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What do you think about Hafjell?
Geir (Guest)
Alpin apartments Sørlia - The apartments are Norway’s first rental units with a thorough ecological profile. All apartments feature water-borne gas heating, which ensures a constant, comfortable temperature indoors and balanced ventilation. Extra insulated walls and windows save energy as well. All apartments are also equipped with gas-fired stoves. Do I need to say that you can ski in/ski out?

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Got four really nice days in Hafjell before the whole place closed due to corona. A little snoopy. Really nice hills, lots of good reds. Really cruel piste and plenty of space everywhere. The only sad thing was that the big park was not open, nor was the longest black hill, the Olympics. Had you wanted to test ... We lived in the Alpine village, affordable and totally okay accommodation, ski in ski out - which we prioritized. A big misconception, however, was that there were no dryers! How did you think there? Will return to Hafjell for corona.

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Hafjell is a nice system with varying range of difficulty and nature of the slopes. Good and comfortable lift system in combination with long slopes gives a good ride / lift ratio.

If you want to feel that burning sensation in your thighs, you can advantageously run top to valley in one sweep, and the closer the valley you will also increase the difficulty level which can give a nice challenge even to the most trained skater.

With proximity to Lillehammer and many accommodation with ski in / ski out, the accommodation options are many if you are out in good time.

Humane prices at restaurants (after all, Norway!) And a relaxed atmosphere make this a good alternative to Sälen and Trysil, especially if you live in the western or middle parts of the country.

Nina (Guest)
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Very good skiing for the whole family! Efficient lift system and lovely slopes.

Fredrik Nordstrand
Fredrik Nordstrand (Guest)
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Hafjell, just north of Lillehammer, is a ski resort that does not speak much about Swedes. It will probably be a bit forgotten as it is not part of the ski area, which in this case is positive because you get a more personal and cozy atmosphere in the ski area.
Hafjell is easily accessible along the E6 only 5 hours from Gothenburg and 7 hours from Stockholm, making it a least as good option as the larger neighbor Trysil.
In Hafjell most accommodation is private and their own booking site is unfortunately quite bad. Significantly easier to access any independent housing agency, such as finn.no, and search for yourself. We found a small cabin in the area of ​​Sörlia located at the bottom of the system. The accommodation is spread over the mountain and it is next hard to find cabins that do not deliver ski in / ski out.
Hafjell is proud to be Norway's most snow-safe ski resort and when we were there, there was really no lack of snow. As we started the way up after Lillehammer, there were soon impressive snow ranges along the road, and there was plenty of snow in both terrain and piste.
Hafjell is not a huge system, but well organized and it is offered a really long ride. Have you picked up on the top (where it can blow a little cold), then you have lovely walks in front of it either through long sweeping blue slopes, or you take the slightly more challenging road via the "Bukspranget", where you also go the race OS 1994. If you are looking for a ride outside the piste, there are good opportunities for simpler forest skiing, but also a couple of places at the top where you can find untouched snow.
As far as food and drinks are concerned, there is a lot of variety along the slopes. It does not look like a really cozy mountain chop, but they deliver what's needed in the form of food, hot chocolate and of course a beer if you like it. As usual, it is expensive in Norway, and although Hafjell does not have the highest prices, it is still fast to go shopping for a family with energy-filling needs. A big plus to the gas grills that are deployed around the system, where you can grill a meditation sausage or hamburgers with the opportunity to sit inside and out.
The possibilities for after-ski are quite scarce and it is on weekends as it may be the matter of a little pressure.
Our favorite place The lodge (where they have a very good hot chocolate) told us that most places have had to put down after-skin on weekdays when there are no people. This may be because almost all of the houses are cottages, where you also gather after a day on the slopes to have your own after-ski while meeting the dinner of the evening.
Another advantage of Hafjell is that the sister town of Kvitfjell is also included in the lift card. Kvitfjell is located about 30 min north of Hafjell and is best known for holding world cup competitions in peak and super-G there every year. A bit smaller system, but with steep drop height and length of slopes.
Hafjell is highly recommended. We went for a family with 2 adults and 2 children (8 and 11) and everyone was happy with the skiing. As a good alternative in anticipation of alpresan, Hafjell works perfectly for warming up without ending in Sälenfjällen's congestion.

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Best in Norway

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Have been three days in Hafjell week 1 and have been there for 3-4 weeks through the years. I think the system is amazingly nice with incredibly long nice backs. There are various options to get down for all skiers and many ways to get around the system. The lifts are nice, especially the cabin. That you need two chairlifts and a tow lift to get from the bottom up to the top, say a bit about the size of the system. I am relatively well-trained and experienced skiers, but unlike most Swedish mountains, the slopes are so long and challenging that you can hardly hit a busy ride all the way down without pausing!

Week 1 has always been one of the best weeks in the Norwegian mountains. Someone said that Norwegian schools get started right after New Year so there are unbelievably little people then. During the three days we stood for a couple of minutes in the elevator queue!

Off piste is hard to find, but the little one that had had 60-70 cm pads. (Buying a card for a week, it is also in Kvitfjell that is a few miles away, there is more terrain to go in.)

For me, traveling from Gothenburg, the journey is 50 miles, of which 45 are highways. It gives a completely different feeling than lying and grinding behind a road raider on the country roads through Sweden!

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Have been to Hafjell 1 week / year last 5 years. If you are spoiled for perfect premade slopes in Romme, you will be disappointed, but Hafjell has Scandinavia's longest slopes .... here you can go all the way down only if you are well-trained. It's brutal at the end when you're as tired. I am looking for easier hopes find a nice park with my own lift. If you want to risk bone fractures, there is greater hope. One year, Hafjell Park was named Norway's best. Be over 1 km long .... If you do not want to go to the quays, there is always an easier way down. It takes about 20 minutes without a lift queue to ride all the lifts up to the top (2 chairs and 1 anchor lift). but what does it mean when you are completely pumped in your legs. If you are looking for a good time to book accommodation (August), you will always find accommodation at the back. Nightlife is no further, but it's only half an hour's trip to Lillehammer. We always take food, but the village adjacent to the plant has several low cost stores and it is not too expensive to buy milk, etc. If you want to go for a day, take the car up your cabin lift ends. If you want to go skiing a lot, this is the place for you. How well-behaved you are, it feels like your legs.

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Close to lily hammers. myself, I've been there every season.
as many have written, it's not good off-piste skiing, but then you get in the car / bus and go to kvitfjell! worked there for a whole season but he still does not go all the backs so little is not it: P slightly bigger than all Swedish mountains. (In addition to the border and the ears) the park is in the top class, I think the black line is difficult to speed up and the weather changes quickly, so the park has to be closed quite often :( The red line is very small. black line a red line in Sweden, type (NTG gym trains in this park ie pk dogs kim boberg etc)
The lower part of the mountain is that which is brantas and lutnig which corresponds to the black tales of the tooth decal in slope but is 3 times longer. very nice and hilly slopes, a little flat on top only! :(

Hafjell is REALLY RECOMMENDED for Families!
can your child plow or swing a bit, then there are green and blue slopes from the top to the bottom. The children usually usually stay at the bottom of the mountain. but not in Havjell! :)

I recommend Havjell to everyone! especially the park :)

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I have been there 08, and they are good park. no easier access to powder shooting. The other backs are good, a little bit you can think. but no problem with queues.

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