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A real gem!

Cozy places to eat on the hill, good piste on the slopes and really good off-piste. We got an absolutely fantastic and sultry ride that started on open mountain, crossed into sparsely wooded forests and ended in dense forests on the downhill mountainbike paths back to the village.

Tip is to live in Courmayeur and go to La Thuile over the day because the village is not so much to have, only 30 minutes takes easy road. Then you also have close to several other really good systems.

Hena (Guest)
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We were 3 families with children between 10 - 15 years who were in La Thuile v. 8, 2007.
We think skiing was perfect for all ages. Wonderful snow, perfectly pisted slopes and the sun shines 6 days in a row. There are long wonderful slopes that suit the average kids and a pair of black ones that were quite challenging for the more advanced. If you want to go offpiste there were all possibilities on the side facing France. However, most people seemed to stay in the slopes. The advantage for us was that the system is clear and all the stops end in the same place in the village, which meant we dared to let the children go for themselves. Not a lift queue for the whole week. It was mostly Italian in the hill and after lunch they were left in the sun. If you want to have a party in the evening or do not miss after-ski, this is absolutely the wrong place. But for children families, La Thuile fits perfectly.

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Tib spent one month in La Thuile 2006.

There are lots of orörs snow on the other side of the mountain where there are relatively little slopes and where the connection to the French side is. Heli-skiing should be tested here as it is absolutely amazing when sneezing has fallen.

The slopes in La Thuile are nothing further, perhaps for families with children. My party is just a big plateau where you stand up. Perceived the lowest parts of the system as extremely hot, always!

La Rosier, the French side has quite ok skiing but quite flat.

You can easily catch the bus from La Thuile to Courmayuer which is worth a visit. Varied ride, but small!

La Thuile as a city is terrible. There are no nice restaurants and definitely no nightlife. In the pub your people only go on Fridays ... Non-existent after-ski.
The village itself ends in the shadow in the afternoon, and then it becomes faint, no outdoor areas to sit and relax after skiing.

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spent there two days, just then there was new snow a bit of people and canoeing so I think it was top.

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La Thuile is both bu and bee. There is quite easy to reach offpiste, does not seem to have so much "extreme" rider, ie the snow is left. At least 6 days old I went in. However, the easy-to-reach offpiste is not long enough quite steep.
Has lifted up with La Rosière in France. though it sucks.
One problem is that either, depending on wind direction, one of the resorts is quite windy. Sadly, if it happens to be La Thuile.
Otherwise there are 2 slanted black slopes down to the village. Fast late it's over.
The rest is flat!
There is no afterski in the village because it ends in shade at half past four ..

Price level is OK. One day lift pass 30 euro. A grilled panini about 3 euros.

However, there is much better driving near, doubtful if it's worth a stop in La Thuile ..
No, go to Pila in Italy about 1 hour away or of course to Zermatt which is also close to ....

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yes what should you start with ....
You can say that La Thuile is quite easy ... no major challenges if you are not willing to go up to nowhere near the mountains. What is funny, however, is that the offpiste that is available is very easily accessible. It makes sense that even the English people find out in the offpiste .... never fun.
Nightlife is probably not the best .... if you are not around 30 years old and like some half-old songs played in a basement that, moreover, boasts of being the only night club in the city. bars there are more but not very many. The resturants in the village offer both food typical of the resort and some other Italian food. However, you can get meatballs without problems if you are just looking for a little. I would like to recomend La Bricole ... a very good dinner that is a bit more expensive than the rest of the town's eateries ... ie the price is much like Sweden, but here you are invited to the food of the Italian restaurant. The distances in La Thuile are not very large .... depending on where you live, you are not particularly far to the lift.
Check out after skiing gear .... the price is on some sharks almost at half the price level against Sweden ...
I recommend this resort because not everything for advanced skiers may have the family with.

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