borgafjäll with 13 slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, where the longest piste is just under 1.5 kilometers long.

But it's mainly if you are looking for off-piste that Borgafjäll is especially right for you. In case of really big snowfalls, they may not prepare the slopes and the ski resort will become a snow paradise like La Grave where freeriding is the main focus.

The terrain is varied and you can find many different kinds of slopes.

If that is not enough it is also possible to go cat skiing, or in other words get a ride with a snow groomer to untouched terrain. A calmer alternative to heli skiing.

It is not usually crowded here and you don't have to worry about waiting in line for the lifts.

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What do you think about Borgafjäll?
John (Guest)
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There is everything you would wish for, good sunbathing if you want to drive scooters, good après ski, incredibly nice spa in the hotel with good food, nice slopes to go slalom

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Magical place without a cot in either a lift or a backing. The snow is amazing and only natural of nature.

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One of my absolute favorite places and a place where I come back several times each year. Plenty of snow, very good off-road skiing, really good lift ticket prices and wonderful staff.

Above all, it's the offpiste that lures in Borgafjäll. Unbelievably varied terrain that should fit most of the offist gates. The place is something of a hidden gem and there are rarely many people on the slopes. The outfit boys can, however, be many, so it's important to be out on the slopes when fresh snow has fallen to get the best turns in the powder.

By the way, Borgafjäll is a smaller ski resort, but has everything you need. There is good variation on the slopes and the resort is suitable for families with children.

As a disadvantage, the lifting system must be mentioned. Although it is rare for crowds to the lifts, I feel that they stay too often. And many times the lifts can stay for longer periods, especially if it's cold or blowing. The nice off-piste and the wonderful staff make Borgafjäll a place I gladly visit again and again.

Off-piste skiing is
Good lift ticket prices
Friendly staff
Usually plenty of snow
Rare congestion to the lifts
child friendly

The lift system

Joakim Tall
Joakim Tall (Guest)
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Spent 4 days in Borgafjäll during V12 and had a good trip with almost half a meter of snowy snow. Went up 3 days in the system when you could not get enough of the forest crop. Really nice gallow and with fun obstacles. Wherever you go, you'll find new ways. As others said they do not even punch the entire slopes so there is plenty of offpiste everywhere. Do not recommend it as much if you are looking for piste skiing - go to Hemavan Tärnaby then you will get some more views on a nice day.

Also drove catski one day up the jacket peaks and the cliff mountain. Really decent mountain and think it was a calmer and more affordable experience than Heliski. Two out of four rides had really nice snow, while the other two were a little more rough :)

Will definitely be back to Borga when it was close to Umeå and very nice atmosphere with some people. As well as the right priorities on the ride - shoes, offpiste and top ride :)

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If you pay three days under the sports license this year, you would not have the best conditions if you say so. Took a cat ride one of the days which was really awesome despite the blowing some and the snow was mostly wind-packed. At a snowfall, when it does not blow so much, you can probably experience the best ride ever, in Sweden. The resort has grim potential but unfortunately it blows a bit too much.

The lift system is nothing to brag about, but there is still the possibility of very good woodland as you cut out of the forest in several places and also built as a natural park with fallen trees and the like. It's also nice that they only piss the middle of the back when you have a good ride on the side, despite the fact that it is mostly overcome.

sofia (Guest)
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Staying here in Borgafjäll and thinking about telling you about the village and the hills, this year is a nice insight into everything that's happening.

Borgafjäll is a ski resort that expands, on good and bad. One of the best things about the village and above all the lifting systems is that you have it for yourself;) However, it is fun that more people will find here and enjoy the scenic view. What attracts most tourists is the offpiste, which I have to admit clearly is worth a few miles to travel. If you have the option it may be worth stopping here during the weeks, then you have the slopes for yourself and all scratches are untouched. If you are from here you are so spoiled that you think the slopes are full if ten riders are in the elevator ..;)

In addition to slalom snowboarding, there is actually something else to do in the village, both during the summer and winter months. Heleski, Catski, we have had Parasailing (stavas?), Horse riding and sleigh rides, fine fishing, hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, sledding dogs sometimes, quad biking, and there is also a snack to do some cycling scratches down the slopes during the summer, we hope for the best and see what's going on.

If you are thinking of visiting us here in the village, I definitely recommend the weeks after Christmas, then it's quite crowded and nice riding, (very OP!) Forward Easter I think is relatively sad even though we had a few nice years now. We get a 4 because I do not have much more to compare with, but I can say that we measure ourselves and maybe even overclassify Stryn in Norway. The outpost is definitely world class.

Welcome here!

03/06/2009 (Modified: 05/09/2009)
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I go to Borgafjäll almost every year ...
There is everything you want to be there: there are: slopes, forest trails, cross country trails, mountains and more ...
 In the summer it is also fun where you can walk to Borgahällan and swim in the brook and other fun. I definitely recomend that next time you want to go to a place with a few people but the best skiing, you will take to Borga ... The place gets lung a 5th.

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Must be one of Sweden's best offpiste if not the best ..
but the park has been a bit bad but changes have happened in recent years but no bigjumps.

I would give a five if it was not for the park.

Blowerpow (Guest)
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A forgotten gem! Was there for the first time V9 this year and could cushion all week after a dump the day we got up. Undecided snow and no over-ambitious pistons driving as it is in vemdalen and åre. Ok they have a pistol but they just drove type every other day pay / every other day in avasjö plus they just pissed a string in the middle of the back so you had fluff fluff pads on both sides. In addition there are slopes that are not piste at all + lots of good woods. Unbelievably little people so you had the entire city side almost for yourself. Max 20 pers in the entire back !!! Unfortunately, there was no heliskiing due to a little too much cloud. The day that was going to work was the helicopter booked for otherwise. Nevertheless, I had my best skiing week in Swedish mountains ever.

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Borgafjäll is a small place but there are good opportunities for OP, maybe even. Sweden's best - at least the most snow in Sweden 2007. Borgafjäll is known for the hotel - Ralph Erskine. There has been an o different race on the roof of the hotel.

There is no chairlift, you have to go for ankarlift but it's going fast. When the temperature is over - 20C, the lifts can strike, then it's good that they have a ferret that can pull one up on the mountain. There are two sides, avasjö side and pay.
A year ago a park in Älgen was introduced, which is quite ok with signs of difficulty for jump / rail etc. - Soon there will be a bus in the park (see picture in album) that you can do some fun.
The best yard is clearly on the pay side. Especially the birch back when it's nypistad and many different OP roads.

On the avasjö side, the slopes are more suited for families / children - but it should be remembered that there is the ravine that can be incredibly beautiful ie. If you are first - and most of the time, maybe not during Easter the weeks when it is most people up there.

There is the possibility of helisking and various off-piste tours!

New for 2007
For this year, the Borga side has also opened a café just as the avasjö side has had a long time. Now, therefore, there is no heat hob where you can eat food tanks - but nice staff.

Key card has begun to use when you had a classic armband.

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