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Revelstoke Mountain is where large production teams come every year to record segments for their ski videos. That said, you don’t have to be part of a production team to enjoy world class ski experiences like those on offer here.

Some of the slopes at Revelstoke are fairly easy to master, but still, this place is not ideal for families. It is more for the daredevils who look for challenges, preferably off piste. Unlike St. Anton and other famous alp villages, this place is not known for its night life. There are obviously a few bars or pubs here, but night clubs are few and far between.

To get the most from a visit to Revelstoke Mountain, it’s recommended to hire a ski guide. Make sure to be up early to experience the new untouched snow. If you find “Heli skiing” too expensive, try “Cat skiing” instead, or why not go walking with ski skins?

Snow forecast

  • Sunday

    1.5 mm rain

    1 m/s
  • Monday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky

    0 m/s
  • Tuesday

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    Sun/clear sky

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06/05/2019 (Modified: 07/05/2019)
Revy has destroyed everything for me. I spent the 2013/14 season there. I`m measuring every resort I visit to Revelstoke. Nothing in Scandinavia compares to it.

1750 meters of elevation. One gondola (actually two. A quick change to the second one) takes you up to a chair lift wich takes you to the top. There`s another chair lift on the side. The Ripper.

Coming up there it will help a lot if you`re with someone who knows the mountain. That`s important! Skiing down the groomed tracks is great fun, but that`s not why one visits this mountain.

To the the right from the exit of the lift is south bowl. An easy traverse. But after some pretty nice skiing down the bowl you gotta know where to hit the cat-track so you don`t get lost.

To the left from the chair lift is the lemming line. 5 minutes of sweaty hiking. Takes you into the even finer North Bowl. Ends up in a natural chute which is fun if you have some basic skills. The chute takes you to the ripper chair lift.

The toughest ones start hiking from the top of the chair lift and straight up to sub-peak. 100 meters of elevation. Nice routes down from there. Or, you keep climbing up to the very top of the mountain, Mount Mackenzie. Another 125 meters of elevation. About 45 minutes from the chair lift or a bit over an hour if you are like me. An easy route down the south side if you`re tired. Alternatively a slighltly sketchy route down to the "brown shorts" chute. Or down to even more challenging stuff I don`t know about.

Revelstoke is a very nice town. Nice people. Lots of people who are there because of the same reason you are there. Nice place to go out and have a meal and a beer. And if you`d like a nice little brawl over the pool table with the snowmobilers with your fellow skiiers that`s possible too :-)

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Good ski resort with easily accessible good off-piste within the lift system. Many different types of slopes for the skiers who like Manchester, and for us who prefer powder skiing, you can choose between unpaved slopes, sparse woods and denser forests.
Two drawbacks I can come across are
- The slopes (hill and forest) are quickly ascended
- Long lift queues

01/03/2017 (Modified: 15/12/2017)
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We and the neighboring family had five wonderful skiing days in Revelstoke last week. After a week in Panorama (recommended! And a couple of days in Kicking - highly recommended!) What a place! only three lifts, but they give plenty of possible rides, 1/5 of all was pistachio, so you have to like puckles and trees. We quickly found a favorite; The gondola up, further with the Stoke chair up to the top, one gets further up and down in the North Bowl, one gets to knock the last bit. It makes many, it looks like a street train with board and ski carrier, hence the name is Stigen the Lemming Line. :-) When you put on the skis, take the trail past the first invite bowling and over to the next. There, metertjock awaits the soft marangsmith, absolutely amazing. Fresh powder in the afternoon, if there are not so many locals on the move. Both of these bowls lead one down via a rush back to the system, with the third lift, the Ripper chair. Is there a lot of snow, the chute is fun too. For a lap to get back to The Stoke. But if you have time, you have to swipe into Snorkel Glades; mjuksnö, gallrad pine forest, and just plain flat for beautiful swings in forests. It is time to hurry up at 15 o'clock, the Ripper lifts close, and then you will not get tebax, as well. I guess there is a thought that the lifts will close by 15:30. It is likely that all hikers will get back to the resort before it gets dark at 18 o'clock. We do not have the area south out, we'll have to take it another time.
We stayed at Sandman, and took the free shuttle up to the mountain. Then you have close to town evening. And morning time - no hotel has breakfast, but it is eaten outside, just like any other goal, which can be both expensive and boring for a family. I really hope we can come back to this country with these hospitable people!

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Visited Revelstoke mid Feb 2011 and we did not dot the best weather with +2 degrees and rain ... However, it was nice snow first 500m. As in many places in North America, one should avoid the weekends, there are bottlenecks in the system after a big dump on a Saturday morning. Otherwise, it's all about forests and more forests. If you are not a tree hugger, you become one. Almost all the rides are below the tree line and the more you go, the better it will be. In the beginning it was difficult to find the nice strings. The hype around Revelstoke has made it a lot of people attract, unfortunately. Bet rather on kicking horse where it is significantly sparse with people.

Peter Svensson
Peter Svensson (Guest)
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They have cleaned a lot in the woods now, as before before, they were fine in the woods and even in the bowls, but above all the snow is magical haijka a little and it opens up even more or with a guide and get even more. Great location for both the cat oh heliski

Erik L
Erik L (Guest)
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Large mountain, fall height of over 1700 meters, new and fast lifts to good with powder snow. Was there just one day (and it was 2 days after the last snowfall) so I do not know and I managed to find all the good scratches but you can easily see that the place has a terrible potential.

The negative is that the woods are bit dense and the size of the mountain makes it easy to drive a little lost in the woods. Especially if you do not know the terrain, we stuck for half an hour in jungle-wooded forest, which then became something most like a quarry with rocks and giant bumps

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Pillows Pillows Pillows and more Pillows !!! Scraped a few dollars and spent my 2 life's best skiing days in Revelstoke. 1 gondola and 1 chair and one stood on top. 20min hike to the subtop and a cruel view. Drop in the backcountry or lay a scratch down to the south or north bowl. 45-60min later on the top again! Great happy skiing. Absolutely senselessly good pillows! Great food on the midchalet. Not too high prices either. Revelstoke, the city is less charming but offers the most. Should you cushion in Canada, you should definitely go to pillows in Revelstoke !!

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Rider: Linus Borisson Photo: Felix Grunert


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