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Erik (Guest)
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St Anton is a cannon, Rendel side with North Face and Hinterrendel e really good pillows ride. But I think Stuben is the mountain you get on the lift card. St Anton's recomendants big, the only problem is to get a good living if you do not want to work.

Leo (Guest)
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Where else can you find that cozy feeling except in Austria ?! Here is everything real, not that artificial feeling of a ski resort (with a lot of concrete) that appears in France. This is the place with good island both in the days and evenings. The resort is located at about 1400m and the highest peak is well 2800mh something. Were there in mid -97, then it was hot and the snow had started melting in the village, but higher up, it was colder with pillows some days! : -9

The slopes are mostly red / black, so you may either like it or love it !!! There are some badly long slopes, with the ending at some nice little town hook, all the cannon!

The ski instructor of the town is / seems a little excited, drove a bit of high-speed follow-john with brother-in-law, which resulted in us flying past a company with ski school students. Not exactly a danger, at least two meters away, one meter in the air, before the group when we passed. But they hurried yet looking up and in the elevator queue and barking us out ... :-) Well ...

Offpist is good, but that time he we did not try it.

Try riding the "White Ring", a linked tour through 4-5 resorts. Takes half a day

Buy the lift pass that applies throughout the area, including Lech and Zürs, because there are goa slopes and a lot of snowmobile.

Hopefully get there again now in winter, Feb / March. One of the real golden grains of the Alps is that !!!