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Lifts (1/1)
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Snow depth
900 m
400 m
110 cm
It’s hardly the largest ski resort in Sweden. It’s not even Sweden’s most recognized mountain. Then again, Abisko/Nuolja isn’t the usual Swedish skiing site either. This is mountain terrain as far as the eye can see. One lift and a marked unprepared slope. This is Sweden’s little equivalent to France’s La Grave.

If you’re lucky, you can experience powder runs like those in Europe’s St. Anton. If you are unlucky, however, you may not be able to ski at all due to the risk of avalanche. Unlike other Swedish ski systems, this one is split into two zones. One is located within the ski area and zone two is everything located outside. Inside the ski area the ski patrol works hard to prevent the avalanche risk, something that is often present in Abisko/Nuolja. Outside the ski area, skiers are skiing at their own risk.

During safe days, you can ski around most parts of the mountain, and with a vertical drop of 500 meters, all ski rides are different.

Snow forecast

  • Tuesday

    0.6 cm snow
    6 m/s
  • Wednesday

    6.7 cm snow
    Snow showers
    13 m/s
  • Thursday

    6.2 cm snow
    12 m/s
What do you think about Abisko / Nuolja?
Aatami (Guest)
The sissyboys at Nuolja do not operate the lifts if the temperature is more than -20c, however, that INCLUDES windchill!!!

We were there and the temperature was -16c but because of the windchill effect they would not run the lifts!!!

Yasmin (Guest)
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I think Abisko is a very beautiful place but those who decide there have not understood that the new thing is to have a motorhome. There is not a single place inside Abisko where you can stand, electricity is not even to think about, although there are any number of electric poles that are used in the winter.
A campsite that is not even open but full of caravans that stand all year round and are used mainly in the winter.
A tourist station without any parking for motorhomes, the reception thought we could stand in a parking lot along the E 10.
A big compliment to Abisko mountain Lodge where we had to stand for a couple of days in a parking lot and borrow a toilet and shower 😃.
I hope that those who decide in Abisko will remember that it is a different season than winter and that motorhomes will also feel welcome in this beautiful place.

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Underestimated gem that many pass by on their way to the border. Go Rithunjira, Nåsan, Konvexen, fantastic nice steep yokes that beat most things. The lift admittedly takes 15-20 mins but it is worth it, in addition never a queue. Do not miss this!

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Lovely scenery, fun walks with good hiking trails. Not tracked as in eg. Lake Grövelsjön, but here you go along the trail anyway. This means that the tours take a little longer than usual, but with food bags along the way it does nothing.

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Sweden's "Castle Mountain, Alberta".

Small old lift, no people but great fun offpist that is very easily accessible.

I'm a big fan of "North American offpist think" (ie ropes and gates for offpiste within ski patrol controlled area). Each gate shows the avalanche in the area you are on your way to. With short slopes or short walks, you reach everything from steeple to a little easier offpiste that ends with beautiful woods at the end.

That there are only about 20-40 others outside playing on the mountain does not make it worse.

The ski patrol has a daily 2 hour guiding of the mountain for only 200kr (160 for stif member). Great way to quickly get into the ride on the mountain.

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What does the ride around the elevator mean, so do you think it's pretty sad! The first part, the steep part, invites you. often go on a nice ride, but then you have the last bit, the transport line, back to the lift. This causes the ride to work quite quickly as it does not exactly honor any sustained 400-meter.

If we then stretch the skis on the sack or put the skins on the skis and brushes knock a bit, then a new world opens! The people who work and go to Abisko often get more or less driven top-class people, and first of all, what's so magical about the little ski resort with Sweden's slowest lift! :)

Rating: Skiing gets a strong 3rd to strong 4th depending on the weather and snow! A 5th if you absorb the whole experience of Abisko ... nice, helpful and knowledgeable people!

Johan (Guest)
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Unlike all others, I'm not sold at all :-(

The only stain on the rock that was not rocky was a piece of the pot to the west of the elevator where maybe 10 cm of wind-packed softening snow lay.

Noulja can certainly be wonderful, but it's not always. For my part, there was a four-day ride in Björkliden instead.

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The most beautiful ski resort I visited in Sweden. One does not lift a pistol as far as you can see and lots of surfaces of controlled safe offpiste. There is only one disadvantage with stolen and that's that it's so far up far up =)

I was there a long weekend 3 years ago, it was 150cm snow on the mountain and the sun is shining everyday. Maybe I had the best spring skiing of my life those days and regret me for a second.

Just make sure the inland floats out long enough to reach the edge of the yard to find shyssta rides. The low lane increases the farther away from the lifts you are, and it will be longer to slope / go back.

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oh this lapland pearl! Too bad to inform others about it because I want it for myself. The incredible ride and a difficult mood at the station. Tips are, as I said, the offpiste guides, just over the hundred-day half-day lift pass and half-day guided tour. No place hits it. Perfect if you come by train in the middle of the day and the sun is shining and the skidding is right.

The fact that Abisko has the most beautiful pistemap does not make it all the worse either. Determines where the ski patrol controls avalanches and where they do not. Very informative booklet, fix one straight away when you arrive.

Talk to the guides in the morning between eight and nine for the latest weather information, a must if you are going skiing all day. Abisko is the place for those who are really interested in skiing and all the way around. Their low prices are really good, go them.

A complete ski resort without all the krimskrams.

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Have just been to Abisko / Nuolja 2 times and gone but Devil's how good it is! The skiing is great fun and much is easily accessible! The food at the tourist station is heavenly! The accommodation is cheap! The train stays close! The area is incredibly busy! The staff are nice, you feel at home in some way! Lift tickets are cheap! You can get blanket in the elevator! Sauna is hot!

Obviously, a little more drag in the evenings would not hurt. Then they have unfortunately no hot tub :(

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