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St. Anthony, an oasis in an otherwise so tasteless country.
To come to a city, meet with the warm smile of the wonderful Jonas in the basement of old reinhard alber. Listening to his razor-sharp sales knock cut through an already broken immune defense with flaming and ugly rookies.
It's beautiful ladies and gentlemen, actually it's more than beautiful.

If you ignore Jonas, though it's hard to do in Anton. Then there are more gold grains. Arlberger spezial frallan on spades te.x. Some also want to say that mullermilchen is good but lets not go there, people, a photographer and a hop & play student in London claim that it tastes milkshake monkeys that's not the case. The town's information TV channel where good offers are pumped into the ether in a typical Austrian tasteful way.

The ride is, I think best in Europe if you know where to go ... Whether you like to ride or if you are more comfortable then there is crazy very good ride. I consciously chose to concentrate on Anton's other pages, not the ride. No friends in powder
Funky chicken is the best. Kartouch is awful. Kangaroo is crazy.
Some other great tips, trade in alber sports, not on jennewein.
Do not eat snack snack
Avoid lift guns that smell gluhwein and say something about the Rendl club

peter (Guest)
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St Anton Again.
The first time I was here was during the seventies when everyone read Club de Ski, but have always come back after I have visited a new place. St. Anton has the best skiing, whether you want to go manchester snow or unspoilt cushions or why not take a longer ski trip and visit the Stuben or the classic ski trip, which will take you all the way to Lech.
Last I was St. Anton, I was here with wife and my two children 2-4 years old. You have always read about the so-called cleared in St. Anton but I promise families also find their place here. The price level is like in all other places in Austria you can live expensive but also human it depends only on yourself.
Looking for really good skiing and at the same time want to feel Austrian atmosphere with gingerbread house children's name for Tyrolerhus, I recommend St Anton warmly, whether you're a 15 year old or a new father who has Skis ski under the pillow every night.

Calle Hedin
Calle Hedin (Guest)
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Just come home after a season in St. Anton. The moon has been safe as in the rest of Europe. Are you going to give praise and rice then? Ros gets the offpiste, who showed up after the few snowfall, easily accessible. Ros gets the other restaurant I worked at, Hazienda. Cruel pasta at prices that feel okey. little rice then ... The slopes, the pistons are incredibly proud of their "pistenbullys", but they must stop soaking before they start working. Pouring too softly, so it's going to be just too fast. The slopes themselves do not convince either. The Stubenkacket from Schindler down to the stump is awesome for carving and driving short-range. If you want the right after skiing, you're crazy about Krazy Kangarooh. The real after skin is on mooserwirt ... just German but right after skiing. Krazy K. is experienced as mogendas compared to mooserwirt. At night, a place called Kandahar, formerly dropped in. kartouch music you can set the clock after. but on Wednesdays on funky chicken there is probably no hook in Sweden that strikes. Not every night you can hear One and Bombtrack when you're out. As the final tip of the equipment road, Blizzard's FR20, 2002 model must be. Now there's only a ski ... Vertigo G31, throw yourself in the wall. -Calle

Krister Lundqvist
Krister Lundqvist (Guest)
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After snowfall take you to Stuben where there are lots of unspoiled and fun spots and drip Rendl is also a good place, take the tow lift under the gondola, then go to the right, where there is just a ride.

David Hansson
David Hansson (Guest)
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St Anton is really ballt, ride in the race system and I guarantee you a really powdery (backside). Burning layers can also be done in the stump, but above all the galaxy system
and the wonderful schindler gratbahn lift.

Ola (Guest)
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St anton !! a lovely little town with good
skiing in a magnificent setting. Too bad that all these colorful Germaners will go everywhere in the ski system, it does not matter if it's their first time on skis.
But on the other hand, you have come up to the mountain so you do not get to the back hurry when there is
good and easily accessible off-piste.

Maverick (Guest)
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Have been to St. Anton twice. If you have not been there, you should book a trip as soon as possible. (If you have been there, you should of course also book.) If you want to chew a pistol, just do it and do it, they are a cannon. May be a bit sloppy in the afternoon down the village, but what should you do there? In Osthank you can carve fat! Watch out for the ski school, as someone else mentioned, they have the ability to look up one and bark out the person in question. But the off-piste is the best. It's almost everywhere and it's not that difficult to find a personal favorite place. If it's just snowed, Bachseite (Bäckside) is highly recommended. Otherwise there are some leads from the top that you can not complain about !!! I found pillows up to the thighs about ten meters from the piste! How good you go, you can always (almost) get better if you take a week at the ski school. It is considered one of the best in the Alps. Unfortunately, then it costs! If you do not speak German then you do not have to worry. Step into a shop and speak Swedish in Swedish so you understand what I mean. The Swedes are everywhere. The atmosphere in the resort is on top, all are cannonball. Warning for the World Championship next year = a lot of people, (Sunday sailors) and some shuttles, etc.
The accommodation can be expensive as well.

Alex (Guest)
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St. Anton is a pearl among crystallized precipitation! There is a reason why so many skis return to the pearl year after year: crystallized precipitation and north sides for pillows and sides for lunch. In addition, the Pearl of 2001 gets the pearl and is further upgraded. There will be a sports facility and the train will go under the village. Even because there will be chaos with contestants, functions and traffic during the weekends, but if I do not get into Anton next season, I've become wheelchair-bound! I understand why people wrote about Funky; Sweet waitresses and Kartouche; ripple patterns on the sofas, the boot; bhn always falls off ngn who is crazy for the bump;) but Gunar on Piccadilly then ??

Morris (Guest)
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Great mountains and small town. The slopes in the slopes were a bit of a disappointment because extreme puck piles were formed in almost all backs in the afternoon. As a fighter, I appreciated the most off-piste shooting that was top with a lot of pillows.
The best apricot was on Krazy Kangaroo, and absolutely the best in the evening was Kartouche.

Bonnie Bengtsson
Bonnie Bengtsson (Guest)
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  St Anton is a very nice and varied ski system with many possibilities for good off-piste skiing. The lift system consists of St Anton, St Christoph, Rendl, Lech and Zürs. A new magnetic lift card system, which means you do not have to pick the card up and down your pocket is a plus.
   A real city with an active nightlife. Krazy Kangaroo, Funky Chicken, Picadilly, Underground, Drop in are just some of the many good exhibits in St Anton.
  In St. Anton it is expensive to rent skis, it costs about a thousand kronor for a week. St. Anton is one of the best ski systems I went in !!! Highly recommended.