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I was in Whistler pre season 03/04 (autumn to o with dec) with the intention of staying the whole season but for various reasons it became St Anton instead. Whistler is barely comparable to any place in the Alps because of the North American way of life. I lived in Emerald Estates, a bit outside of Whistler, for even when I arrived in the fall there were places to live. The lift card was way too expensive, about 10000 kr I think, but if you stay the whole season it's sure worth it. Does not look at holiday homes but knows that Tommy's, Garf's and the Beagle are the hottest outings. The Longhorn is full of tourists on after ski but it's awesome yet, is located right at the foot of Whistler Mountain. The most cozy cafe is probably Gone Bakery which is a little hidden behind The grocery store, heavenly soups and bread. The big day of the bum was good sundays when hanging on The Crab Shack o for cheap chicken wings and drinking cheap beer ... Barrots with cheap pitchers were popular. The Crystal Lounge, the Dublin Gate was cool beer hake but also restaurants ... There are so many coffee shops in Whistler but then you also remember that you are in North America. Car is barely needed when we lifted a little everywhere in o except town ...
The lift card system was a bit different, there was someone scanning one's lift card first ride and then they usually did not look anymore.
There are only two grocery stores, The Grocery Store and The Market Place, (big and cheaper). There were two liqour stores that were centrally located.
We were in Vancouver a couple of times, there are many cool chicks with cool bands playing.
The ride was cruel, both on Whistler Mountain and at Blackcomb, there is how much backcountry anyway. Get to know someone local and the thing is beef !! Accommodation is expensive in Whistler if you are seasons, paid $ 4500 for shared rooms in a large house.
Can not get anything anymore now, Whistler misses so it hurts!

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Whistler Rocks. We were there now week 10, we had the sun 3 the first few days ago, there was some snow day 4 and 5. We would have liked a little more snow, but last day it was really good. Very long flight :( We wish we had the opportunity to be there for 14 days instead of the 7th. Both mountains were really good, hard to say which one was the best. In the village it was cheaper than we expected a pitcher costing about 18 $ (100 SEK). We booked ski and lift passes through the web Very convenient, everything was clear when we arrived at Whistler Village. We stayed at the Listel Whistler Hotel, it was okay good close to the lifts.The restaurant at the hotel is called Bearfoot Bistro, well-known and very good. Other good restaurants were Sushi Ya and Keg's. Aftershin was the best at Long Horn. Clearly one of the best ski resorts I've traveled to. The snow was amazing when it was well come. We traveled with Langley and we thank tour guides David for the guidance in the system.

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was there now on the sports license and have to say that it's incredibly much better than the other places in Canada ... and it only took 25 min from vancouver with helijet ... absolutely perfect skiing ... can warmly recommend it ...

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Whistler Blackcomb must belong to one of the world's five top ski resorts.
I mean, what's not in this wonderful city?

-Puder you will find as good as ever
The Canadians are supernatural
If you do not want to go to bed, there are a lot of other activities
-Vancouver only two hours away
The atmosphere in the village is the answer

More should drive to the world's best ski resort!
/ Tour leader

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Much was sick:
-Super a lot of snow
-Superly nice Canadian
-Super a lot of Canadians
-Super expensive season ticket (approx. 11000 SEK)
-Sufficient $ 2000 in fines if you sailed or cycled in town
-Say ugly ladies
-Super a lot of Japanans in the fun ski kit
-Super some days of sunshine
-Such a lot of backcountry that was ill easily accessible.

We lived in a house as we rented a few miles from the canyon slope. Clock watch is also to buy a car that you could cruza around, bought cheap, sold even cheaper =)
One tip is to rent a house away from home so that you do not have to stay at a shoestring lodge, where you go to share a bunk bed with other sweaty underwear, that's not the real problem, but what's hard is that you do not have a fridge etc, so you have to eat out all the time.

But do not be surprised if you find it difficult to get a helicopter, do not know why? But as said, a good place, plus an extra plus for all outdoor Jacuzzis, which you can slide down unnoticed during the night. Nice ...

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The first day it was -25, the snow felt and sounded like you went on frigolit. The second day it was snowy, canoeing. Third day, it was sunny and windy, perfect, but all the snow was already overcast. Fourth day it was +10, blown and drizzle. Snack about the coastal climate.
There is a lot of positive rewriting: 1500 meters of real fall height, 9m snow per year, modern lift system, nice backbowls, cannony long slopes, good ride, even if it's not snowy. Party factors are also found in the artificial but nice village. Close to Vancouver, a really nice city. Mystical discount system, where you can get close to 10cad discount if you buy ski passes (day passes) on the seven-eleven in Vancouver or in Squamish, but not at the ski resort.
Sure, it's expensive, it's hard to get cheap accommodation, there are a lot of people. Close to Vancouver, avoid weekends if possible. But it's still a clear five. Personally, however, I prefer smaller resorts like Fernie or Kicking Horse.

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Have just arrived home from north america, where i bla spent 3 days in whistler / blackcomb. The day before I got up, it snowed 11cm, and during the night another 13! Never been on better skiing, the slopes were cruel and the off-piste even cooler. :)
One tip if you do not have to go so many is to buy the 7-card lift card on the way up (do not remember what the village is called). There they only cost $ 59 a day, and because the Canadian dollar is so cheap right now, it's not even 350 bucks !!
Will definitely go there again!

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Whistler / Blackcomb are two beautiful mountains by which it flocked Japanans in Goldwinstas and mink coat skaters. Bergen is good but the ski pass is most expensive in Canada. My tip is to go to Whistler one day if you're in Vancover, spend the rest of your vacation in one of the slightly calmer pillows, at half the price.

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The Whistler Mountains may possibly offer Canada's most amazing skiing along with Squaw Valley. I was visiting here -96, but unfortunately in summertime. Downhill cycling was what was offered, but I could not raw because I dreamed away in the winter's paradise thoughts. This has to be a great opportunity to spend a couple of weeks, I thought and wondered if you would not come back here with a bunch of poles sometime in the future. It would definitely be awesome!

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Whistler is heavenly on earth !! Not because I have any experience with the Alps .. And after all, I was just up to the top 2 times ... But anyway! The people are wonderful there and the skies divine ...!

The only obvious reason that it does not get a 5a is the prices !!!! How in H * LVETE can you take 1600CAD for a season's card? !!! And 63CAD for day passes ... Unreasonable prices!

MEEN, in the long run, the mountain wins! Go there! I'll ... again and again and nobody and again ..... and a few more times :)