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Basically the entire lift system in Røldal is located above the tree line. That’s why it is critical to check snow, wind and weather conditions, including forecasts, before heading there. In the right conditions, Røldal has phenomenal off-piste skiing with steep runs, but is still readily accessible. The resort is situated almost in the middle of south Norway, at the south eastern part of Hardangervidda High Mountain Plateau. It’s not an exaggeration to say the resort is very moderate while the snow is amazing. Røldal is renowned to almost always have awesome snow conditions, but there is not much to do at the resort itself.

Are you looking for a place with remarkable powder snow? Then this Norwegian resort is ideal for you. Are you really just after great skiing and couldn’t care less about the amenities? Perfect. You’re welcome to the freezing cold but yet beautiful village of Røldal. If you would rather mix up your skiing with wild after ski parties, dining experiences at various restaurants and other activities, then you’re better off looking elsewhere. Having said this, Røldal does turn into a real party town once a year, namely during the Norwegian RFC ski competition (Røldal Freeride Challenge), which is organized here each year at the end of April.

Snow forecast

  • Thursday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    3 m/s
  • Friday

    0 cm
    Partly cloudy
    3 m/s
  • Saturday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky

    5 m/s
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Arild (Guest)
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Awesome off piste.

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Great gem in Western Norway. Snow proof every time I visited the system with the possibility of top trips and sidecountry. Weakness if you are looking for a system for skiing. Get slopes.

Frode Gyland
Frode Gyland (Guest)
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Snow-safe place on the west coast

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Röldal is a smaller place that is a little wetlessly blown out in the Norwegian obygdion. Neither the size of the system nor the village would make anyone raise his eyebrows. What attracts here is SNÖ and that is a bit of Roldal's parade.

Have been there 3 years on the rake and all manner of people have become mocked. Every year we have been in the snow and because of the size of the system, there are only a few who fight for glory. In the weeks you will almost be happy if there is someone else in the back, (lastly convinced liftwaffe to open the elevator) on the weekend there are a lot of Norwegians, but on the whole this still seems to be an unknown gem.
The skiing is 99% off-piste and offers everything from ice skating to very challenging offpiste.

The only thing negative with the place is the total lack of all forms of supply, there is a gasoline but it's nothing else ... and the weather can be a bit unbearable but weighed up by the snow

Do you like to pump pads and go skiing is rodeal a place for you, you think it's cool with fatski and twintip but you do not know why you can go to Lindvallen ..


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Røldal. Asked a few weeks ago about this place but did not get any answers. Was there May 1-5th and can conclude that here are some people, GREAT mountains and a lot of offpiste. Easily accessible. From the fall height 500 m you get a good slope all the way down to the lifts almost regardless of where you are sloping out. Massive to knock on (with twice as high fall height). We were fortunate that during 2 days (2nd and 3rd of May) drive untouched for about 30 cm of snow without having to knock a meter because there are so few people. Found no direct slopes, but they learn to be near the lifts (a pistachio slope from above the lift and down). So if you like free skating on untouched mountains this is probably one of the best in the Nordic region. But a warning is probably the weather, because it is snowing so often and there is no forest, you can probably sit in the cafeteria in a bad view. And anything like pipe, big jump, etc. Can you forget about this, just like the right afterski. Warning 2 is probably the way there. For us it took about 9 hours for Gothenburg about 63 miles now in spring with clean roads. So the winter is hard enough. In addition, there was Røldal freeride challenge when we were there. A number of sneaky races than Riksgränsen and some of the competitors. This was the first but definitely not the last time in Røldal.


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Røldal's biggest advantage is snow and terrain. There is never snowfall ... The resort is best for those who like to go a little to get to the best places. The most famous off-piste is in the month of the month, a nice yard of 250 meters. However, there are countless possibilities: talk to some locals and show them: Djevelrenna, the Saudasvingen, Tunellmunningene, Kvitenuten. The best ride is Ekkjeskar, 1000 meters wide down to Røldalsvannet .... If you find the road to Ekkjeskar you are guaranteed a fantastic skiing experience! Negative about Røldal: It's often bad weather (it's because there's going to be so much snow) and it's a bit out of skiing. If you want a party, it's only Easter and Røldal Freeride Challenge that applies, otherwise it's very quiet ...

Arthur Skartveit
Arthur Skartveit (Guest)
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For particularly interested, I can add that Røldal is approx. 5 hours drive from Oslo, direction west. From Stavanger it takes about 3.5 hours. The snow depth is usually 4-5 meters during a season, and it is not uncommon for the top masts to be excavated after heavy snowfall.

Alexander Urrang Hauge
Alexander Urrang Hauge (Guest)
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Røldal is located in Hordaland, about 2 hours from Haugesund.
Røldal is one small plant, but perhaps Norway's most snow-proof. The center consists of ter lifts that make up a total of 500 fallmeters. The snow conditions are optimal due to the almost continuous snowfall. There are huge off-piste opportunities. Most of the sites are sheltered for landslides, but inquire with locals allikevl. The lengths make it possible to drive virtually everywhere, while letting people and large areas prevent it from being run down.
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