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22/12/2017 (Modified: 22/12/2017)
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Whistler is North America's largest ski resort and is considered by many to be one of the better in the world. I do not really share that view.
The terrain and the mountain are really good with varied rides both below and above the tree line. Gutters, rocks and pillows are plenty. The problem is everything is being tracked within a few hours. A puder day is not uncommon with a several hundred feet long queue an hour before the elevator opened. If you want to find untouched days after snowfall you will be able to tour for many hours. Whistler gets a lot of snow during a season, but the snow is often heavy and wet and it does not rain in the village. But it should be said that dots you in the right day and you are out early you can get a lot of fun. The surrounding mountains are also really good and you drive just a bit away from Whistler and touring you can find great yachts.
The lifts are fast and modern but some can be bottlenecks, especially on a cushion day.
There are some really good restaurants and bars in the village. The range of shopping, nightlife and things to do next to skiing is great and is one of the city's strengths. However, the village feels a bit too commercialized and not so cozy.
The city's biggest weakness is the price. A day ticket costs about 1000 Swedish kronor. In view of the lift queues and the uncertain weather, it does not feel motivated to spend that money.

+ Terrain
+ Snow length
+ The range of activities and restaurants

- Liftköerna
- Temperature changes
- Commercial
- The price

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When the low pressure leaves its impressions, it will be very good. In Whistler they come very often. Went 5d in Beb 2011 and they fell more and more snow every night. There is something for everyone no matter what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I think it's overexploited and the proximity to Vancouver makes it a lot of people looking for it. But the enormous areas make it possible to go untouched forests even after snowfall.

+ Very good snow (not as dry as in Utah)
+ great opportunities for variation in the ride
+ Everything is available
+ Proximity to vancouver

- Expensive to go, live and eat
- Overexploited
- proximity to Vancouver ...

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Do not have to say much. World class! But watch out for fog for the Olympics and beware of Revelstoke coming !! But always world class !!

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Whistler / Blackcomb really has really good and above all varied terrain many steep chutes, rough forests, most of the corridors simply!

I went the most at Blackcomb and was lucky enough to be there during the best days of the season, according to the locals I met. 234 cm of snow when we arrived, 300 when we left there. Personally, Cloud 9 was a favorite place. Incredible woods not so steep but very fun hills and rocks to play, the best were they were not so good people who gave up in among the trees ..

Very nice people who are easy to talk to and the best if you want a good ride experience on a cushion day is to simply ask someone in the elevator if they are okay that you are hanging on ... once you have done they will really come do not regret you .. the best ride experience i ever had ..

Whislter is clearly unhappy # 1 on my list! Best Place I Ever Have!

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Spent 5 months in Whistler this winter and will try to squeeze through what's necessary to know about the place. Whistler is a city, very cozy-calf-duck-city (artificial). A little disneyland over the place, but, according to me, nothing negative. You will find the most here. All facilities, all kinds of rides, good parties, discounted prices, good standard of accommodation. Whistler's all-round way is a canon scene. Most people are really well here because there is something for everyone. If you want to go more or less in a specific direction regarding the ride, it will be a bit more limited, even though the place offers all kinds of terrain. To explain closer.

Whistler / Blackcomb really has REALLY good terrain with many corridors, steep chutes, cruel forests, etc. Had you received the mountains for yourself a pillow day, I do not think you could have more fun elsewhere! Unfortunately, this is not the case so often :(

Whistler is seen by North Americans as a steep paradise. For us who have been in the alps, Whistler feels a little like Sälen, ok now I was busy but a little round hill iaf. There is steep ride, but the fields are usually so short that you can not take a turn. A must for someone who likes steep is Disease Ridge.

75% of the fall height consists of forests. Less dense at their secret places but under half of the mountain quite dense. In other words, no big open pillow fields are something to have. OK, you can get awesome open yard around the peak in all the weather on Whistler and the alpine range on blackcomb SOON! But in honesty's name, 200-300 fallmeters are good / ok ride not much to boast about me. Especially not if you have to share them with ridiculous many others. For example, basically all snow around the Peak (inbound) at Whistler is after about 2-3 hours. Sometimes worse anyway, believe it or not! After that you can go to your little hiding places for some lonely turns or directly bet on the slightly brighter chutes that are available and are about: 50 fall meters but odd a few more days due to. Not many dare to ride them. Ski boot for 5 seconds! In the woods you will find snow for a long time, but it has been snowing far down the mountain.

WHEN it has snowed all the way down to the village / valley you can get a really wonderful ride in the woods. These days are if you do not meet a canon period quite easily counted unfortunately. My life's best ride is in these. Imagine a brook that is shaped like a natural half-pipe clogged with snow spraying in all directions.

When not snowed, you can ALWAYS (yes, always) get unmarked on the back of the blackcomb glacier. This is, in my opinion, a bit of Whistler's rescue. Here you have nice terrain and often good snow because of the height / cold. The only thing to be ridiculous is that you have to work for each individual fallmeter you're going to go down. Not like in many places in the alps where you hike 20 min for a ride all the way down to the valley etc .. Far from ... What a luxury!

Whistler Achilles heel is the unstable temperature, point end.
The temperature in Whistler is exceptionally (usually) in December and January (this spring also January) very varied. We talk plus degrees that leave that thick and nice crowd, which in turn requires at least 20cm to be honorable (ok, maybe a little picky). When the temples vary, the huge amount of snow is required for good skiing. Compared to a place high in which there is almost no plus, Whistler requires at least twice as much snow as I think. This year, 14 meters of snow came in Whistler in total. I got 8 meters of these to go! Enormous amounts, but despite this, it feels as far from what it should have been. Crisis day no1 of the season was when 54cm fresh was broken early in the morning so it was uncomfortable right up to the top. Water spray and paste are two good words that summarize that day unfortunately. I am aware that this season (especially in the Alps) has been unusually hot! But the locals I met say say that this kind of temperature fluctuations are common in Whistler (coastal climates).

Better is it further inland, where the temples are often lower, but at the same time the mountains decrease proportionally. Iaf most of which are equipped with lifting systems. Do you have access to scooter SHOULD you be inland.

The parks are really good in Whistler. Are you a jib you will come here. Always new features in the parks and Often good shapat! May be broken on the spring edge and they are quite fortunate to expand it. Only in January is it starting to look good.

Can you afford to live in Village you should do it! Most people live in, for example, Creekside, Alpine or similar. The buses cost dollars even if you have a season ticket for $ 10000. Creekside, however, is a nice place with many seasonal residents. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to take a bus into the village and even in some cases to the lift.
The party life in Whistler is nothing wrong if you count quantity. In principle, always people out and many places to choose from. However, I had preferred a smaller place with a more cozy atmosphere. Whistler becomes a bit impersonal in any way. I would have preferred a more close and cozy atmosphere. Afterski is not available here. They do not know what it is. You think they have it, but they do not. If the afterski is a beer on a terrace, sure. By the way, Garfinkels has good bands quite regularly. Are you metal / rock took as I will see you a number of really interesting bands in the season!

The price level of food on business is quite ok. Resturang is expensive but there are cheaper options like burger hanger, eg: The Splitts which is the best place in Whistler.
Gadgets are a bit cheaper here than home but not as much as you imagined. You can not count on any special benefits due to your season card period! This despite the fact that most of the shops are owned by INTRAWEST that took over Whistler. A bit boring but true. Sponsor EVOLUTION, which is one of the few outside ski / snowboard shops here. FANATICO is the place for you to wear boots. They guarantee the fun, you get bootpunch jobs and the like for free after purchase.
Buy Black Label Supreme 8.0% beer for cheap slant. Smells good too!

You are a half-farmer who rather slides in the snow between the trees than putting one down a steep face. You love Swedes and Aussies. You like great dance shows where you can not talk to anyone because of the music, but you try to get the most out of the movement. You are NOT the one who follows the forecasting carefully. You're happy to just be in Whistler, BALL ALSO! You think the mountains of the Alps feel a little scary. They are so steep and so ...
Enjoy showing your new snowboard clothes for the tens of thousands of others on Whistler Mountain. Feel good when you pass a poor Japan.

An extremely crippled place that has its pearls but as a result of. Its overpopulation makes the rating for one who is here to head in the first place significantly reduced. There is a really good ride that takes a long time to find, but there you can be relatively lonely. Is it important for you to have a lot to do when the snow is not good, Whistler is recommended. Whistler is a town with lots of activities good park and lots of people. Are you a serious rider who does not want to go with weekly tourists and crazy in everything around? Go to Fernie, Red Mountain (Rossland) Kicking Horse (Golden), Revelstoke or the like.
Whistler in the spring is hardly overcome. Think of what you're going to season!

// Rydellen

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Have never experienced better driving than this trip offered.

If the economy allows, I suggest you go to Whistler, it is a sunny dream for the jibber and freerider.

Are you looking for bottomless pillows, this is an option. The world by far the best park, yes what more do you need to say.

Alexander (Guest)
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Hi, come home from Whistler a week ago so I have it in fresh memory. Thought to tell about the absolute best places for offpiste when that's okay (we had 3 meters due o clear in the 2 months we stayed there) and snowed 15 cm during the night.

If you go on the weekend and it's snowy then choose blackcomb because all vancouver people go Whistler most often, Blackcomb has a little less queues on the weekend than Whistler. Can also be recommended to drive a car up to the parking lot above the blackcomb lift, and from there take the elevator (leaving massive weekend queues at the bottom)

Blackcomb is "the local choice", maybe this is due to the blackcomb glacier on top. The top lifts are called showcase bars and are weather-sensitive because it blows right when the view is bad. You take a total of 4 lifts if you live from Village base. The 3rd lift is the seatlift that gives you a glimpse of the famous Spankys ladder, and in bad weather it's really blowing in the glory before you get it. When you get off it, you usually see a small queue going up over the skier skier right, takes 5 minutes unless you're in a hurry or extremely untrained to traverse down and climb the stairs. Right above the comb, you look out over the lower part of the glacier, you can fall down in the fallout if you want deadly drip and speed, otherwise you can slide smoothly with traversing zickzackning. My favorite is to slope right from the top of the top, and you will come down to a very narrow and quite steep bebiscouloir (you're pushing down quite easily with a little start-up mode because you see a huge snow field at the end of it) then it hurts down to the elevator .

So now for the real reason to choose a blackcomb a good day: jump up from the showcase lift and traverse down to the small sign you see far down there to the right, usually you also see little people who take away snowboards and put skidheads on the skis just after the sign. In any case, cross the max skiers right when you walk up as far as it goes from the showcase lift then you will be right.

Now you are heading towards the glacier peaks, you will hesitate for 1 hour in round throws if you win (watch the view, drink water etc. hehe) a bit depending on whether you go straight to the right or turn left. To the left you will get coulouires that (almost) are always full of champagne powder. You can vary how much for now you are in a powder paradise. My favorite is to straighten up and then a little right. When you are at the top you will find a small rocky hill, you see the snow-covered mountain 360 degrees (I trust you understand yourself when you get up) take your way down to 7th heaven, then continue in the same direction, tighten yourselves what you enjoy and enjoy ... aiming on the right side of the valley leading you down to the 7th heaven lift (the little remote area you see from the Whistler village gondola when you sit there ..) At the end you have a bit of hilly forest as a cherry on the pie ..

Whistler is all about the peak chair ... japp, sure the new symphony lift is really good, but when you want to go to pillows, you want it for yourself (not true) and when you get into the symphony area, you stuck there when it's like people, to get you out, you have to traverse down to the cat tracks and then take the harmony lift up to reach the peak chair again, so the symphony is a little bit separated for the less demanding pillows of the amateurs. The glacier hiker on blackcomb is what gives the expert peace in the pillows of the soul. Not symphony ... At the same time you have a huge comb you can hike up the skiers right in the symphony area which is good when it's snowing (so there's a lot to do anyway). Whistler is very good too (compared to blackcomb), you do not have to chill, you're taking the Peak chair! for example take 100m on the cat tracks towards the symphony from Peak and descend right down to "Route 99", go free but think you're holding a little parallel to the peak to the creek piste. Otherwise, you have a thumb that aches for life movements all evening from the road that goes far below. Take a look at the "Deserted Slopes" as well, you will see signs and slopes that have incredibly fun hills, probably the result of the pistachio strike during the 80's. These are easily found using route 99.

But absolutely the best at Whistler are the obvious bowls as you jump in from the peak chair skiers left. Take as much left as possible, expriment, but beware of some hidden drops that can easily break your legs. These lie down at the woods.

Yes ... there is much more than this to experience in whistler ... but you will learn to notice. go helicopter, and if you are good, choose ultimate escursions ... (living the dream)

Thank you!

oskar (Guest)
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I was in Whistler week 8.

When we got there it was raining in the village, which is quite common because the village is low. On the other hand, snowing up on the mountain and the day after we got a really nice powder coat, and then it continued throughout the week. However, it's negative that it sometimes snows in view of how cool and bad it can be, but when the clouds begin to lighten after it's snowing, Whistler / Blackcomb is the skier's paradise if you like offpiste. Do not be afraid to go the double blacks like spanky's ladder flute bowl etc, as they are not at all difficult. Desserts can be hesitated for different lengths, but it also means that fewer pallets get up there, which means it takes longer to get tracked / ridden up as in many other parts of the system.

The parks were awesome as well and they were in all levels of difficulty.

What's on the minus side though:

The slopes are quickly picked up and they piss badly / too little.
A investment company owns the entire system, which means that there are only 2 larger dining places up in the slopes where people crowded together as creatures and the myth factor in these places is = 0.
In addition, the lifts are not in the top class, they have the most "egg lifts" and seat lifts, but many seat lifts are slow and they lack six-seater lifts that are folding over, which was nice when it's often called in the face when it's snowing and blowing.

The village is okay but it's not as much "party" and afterski as the Alps it does not have the cozy feeling.

Good to bring is a few fat off-piste skis and something to cover your face with.

Summary: This is a superb place if you are here mostly for skiing and not on holiday because the skiing is superb, but the food, sun, party and cozyness that the Alps offer is missing.
Additionally, you can not carry a lot of liquor on your home road.

That's why the place gets 8/10, fixes to the lifts and makes sure to build several small food places with good food to get the full score.

Do they want to impress during the 2010 Winter Olympics so they make sure they fix the lifts and punch better

In addition, I can not provide a system that does not offer slopes where you can go fast with nice carvingsvängar a femma. A good system will be able to offer everything whistler loves snowmobiling and parks but has completely missed what ordinary groomed slopes are called

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Whistler must be the dream of everyone to go to. where there were Feb-05 but then they had never snowed so little in 27 years in Whistler, but why complain when they have the world's best park according to me, I'll be back !! ;)

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After completing a business trip in the United States, South Carolina and Canada, Ontario, I had booked a 5 day vacation in Whistler. Whistler is located in British Columbia approx. 3 hour drive north of Vancouver. To Whistler, there are excellent connections from Vancouver Airport. Bus departs outside the outside hall and for the picky one, there is a helicopter connection (30 min) with Helijet Inc. Alternatively, you can rent a car and drive to Whistler.

Saturday morning I departed from Toronto and arrived in Whistler at. 14.00.
I had via my business associates in Coburg, Ontario, booked me at Golden Dreams Bed and Breakfast. It was a relatively "cheap" accommodation 135 Canada dollars per night (about 880 kr). Had I chosen a centrally located hotel then the price had been $ 215 and up.

Golden Dreams B & B is approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Whistler Village North in the "Whistler Cay" district. By bus, you can easily reach the lift center in the Upper Village. Every 15 minutes the bus passed outside the Golden Dreams B & B and it took only 6 min to the lift center.

Whistler, of course, consists of a variety of hotels, mostly located in Village North, Blackcomb Benchlands, Whistler Village and Whistler Creek. Around these centers are residential areas. The houses are nicely embedded in woodlands on the mountain sides and in the valleys. The houses are very beautiful, built in wood and with large logs like pillar and roof nuts. In Whistler live about 15,000 and there are approx. 7000 hotel and cottage beds.

The ski system consists of two mountains of Blackcomb Mountain 2440 m and Whistler Mountain 2182 m. Whistler is located between 675 and 760 m altitude.
The only way to get between the mountains is via the valley station in the Upper Village. This valley station is located on a large square in the northern part of the village. It is here that after-ski is as hot in the afternoon. Three gondola lifts quickly take skiers up to the mountains. Fitzsimmons Express and Whistler Village Gondola go up on Whistler Mountain and Excalibur leads up on Blackcomb Mountain.

The first day I went around the Blackcomb system. Blackcomb as a system, like Whistler, is highly thought out. Basically, there are four focal points including the top. In Jersey Cream Bowel and in Glacier Creek, two of the hubs, there are great restaurants with great food; ranging from Indonesian to American burgers. No food queues even though it was high season. You can eat food tanks wherever you want in the restaurants, no restrictions!

Blackcomb glacier is reached by going up with the Showcase T-bar top lift and then climbing approx. 50-100m. Once you cross the crown, a huge ski area spreads before you. On the way up you pass the absolute steepest downhill; there you have to drop into the courier about 3-5 m.! Fall height is 55 degrees, I did not go down there !.

At the bottom of the glacier, a long "Cat walk" starts, as the Canadians call it, that is, a distance of about 3 km down to the Excellerator chair lift that quickly takes you up to Glacier Creek again. In addition to the glacier, Blackcomb has a lot of fun and varied skiing in the woods. It is located in the lower regions between 1860m down to 760m altitude. In the 7th Heaven Zone - which is part of the Blackcomb system - you have cross-country skiing. From 7th Heaven you have a nice view of Whistler Mountain, which is located south.

The second day I went to Whistler Mountain whose system is on both the north and south side of the mountain. I also went from Upper Village and took the Whistler Village Gondola up to 1850m. On this plateau, the system leads across the mountain in a highly thought-out way, easily reaching all the parts of the top system from here.
The only restaurant on Whistler Mountain is located here and is called Gondola Lodge. It's so big that it easily caters for all visitors without queues also occur in high season. This plateau is the great hub of Whistler Mountain. From here you can either go up to the top Little Whistler Peak and take Whistler Bowel down or directly drive down through the forest either to the Upper Village or to the Creekside. The Whistler Mountain slopes are long, wide and perfect for sweeping carvings.

Whistler Bowl has to be described for those who did not see the travel program this winter with Hans Fahlén. The slab or pot initially has a slope of 45 degrees and planes towards the bottom. It consists of puck pistles and for those who like puckles, I can highly recommend a ride down here. If you want to climb a little, you can get a sneeze and a much steeper ride. After three years I was forced to go to the lodge and get something drinkable!

Whistler is famous for its service. The systems are open between 8.30 and 16.30, the upper part closes at 17.00. There are ski hosts who answer questions and help skiers correct. The lift passes are scanned in the lifts that originate from the lower regions such as Creekside, North Village, Base II and Blackcomb. Then you do not have to show the lifting passes.
As you descend into the system in the afternoon, there are security personnel deployed to slow down the speed at certain critical hubs in the system. Special locks consisting of parallel screens that one must pass through also attenuates the speed. All pistes have names and there are plenty of pistons showing the slopes and end destinations. At each peak station there are information and pistachios. Each top station also has watches in the form of big wristwatches for those who want to keep track of time. There are also a number of fun parks, Nitendo Terrain Park at Blackcomb and Nitendo Gamecube at Whistler are the largest. The slopes in the systems are marked as follows:
Green = Beginner
• Blue = Medium
• Simple black = Advanced
• Double black = Expert

As well as having codes like:
• White-green = easiest way down to valley station
• White-blue = medium-winding road down to the valley station
• White-black = Hardest way down to the valley station

In addition, there are warning signs, low infarcts, border areas, burns, rocky areas, low-speed areas, family areas, recommended showboard areas, etc.
Nurseries are located adjacent to the valley stations and at the major restaurants in the systems.

Special children, family and snowboard areas are found on both mountains.

The ski instructors are dressed in Swedish colors, blue-yellow Phoenix dresses that look long way. Going to ski school is very expensive but you can see ski school groups everywhere. A 6-hour private lesson advanced can cost off $ 250.

Renting ski equipment is simple and not much more expensive than in Sweden. There are plenty of rental companies and sports halls, and at the Upper North there is a big ski center where you can do everything like buying ski passes, renting a ski storage room for the night, renting equipment and then also clothes, eat, go to the bathroom, get all the information and book ski school . The equipment is the latest and there are always freshly cut steel edges. If you're not satisfied, just change. The lift card is more expensive than in Sweden approx. 350 kr / day. However, the price drops the more days you buy. One good thing is that for every 3rd day trip day, you get a day off. So you buy a 6-day lift pass, you can take 2 days off during this time, you can ski for 2 days and then rest for a day, spend another 2 days, rest a day and then last the last 2 days. How you post this is up to you.

Everything can be booked before you reach Whistler via the hotel. Lodge, cabin or B & B that you live on. Probably you can also book everything via the web (www.whistler.com). When you arrive, just pick out lift passes, equipment etc. and quickly get up to the system, very efficiently, and then you will be in for approx. 10% discount on the rented.

The accommodation is exclusive for those who want to stay at the big SPA hotels near the valley stations, indoor and outdoor poles, gyms, restaurants and top service are included as a matter of course. Whistler is full of good pubs, cafes and restaurants. All tastes are catered for. If you want to go skiing, you can go skating, dog sledding, kite, cross-country skiing or skiing. Helicopter skiing is available in and around the villages around Whistler. "Pete the Swede" runs a company in a city higher up in the mountains above Whistler, see Åka Skidor Christmas number -03. Parking places are close enough to the valley stations.

The night life is not as hysterical as in the Alps or in Åre and Sälen. The atmosphere is somewhat more relaxed. It is not about hordes of overpowered 16-20 year olds. North America is happy to go out to the restaurant after skiing. Discotheque is not available but I did not know any closer acquaintance with them.

Certainly there are seasons or "ski-bums" in Whistler, but it's tougher economically than in the alps. A young taxi driver I went with who lived 4 years in Whistler as a seasoned son told me that he and his dog lived the first season in a small camper without heat. It was difficult to get together on lift cards, food and heat he meant.

My impression of Whistler is very good, the service is top, the system is fun and varied, no lift queues, easy to find, friendly people, the village is nice. The range of dance venues, restaurants and pubs is great. Unfortunately, the climate can be tough with fog and fast variations, which can result in rain in the village and poor visibility on the slopes.

Whistler is a perfect alternative to the Alps, but your journey will take up to 20 hours. If you go to Whistler you should stay in Vancouver for a couple of days. Vancouver recently ranked the world's 4th best city to live in. It is beautifully located with the Rocky Mountaines in the background and the ocean to the west.

Håkan Örtqvist
Friluftsfrämjander Hammarö alpine skiing