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Jan-e (Guest)
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A perfect family backing to learn how to ski and far off more advanced in Big Air, good skiing and a good cafeteria. Prices are very good for families with children and especially young people. Very good is the Big Air back, clearly in the top class. 3 kicks with 15 m, 10 m and 3 m. In addition to this there is a 6-rail park, a club with many great Big Air riders, both in freestyle and snowboarding. The competitions attract very good skiers from the Middle East, except for jam evenings, the Big Air competition, Ghosthill Open, is being launched in March. An adventure for you who lives in and around Mälardalen. The culture and atmosphere are very good, an ideal association that focuses on young people and families, clearly worth many visits. The snow depth is about 1.5 m and impressive good pistachio. The club puts down a lot of time on the proprietary hill and above all a service that is outstanding for being an ideal association.

21/05/2007 (Modified: 15/02/2008)
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Spökbacken is a sloping hill in southern Sweden. The boxes are okay
actually. But as a shame they did not have up when yes where there this year do not know
if they are going to be the main ones.
+ Good to live in southmanland. (Ryssbergen in nyköping is better: D)
+ Totally ok boxes when they are there.
+ Ok hope
-Sleep up driven in the hill = gravel

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Here you learned the art of skiing as a bit of pearl. Ghost is not the world's biggest attraction right away, but it's there and it's possible to go. Congratulations to those who have worked out there over the years. What I know, all work is ideal. THANKS! The ride is pretty much like everywhere else in southern Sweden. Short! But you can not ask for much of a small mountain in southern Sweden.
Tips are good to keep your line as close to the lift as possible. There it's pretty steep and not so upset!

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Rider: Adam Forsberg Photo: Gustav Cederholm


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