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Like a bigger version of Romme Alpin, but at good snowfall it's a really awesome place with a lot of options for wider skiing. The bad thing is just that you can count on using the rods a lot to get to the lifts. Megamysig ski resort though !!!

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Did a season here 15/16. Silverstar is a picturesque city intended for the whole family but a good dump day can be absolutely amazing. The lift system is divided into two parts, the back and the front. The front has a lovely mix of nice long slopes and woods, here you will find everything for the whole family. The back is a mecca on the pillows, here is almost black and double black, like aldirg pistas. A lift takes you up to the center of the system then you go along the upper comb where you choose and wreck a lot of slopes. There is no so-called off-piste because everything is controlled by the pistons, this does not bother you to find untouched snow for it.

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Silver Star is a terrific place for both advanced skiers and the whole family.

I did a season there last year and will never forget that trip, it really does not compare to Sweden's standard. The snow is something that you will never experience in Sweden. Thunder place for powder shooting in view of there are not so many people there.

Divide it into 4 parts:
-jobs / accommodation

Cozy place for the family There are very many bars and restaurants in the village. Good ski school makes a good bet on their teachers. There are many activities outside skiing such as Tube Town, bowling and skating. They have their own little dust down at Tube Town. You can rent all the equipment down there for a few dollars / person.
The ride for the family, I would not recommend to go when they are too small, but can better go down for a black hill at least because of how the ski system is built. But overall it is very adapted to the family. Many blue and red backs on the front so stay at the beginning of the Comet lift. Late for residents I would recommend 3 options, Fire Light, Snowbird and Silver Creek. FL is the more expensive option, it's new built is really fresh since SC it's a bit cheaper but shabby living yet for one or two weeks time. Should you go, I recommend you stay there for at least 10 days so you have the chance to go to, for example, Big White or some of the mountains that are near the Silver Star. It takes one or two and a half hours to go to. Remember and buy food down in Vernon for the store that is located in the village does not have such a wide range of goods but so you can handle yourself, for example. for breakfast and lunch.

As I said, there was about 6 months so I worked there and went skiing for the rest of the time.
Going straight, Backside is yours when it's snowing 80cm during the night, there are infinitely many black runs. You take the right turn when you jump off the lift then it's just pick and wreck. Freefall is one of the slopes we always used to start with, because it's literally Freefall when you get over the crown. There is seriously no stone in the slopes, but it is a single stump that may pop up, but otherwise you will see all obstacles in front of you. If you are used to Swedish pudding, I can say that it is a bit denser with some parts of the tree. It's not as open as the Alps, but then you go to Revelstoke (coming later). If you do not bring your own ski, there is unfortunately no great offer in Rentals. The rental there has invested more on snowboards and alpine skiing. So for all skiers, you have awesome options. Snack with one of their supervisors. They usually have been there one or two seasons before so they really know what they are talking about.
Accommodation will be fine with Silver Creek or staying at SameSun Hostel.

There are 3-4 places to go but no real nightclub but there are bars that are overtaken. If you are there after 10, you will probably see a number of people drinking the shoes and people standing on the table. It's usually 1 event a week and that's when it tracks out as most but otherwise it's like any pub or bar anyway. Is the curve in focus then go to Long Johns (LJ's), 1609 (more like a nightclub) and then The Saloon. Otherwise, you can sit on Bulldog or The Den a little more cozy and not at all clearing.

Jobs / Accommodation:
Do you have a season there then stay at Same Sun Hostel and not at Staff Accomodation. Snack with John or Dan at the hostel and see if you can get a small room on two people or else it's room for 4 or 8 people. I went via Kilroy and they were great with help and so on. You can get help via Skype and you can go through the visa and work process. The job is about the same and the salary too, but you will need some saved money before and can not live on the salary you get there, but you can handle food and drink principally as much as you need in addition to the rent.

Rounds of there can really sit and write anything, but if you have any questions, just listen to it.

Ella (Guest)
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Silverstar is a fanatic ski resort to live and work in, and also very good for family on vacation. Awesome ski school and cozy city! There are really good slopes and back with many double black backs and puck pails. It is centrally located so it is easy to visit other resorts. Not impressive offpiste, no big mountain, not as much snow as in, for example, nearby Revelstoke but really homely. Almost never lifköer, and the snow is really good. The slopes are nice all day! I love Silverstar, my new home!

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Silver Star is located a bit east of Vernon, BC. The resort has the same owner as his big brother Big White and you can ride a helicopter between the resorts, with a car taking just over an hour.
Modern city and lift system. But it is primarily a family place. The slopes are quite OK and there is the possibility of offpiste if it is snowing. (It snows about 6m a year.) I see the resort as a complement to Big White, which is better at most points. Check for accommodation.

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