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Klas (Guest)
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Was up in Björnrike with the family Thursday-Sunday and downloaded the Skistar app and bought a lift pass - very easy !!

However, I am extremely disappointed when I already before looking at their website and it says that all slopes are open and then when you stand in the lift you discover that it is not possible to go all the way up (several lifts) and that a couple of slopes are completely suspended on the upper part !!!

Had it been difficult to give us customers that info ?? It may be of interest to know this BEFORE you buy a lift pass !!!

Paying full price for something but not getting access to everything is on the verge of fraud !!! Think it's really, really ugly !!

Skistar has a rather disgraced reputation and I think that something like this hinders it greatly.

Johan (Guest)
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Has been traveling for many years only in Vemdalen. Above all, I love Björnrike with sun-facing slopes, perfect for comfortable carving on good surfaces that are seldom broken and a reasonable number of people on the slopes. The best are of course the weeks before the sports holiday (as now) when the snow is perfect and it is sparse with people on the slopes. The restaurants on the slopes are of a high standard, but the options could be even more. Local ICA also has a good selection and overall a damn good atmosphere!

Fredrik Landin
Fredrik Landin (Guest)
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Alternative image: Lift queues where everyone respected those who want to go with their family or alone, ICA and other shops that actually ask people to wait outside at a distance when there are too many inside, unfortunately closed heating cabins but welcome to go to the toilet. Vemdalen is a destination that takes responsibility and provides everything for a safe and wonderful experience.

Per (Guest)
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Was on the ski slope today 29 December. At Vemdalskalet. No corona security at all. Long queues and all pressed into the same hems. Mixed parties in the chairlifts. Crowded rest cabins and eateries. I will not go more this week. So Skistar's CEO is on TV and says that it's calm. Only money that applies now. Just want to warn you who are still following restrictions.

Skibummer (Guest)
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Absent, disorganized, unstructured and generally poorly managed.

Was really surprised and disappointed we tested Klövsjö earlier this year and Skalet during the sports holiday. Since the youngest family member practices slalom and the teenagers are used to skiing, we had actually thought of the Alps as a variation on our usual destinations from the northern valleys and northwards (the route from Idre and up to, but not included, Åre). I completely omit the geographical conditions (location, drop height, back length) as these are relatively equally general and can easily be viewed in piste maps and focus on things that are around.

My first thought after experiencing Vemdalen; is this the first time Skistar is trying to administer a ski resort? They did not succeed well with pretty much anything. A serious example, you failed to piste by missing piste some lanes in several slopes and several nights in a row and instead of fixing this, you put up warning sticks in the morning. It was difficult to handle lift queues (no, covid is not an explanation or excuse, other resorts do not have these problems during covid), generally passive staff on all fronts who rather got the idea for a zombie movie is Pistvakt. A lift guard who was ambushed to arrange the chaos they had managed to create by pulling the queue through an icy precipice that about 50% of the riders could not handle, replied I do not know, this is the first time I work in a lift. Of course not the guard's fault, but a serious leadership problem within Skistar.

The entire ski area is unstructured and creates bottlenecks that you have obviously not even considered building with more lifts / higher capacity. Or greed simply let in more guests than the system can handle. There are also no alternatives in the form of steel lifts, which causes the entire system to collapse when a chairlift is standing.

The children's area is a nightmare of logistics with intersecting slopes, intersecting lift queues and an area that also leads to the "square", which creates a jumble of skiers at higher speeds with small children lying on the hill and parents towing children uphill because they chose to build the area where everything does not lean in one and the same direction.

The focus does not seem to be qualitative skiing, but some kind of mix of being a fund for Instagram-making and Facebooking big city people who were content with pictures of snow and beer glasses and some kind of parody of snowrollers (which in itself is a parody).

A good summary of Vemdalen ends with a paraphrase from Snowrollers: It can not be the intention that guests themselves should organize the ski resort for Skistar?

Jeanette Ragnvaldsson
Jeanette Ragnvaldsson (Guest)
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We gladly return to Vemdalen every year.
Our favorite is the shell but the access to several systems on the same lift card is super.
Large selection of many fresh accommodations in good location.
Two cozy top cabins. Good food often with ingredients from the resort.
Large variety on slopes. There is something for everyone. Several seat lifts. Vemdalen has a genuine and genuine feeling despite the substantial expansion over the last 10 years.
We love!

Rebecka (Guest)
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We often hang in Vemdalen where they are perfect for children and are now curious about Kungsberget ?

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Vemdalen is a ski resort that consists of 4 different resorts with a large variety of slopes and accommodation.

We have been to Vemdalen many times and personally I think Vemdalen is the best Swedish ski resort for families with children and groups consisting of individuals who have varied levels of skiing. Vemdalen has something for everyone. There are many nice green and blue slopes that are suitable for beginners and small children but also more challenging slopes for more advanced skiers.

When you buy a ski pass in Vemdalen you have the opportunity to go in all 4 ski systems. Vemdalsskalet, Björnrike, Storhogna and Klövsjö. All lie within a short journey by car or bus. One advantage of this is that you can vary your skiing.

My son went to the ski school in December 2016. His teacher was called Markus and now, 3 years later my son is still talking about Markus. The ski school was really a fun and inspiring experience that gave my son a desire to ski as often as possible!

My children also liked to meet the skistas mascot "Valle" and appreciate Valles show very much.

We have been to Vemdalen many times and experienced different kinds of weather there. The slopes can be icy but no more than other Swedish ski resorts.

There are many different restaurants in Vemdalen. Everyone we have tried has been cozy with good service. The only problem we have had is that several of the restaurants are not open on weekdays when it is low season.

The lift quality varies between the different parts of Vemdalen. The Vemdal shell has several seat lifts than the other systems and also a seat lift with wind protection. Björnrike has only one seat lift, for example. And it can be very uncomfortable if it blows a lot. An advantage of having the ski pass work in all four areas. My tip is if it blows very much do not take the bearded grizzly lift. Go to Vemdalsskalet instead!

Vemdalen has a variety of different types of accommodation with different price levels. We experience the accommodations we have booked through ski resorts as very affordable. The lift pass has become more expensive in recent years, but I still think it is affordable for you to go in 4 different areas.

One can compare Vemdalen with other ski resorts that consist of different smaller towns eg. Sallen. The difference is that Vemdalen has a calmer feeling with more focus on skiing than other places, but Sälen is well suited for those families who have members who are not so fond of skiing because there are several alternatives eg. bath and bowling.

We have been very pleased with Vemdalen. I highly recommend Vemdalen to all families who want to focus on skiing in a cozy environment.

- 4 different resorts to explore
Many light slopes
- A few more worn out slopes
- good ski school
- Well organized

- Not so much activities for non-skiing family members
- Just one seat lift in Björnrike and Klövsjö

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At first .... I have only traveled for just under a year and have only been able to visit tot. 3 facilities / systems (2 in SE and 1 in IT) which probably affects my judgment.

Have 2 stays in Vemdalen in the back and the ride I am very pleased with. Have been testing Skalet and Björnrike and so far enough prefer Björnrikes slopes (especially pist 7/8 and 15/16) which seem to have considerably less people but unfortunately also poorer lift systems with only 1 seat lift. Would probably need an additional at least one seat lift, preferably from Björnidet. The slopes of the shell are also quite good but considerably more people here and many slopes are quite narrow. In Skalet, however, the lift system is considerably better.

With a few exceptions, it is good service in general with pleasant and helpful staff in lifts, shop, rental etc. Service and quality of eateries, bars etc. are, on the other hand, uneven if still adequate.

Lift card prices feel slightly high considering that the lift systems outside Skalet are considerably worse and more outdated. And even if the price of a day ticket on the snow shuttle is only a fifty fold, it should be included in all lift passes from 2 days upwards and not as now only on the weekly cards. Aside from the fact that it feels a bit rubbed, it should, as stated, be included if you want more visitors to the two smaller systems. For a larger family who want a few days in one of the other systems, there will be additional expenses.

Filip Tidlund
Filip Tidlund (Guest)
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Hey! I highly recommend that you spend a lovely ski holiday in Vemdalen. The slopes are cruel and there are many lovely trails in the forest. For the most part, there are seat lifts all over the place that I love! You can buy food at Ica near the ski rental. The staff is also very nice at the rental!