Fulpmes – Schlick 2000

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Fulpmes – Schlick 2000 Snow forecast

  • Tuesday
    0 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    2 mph
  • Wednesday
    0.8 in rain
    Heavy rain
    1 mph
  • Thursday
    0.1 in rain
    Rain showers
    1 mph

Facts about Fulpmes – Schlick 2000

Slopes (Total: 16)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:8
Red Intermediate:5
Black Advanced / Expert:3
Total length of pistes:1.2 miles

Lifts (Total: 9)

Vertical drop
Fulpmes – Schlick 2000 Vertical drop
Mountain high: 7316 ft
Vertical drop: 4035 ft
Mountain low: 3281 ft

Childrens area:1
Country: Austria

Reviews for Fulpmes – Schlick 2000

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Stayed here during my season in Austria. Worked and went skiing on Stubai glacier, which was nice. The village is quite boring, agreeing that Neustift is more enjoyable, however, it is recommended to go to Innsbruck when it's cruel (!) Much more fun.
Went on the hill one day during the season (did not hurry to get to the glacier), was ok on the backfill but unfortunately not much to have in the long run.

ulrika (Guest)
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I am as good as grown up in Fulpmes.
Have been there almost every week 8 this year.
That actually says a lot.
There is not a lot of variation in the ride, but it's lovely anyway.
If you want more variety and more choices, you can always take the bus to Stubaier Gletcher, the "glacier".

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Hm, after a number of visits to Fulpmes (about 20 to 20 years), it's no more than right that I'm trying to give a review. We have always been there v 8, ie sports promise. Nevertheless, there is never enough abundance of tourists, rather very calm. The village itself is actually really boring. There are a few pubs and restaurants, but no island at all. If you want to have a party, Neustift is the neighboring town that may ease the atmosphere. Rating -2
Why do you go there? Yes, the ride is clear!
1. Schlick, village's own lift system with relatively easy driving o cozy little restaurants / cabins. Not always snow all the way down, but never a problem to get between the top and the central station. Perfect for a quiet relaxed day with a lot of fluid stops. If you want to get out of the piste, the possibilities are somewhat limited. Liftköer is never a problem. High myth factor!

2. Stubaier Gletcher, half an hour bus ride from the village. Glacier skiing with large open spaces and varying degrees of difficulty. Skating that suits everyone! Modern resturants mixed with small cozy "cottages". If you want to go off-piste it's probably the most imagination that sets limits (or fear of what to end). The longest piste is about 1 mile and takes you right down to the valley station. One tip is to go there early in the morning to get a really good ride, get up in the afternoon. Snowboarders may, however, be prepared for some transport during this distance ...
Many new lifts in recent years and very rarely queues. Just go and enjoy!

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Fulpmes, I went to Stubaier Glacier when I was there, the offpiste was divine !! However, the jump was disappointing.
The lifts were very varied, but the main lifts were quite long queues, but they are still moving fast, but for the other lifts it was not so far. fulpmes is a good glacier but everyone knows that these Germans and Austrians are a little bit left so that could be a problem but everywhere it was a crap trip!

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cozy town but not much else o do than skiing .......
the skiing was right ok

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Rider: Henke & Claes Photo: Erik Wikander

Trail map

Trail map Fulpmes – Schlick 2000

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Driving time: 27 minutes (13 miles)
Distance: 7 miles
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