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powderkingoftheworld (Guest)
Stronger than ever.

St. Anton got hit by a big storm last week and the skiin after was fab. I have to say this is the best snow on earth and the coolest skiing I have done in a long time. Locals are cool and share their runs (if you can keep up).

Since last Friday the sun was pretty much all we saw every they. Pretty cold still so the snow stays good, but now all the hiking starts. Still good as they have plenty of lifts takeing you real high up.

Right now town seems to be packed full with familys which is good because they will stay onpiste 4 sure. But the ladys r getting more and hotter.

Stoked to be here and c all the riders from Oakley doin their shootings over in Stuben.

ski you later
the one and only
Powderking of the World

For me best over-all ski resort in the world: Extreme freeride possible, vaste amount of challenging runs, nice views, typical environment, lively apres-ski, easy to reach. One negative aspect maybe is the high ratio of freeriders there, meaning that you have to be qucik on the mountain after fresh snow falls, if you want tp have some powder.

Manfred (Guest)
St. Anton offers all: Extreme freeride, difficult runs, lively apres-ski, wonderful views, typical environment. For me the best skiing resort in the world. Difficult to find some negative aspects: Maybe the hight percentage of freeriders, which means that you have to quick to ski in fresh powder after snowfalls.

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Sankt Anton am Arlberg I visited week 9 in 2017. There was plenty of snow and it came more during the week. The weather was varied and the temperature was between -8 to -10 C. The resort is located in the middle of a narrow valley ending in a mountain pass over to the next valley. The ski areas are located mainly north of St. Anton, but also south of. The slopes in the surrounding ski areas are halfway above and half below the tree line. It is therefore easy to adjust the skiing due to sun and wind.

The area north of St. Anton consists of two parts. From the mountain Kapall 2330, it goes down the entire color palace slopes. At the top there is an open ski area which then looks down via slopes through the forest to St. Anton. The other part is the north-western part down from the mountain Galzig 2185 m. Here are mostly nice pistes. You can go further up the system to the mountain Valluga 2841 möh. Here it is usually at the lift station to get to the top so it is good to be here early in the day. Up to Valluga you have a lovely high altitude feeling. To the last lift up to the view building there is also a queue, since the lift is both small and slow. From the view you can see in clear weather the Bodensjön. For skiing, here is a mountain guide recommended. From Ullmer Hytte, a long classic ski route runs along the cliff side parallel to the ski lift Valfagehr down to the Flexenbahn. However, it is easily harvested.

The stump is a smaller ski area with wilderness feeling as there is open mountain around. A new lift for the season takes a quick up to the top. From the bottom station, Flexenbahn goes new to the season. It allows St. Anton's ski system is connected to Lech / Zurs, which usually has even better snow conditions. Together they form one of the absolute largest skiing systems in the Alps, so much more than one week to drive through the system.

South of the resort is the smaller part of the system. The whole area is open and easy to understand with nice slopes. There is a short but good ski route down from the mountain Riffelacharta 2646 m.

Everything is well maintained on the slopes and the lift system is in the top class like the gondola up to Galtzig. There are plenty of mountain guides and instructors. The negative is that it's easy to get the last part down to the village. The entertainment offer is great and for all purses, tastes and ages. Up in the hill there are the classic afterski stands like Mooserwirt and Krazy Kangaroo. Down in the village there is a plentiful selection of live music and live music pubs. There is a large activity house at the train station to visit in the evening. Many branded sports stores are available with a wide range for all ages and at all prices. One of the evenings they had a skiing show that was very good, where they told us that St. Anton had the world's oldest ski club founded in 1901 and ski school from 1921.

The first time in 2005, I visited St. Anton alone. Now I traveled with a 16 year old relative who drove snowboarding. Which he thought was fun and it worked well with quite a little dull for him. The positive with St. Anton is that the resort still holds a high class and has developed for the better. It was nice to show the place of a younger relative who visited the Alps for the first time as an uncle.

In summary, St. Anton is a classic ski resort with top class skiing with good lifts and slopes. The area is very big and snow proof. Many international guests for many years have created an international environment with a wealth of shops, entertainment, restaurants and services. There is something for all ages and in varying prices. The resort has good rail links and close to the airport in Innsbruck. St. Anton is a classic ski resort that every ski enthusiast should visit sometime. Rating 5 of 5 possible. By Börje Hammarling

09/01/2018 (Modified: 09/01/2018)
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We were there 2016 week 15.
Since we were there quite late in the season, the availability of snow in the slopes at the bottom of the village was limited. but beyond that, the amount of snow was no problem. We drove a car down which went smoothly and did not take too much time. Because Zürs and Lech two other systems are so close, we took the car to take advantage of all systems.

The village is very nice and charming and there is a lot to look at here. We lived in the middle of the village and were both close to the shops and the elevator.

Because the system is large, the slopes are not overcrowded, which may also be because we went so late in the season. Can guess that in the peak season there are more people.
Many of the slopes are quite narrow and not as tall as the slopes of the French Alps. But there is a lot of slope on the slopes and there is a great opportunity for offpiste skiing.
Unfortunately, the risk of avalanches is high in this area. A avalanche went straight through the system and across the slopes when we were there. There have also been incidents when the avalanches descend into the village in st. Anton.

The range of afterski is great and there are also some nightclubs. We went mostly on après ski and this is probably the case. Anton is best known for.
The quality of accommodation in Austria is generally better than in ex. the French Alps. By contrast, st. Anton very expensive to be in Austria.

+ Large system with proximity to Zürs and Lech
+ Cozy place with a good atmosphere
sure of snow +
+ Good après ski


I can recommend St. Anton, since it is a very nice ski resort with good skiing and I would like to go back.

Björn (Guest)
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+ Fantastic lift system, now with Flexenbahn.
+ Extremely snow proof
+ Good skiing, easily accessible offpiste
+ Superb town with awesome afterski and fresh restaurants
- Most expensive in Austria?
- Low risk, even close to / in the skirouterna
- Always a lot of people, at least in St. Antondelen of the system

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I have spent the last two seasons in St Anton. The system is large and much of the offpiste is easily accessible. Given the interconnection between St Anton, Zürs and Lech, very varied rides are offered. The atmosphere in St. Anton is wonderful and you can get the best of both worlds here. The party can be crazy and the skiing is the same. I prefer skiing and here are some of my favorite ski in the Alps. There is good slope and very open spaces. In addition, the cushion was not very big in recent years and we could find untouched several days after the dump. There is also a bus to Sonnenkopf which I recommend everyone to go to, it is a wonderful area where the snow can be really good.
One tip is to go here for the first weeks of January to get good snow, cold and in addition to avoid all tourists. Last week in April has gone beyond the usual!

+ easy access of pillows
+ large lift system
+ nice city with a lot to find
+ slope on the slopes
+ snow proof

- a lot of people during high season weeks
- narrow slopes and some transport in St. Anton (the piste is generally better in Lech and Zürs)

-All the pictures below are connected to the lift and taken last week of the season-

August Gille
August Gille (Guest)
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A very good ski resort that offered a lot of snow, I was there no later than 14206. The first day dumped at least 20cm. The rest of the long weekend was the sunny and clear blue sky. Unfortunately, the trip ended with a flight into a low-prison helicopter to the nearest hospital. The elbows straight off and a fracture in the back.

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If you like afterski and good skiing, then you have chosen the right one.

St. Anton is the capital of afterskins and has a great ride over many alpine peaks. Have done two seasons in the village so I have tried all the slopes a number of times, and I often dream back to the atmosphere that can be found down there, both as a tourist and seasonal!

18/01/2016 (Modified: 22/01/2016)
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Positive: I have been with Piste two Powder in St. Anton (see their website) for several years.
Their mountain guides always find a good offpiste even when all marked ski routers have become a puck piste.
I have traveled with them in St. Anton, the Rends side also down towards Pessnau, in the stump, down towards Langen and beyond in Zûrs,
Should you go from the top of Valluga towards Zürs, you must have a mountain guide with you.
And they also find when there is total fog before coming down into the woods. Okay, it costs a slant but for me it's worth the money. Tip: Buy a good topographic hiking map on the bookstore, so you can find out where the offpiste routes are located somewhere.
Negative: A lot of people in the slopes and ski rows even when it is not direct peak season. Dangerous here and there. There was a avalanche from the Kapall side down to many skiers in the ski route when I was there. Then hang on the low end.