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Mia (Guest)
St Anton have a lift/slope system that is very poorly conected and unpractical, you need to go up and down in strange ways to acctually get somewhere, and often the pists are badly marked out, once you are on 64, and then you are on 63 and no signs of 64, and 56 that all of a sudden is 59 and so it goes... The price level is substantially higher than ex Sölden or Schladming, everything from ski rental, hotel, skipass, lunch etc etc. Rather tight slopes and many transport slopes rather meaningless to ski in. Many show off super rich people - you wonder if they actually ski or if they just think its fancy to go to St Anton. It is also easy to get the illusion that you get long runns in St Anton since the high elevation, byt the slopes are not that long since the village is also highly elevated. The runns are way much longer in Sölden or Scladming. Summary..Not impressed, St Anton is severly overrated.

powderkingoftheworld (Guest)
Stronger than ever.

St. Anton got hit by a big storm last week and the skiin after was fab. I have to say this is the best snow on earth and the coolest skiing I have done in a long time. Locals are cool and share their runs (if you can keep up).

Since last Friday the sun was pretty much all we saw every they. Pretty cold still so the snow stays good, but now all the hiking starts. Still good as they have plenty of lifts takeing you real high up.

Right now town seems to be packed full with familys which is good because they will stay onpiste 4 sure. But the ladys r getting more and hotter.

Stoked to be here and c all the riders from Oakley doin their shootings over in Stuben.

ski you later
the one and only
Powderking of the World

For me best over-all ski resort in the world: Extreme freeride possible, vaste amount of challenging runs, nice views, typical environment, lively apres-ski, easy to reach. One negative aspect maybe is the high ratio of freeriders there, meaning that you have to be qucik on the mountain after fresh snow falls, if you want tp have some powder.

Manfred (Guest)
St. Anton offers all: Extreme freeride, difficult runs, lively apres-ski, wonderful views, typical environment. For me the best skiing resort in the world. Difficult to find some negative aspects: Maybe the hight percentage of freeriders, which means that you have to quick to ski in fresh powder after snowfalls.

07/02/2022 (Modified: 07/02/2022)
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Huge area with varying degrees of difficulty and easily accessible off-piste.

Just returned from a week in St. Anton (First week of February).
The first few days we were limited to central St. Anton area due to strong winds that prevented us from moving forward in the system. Okay warm-up days but that's about it's enough.

Then came the payment with large amounts of snow and sunshine for the rest of the week. The lift system opened up and Arlberg showed his true self. A large variety of long pleasant slopes along with slightly steeper slopes. A long drive from Schindler Spitze down to the picturesque alpine village of Stuben is recommended.

Due to the great risk of avalanches, I did not make major excursions outside the piste, but there are large nice areas in close proximity to the slopes, especially around Stuben, Alpe Rauz and st. Cristoph.

The downside I would say is a lot of people (especially around St. Anton, move away from there as soon as possible).
Some popular slopes are quickly discovered. The riders in St. Anton likes to pile up the hump piste just in time for lunch.

I can not say much about the nightlife as corona restrictions at the time of writing are in place. However, there were many restaurants in different price ranges.
Flexible and free ski buses that make it easy to stay cheaper away at St Jakob and Pettneu.

Camilla R
08/11/2021 (Modified: 09/11/2021)
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The absolute favorite in the Alps - St Anton has it all! Superb skiing both on and off the piste, a cozy village center, après ski on different levels (both for party prices and those who want to take it a little calmer), easy to get to and also the area is gigantic!
If you like to go on long, easy slopes, there are such - if you like cruel off-piste on slopes that fall down, there are such and also everything in between! In some places in the system there are easy queues at certain times but the system is large and the lift capacity is huge and with a little planning it is easy to avoid the worst rush. You get easily and quickly to Lech, Zürs, Stuben and St Christoph if you are a slightly better skier who can stand on a bit. It's nice to explore all areas when you're still there and often the queues are smaller when you get away a little bit in the system
If I were to come up with a single disadvantage, it would be drunk Englishmen trying to ski down from the afterskin to the village - downright deadly :-)

Patrik Roback
Patrik Roback (Guest)
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Gigantic large and varied ski area that has something for all tastes and levels, both piste and off-piste, from beginner to expert.

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A mecca for the freeride enthusiast looking for off-piste skiing. The immense large areas with off-piste combined with, statistically, one of the alps most snowfall days makes it a great place for powder skiing. Of course, there are many who are there to go off-piste. A few days after snowfall, most of the lifts are up close but I can highly recommend renting a guide, they find pillows long after snowfall.
Since the construction of the Flexenbahn, it is possible to get to almost all locations within Arlberg (with the same lift pass), if you do not want to go with the buses that operate between the resorts.

There is a lot of piste skiing too, over 300 km within Arlberg, but because of a lot of snowfall they are quickly uplifted. The village in St. Anton is very pleasant with many restaurants and shops to use during down days.

Don't miss out on "Star Wars" in Stuben, classic!

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Went to St. Anton in late January and we just missed the dump that had come before. The review is based on 10 days of sunshine and almost just piste skiing and icing. We also got in contact with some seasons with the help of a facebook group, and it was really full of that. So you are going to the season it is a place with a lot of people and good community.

Skiing - Nice slopes, but nothing stands out. The possibilities for easily accessible lithographed off-piste are great.

Nightlife - This is one of the places you go to in the Alps to party. Here you will find good après ski, bars and nightclub. We went to a bar in the evening that ran live rock, which was totally unlike the crowded club.

Village - A cozy town with classic "alp-style" buildings. What I dislike about this village is that it is at such a low altitude and you have a lot of trees right outside you. Trees I have seen enough of in the Swedish mountains.

Food - Here you will find an incredible number of affordable restaurants on the slopes if you compare with many Swiss and French ski resorts. My tip is to settle down on an outdoor dining area with a nice view and order a "gröstl". Amazingly good after a few hours on the slopes.

Erik Weiland
Erik Weiland (Guest)
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We went to St. Anton (Ski Arlberg) now in New Year 2018-2019. We stayed centrally at a guest house (Haus Genwein, highly recommended), with only about 50 meters walking distance to three different lifts which all led up to three different peaks. (Galzigbahn, Rendlbahn and Gampenbahn). In any case, even though it was early in the season, it was extremely snowy, it snowed in a great way every day, and even though St. Anton is considered one of the ski resorts with the most powder in the world, there were such large open spaces so that in combination with more snow every day there were always fresh powder. In the afternoon, of course, it will be quite busy in large parts of st. The Anton part of the ski resort, but away from Lech / Zürs is not as much people. It was a very large and modern lift system, and the lifts swallowed so much people that we almost never had to stand in any longer lift queue (with the exception of the Nassereinbahn). I would arrange the lift system for all types of skiers, both powder foxes, park rats and even families with children. Several cozy villages but still a large modern lift system that suits everyone. We must have been lucky with the weather, but whatever a fifth is quite clear! ????? PS. Check in my videos from the trip on youtube, erikweiland.