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What do you think about Kungsberget?
Markus Lundström
Markus Lundström (Guest)
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Cannon for families with children
Close to everything and slopes for all types of skiers

Lasse (Guest)
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Great value

Linda (Guest)
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Good slopes, close location and incredibly fresh accommodation. One tip, however, is to bring along so you can cook your own food. The food at the restaurants is, unfortunately, the school dining room level.

19/02/2019 (Modified: 20/02/2019)
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Kungsberget is a small ski resort about two hours drive from Stockholm.

My first impression was that the royal mountain was child-friendly, cozy and that the staff were helpful and kind.

We were in Kungsberget one week over Easter 2018 and we have traveled over the day several times during the season 2018/2019. One big advantage of Kungsberget is that they open very early in the winter, so you can ski a few days before the season really starts. I was told that they save the snow from the year before during large duvets and use last year's snow to be able to open so early! When we were in Kungsberget at Easter, most of the slopes were open and the snow was nice even though it was so late in the season. When we visited Kungsberget at the beginning of the season they had very restrictive open slopes but we knew before that we had checked their website.

Kungsberget has several easy slopes and also a fun hill with music and characters from the Mario brothers game but not some really challenged slopes.

My son went to the ski school in Kungsberget and he liked the lot about his teacher and the lessons.

The staff in the children's area were especially kind they gave my son a hi5 every time he went to the button lift himself.

One can resemble Kungsberget at Romme because both are pretty close to Stockholm. We experienced Kungsberget as much quieter than Romme and also cheaper. What we lacked in Kungsberget compared to Romme was a top cabin. There is also better variety on the slopes in Romme.

We thought the accommodation was very affordable. Most accommodations are ski-in-ski out and there is a variety of prices and sizes. The ski pass is cheaper than some other ski resorts, eg Romme and Vemdalen.

I think Kungsberget is a perfect ski resort for families with children and beginners, especially those who live in Stockholm who do not want to go too far.

- close to Stockholm but very quiet
- Friendly, helpful staff
-Good backs for beginners and children
- Open early in the season

- No real challenging slopes
-no top cabin

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Had a really good day yesterday! Flat sections are interspersed with steep areas and it was no problem to lie on carving and short turns. Good road from Sthlm and just over 2h travel time.
And hold on to you now; The lunch buffet for 99: - is possibly the best but definitely the most affordable I have eaten at a ski resort. Hat off!

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If you start as most people in Sweden do, from Stockholm, I would rather recommend Romme. It is an excellent place for families with children or for those who like to park. Otherwise you get tired of the flat slopes quite quickly.

Margit (Guest)
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Best location so close to Stockholm o so perfect for family, young kids and teenagers-something for everyone! Parents enjoy a lodge while the kids are shivering on their own!

Anders (Guest)
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Have lived in the Kungstugorna and Björnstugorna, 38 sqm with everything we needed. Cozy for the kids and good with spaces. What I summarize can say about everything at Kungsberget is that the staff are very friendly and that you always meet with a smile and help if needed. The food in the restaurants is so affordable, with that said, the quality reflects the price. You can always bring your own food, as there are great opportunities for both cooking and eating in the cottages. The backs fit well not all for the experienced family excellent, blue backs are usually perfect for all of the family. We recommend the facility.

Joakim (Guest)
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We go almost every weekend during the season to Kungsberget.
It is a child friendly friendly facility that works well for the usual normal Slalom rider.
Comparing to, for example, years, Björnrike or Sälen is no idea, because it will never be the same.
What a pity is Loungen as well as the food stores, which maintain a low standard of quality, and are usually overloaded with guests.
That you have no more place in the slopes that serve tex.fika and beer / wine is a mystery to me!?!
And why can not anyone fix the speakers and playlists in the ski school back? They speak o sounds bad every winter (and the same disc Goes over again ... children think it's cozy o fun with music, give thanks!

Keep up The good work!

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Three visits have now come to Kungsberget. An early last season, an early this season and one in Saturday, 10/2 2018.

The two pastoral visits have been with the family (cohabitant and three children aged 8, 5 and 4). The last one with 2 friends.

Kungsberget is a small mountain outside Järbo, about 2 hours from Stockholm. It has a fall height of about 200 m, 22 slopes and 12 lifts according to their website.

The slopes are not very long and not huge but there are some that are really fun. According to the pistemap, there are a few black slopes, but it is good will you call them black. Red according to me.

The most fun ride now we found next to the slopes at the southern lift. There is some sparsely wooded woodland for surfing for a few days after snowfall. You have to get out of the piste and pick up speed between the turns. According to the pistemap, there would be a blue ski runway on that side of the mountain, but it shone with its absence. A little provocative to hurry in, I think because it is not possible to blame for snow shortages this season.

There is a park that is quite ok. A lot of people go away, so the smaller the jump will be quickly worn. Do not know how often they fix them but they were definitely tired when we were there. A lot of rails and boxes are available.

Large children's area with button lifts is available but I have not worked much. The days I've been there with the children we have mostly walked 8th to the top instead (the kids have traveled a lot !!). The 8 chairlifts are amazing. It goes from bottom to top and is very effective.

For me and the family, Kungsberget is an excursion over the day. After a day's skiing you are well prepared with the place. Something really missing is a top cabin and natural breakpoints you can go in and have a coffee on. What is in the bottom and there is chaos. Eat food at "Karins Hamburgeria" and it was kind of McDonalds stuck in a barn tastelessly decorated with food that has already started to be cold though they have barely opened. Felt really like the place grew a bit too fast. You could buy a lift card in a caravan outside the ski slope which also felt like that ..

You should definitely not be there in good time before the doors do not lock them up. Neither to the ski rental nor the lift card house cart.

8th chairlift that is effective! Not much lift queues despite many people.
Ok park.
Good ride to be so close by.

The food and the coffee
A lot of stuff on the whistle but not so much in reality.

Better alternative than Romme if you plan to go on the weekend. Worse if you happen to be in Romme one day when there are not so many people. Definitely not worth going there anymore than during the day. But as a day trip, it's fine!

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