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100 km from Kiruna, on the road to Riksgränsen and Narvik, you find one of Sweden’s most northerly ski resorts, namely Björkliden.

There are 25 pistes of varied difficulties and you are almost guaranteed not to have to wait in lift queues. Snow depth at Björkliden is normally 1.5 meters, meaning there are great opportunities for off-piste skiing. Be very aware of the avalanche danger though.

Björkliden is one of the few sites in Sweden where you can go heli skiing, allowing you to reach the more distant peaks. Not that we think you will, but if you for some reason are a little fed up with skiing, why not try snowkiting or join a snowmobile safari?

Many skiers combine their trip to Björkliden with a visit to Riksgränsen, Abisko or Narvik. A great way to further enrich your trip to this northerly mountain region.

Snow forecast

  • Friday

    7.6 cm snow
    14 m/s
  • Saturday

    3.4 cm snow
    8 m/s
  • Sunday

    0 cm
    Partly cloudy
    5 m/s
What do you think about Björkliden?
Heffa (Guest)
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The staff really awesome! Cannon breakfast but setup usm 2018 damn crazy behavior from lapland resort! Do they have to burn forever ......!

Per Hagberg
Per Hagberg (Guest)
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my first visit was 1976 and then every year until 1986 when I worked a season in the kitchen then I was back every year as a guest until 1990, at first no car traffic and everything was white and lovely wonderful backs world class on staff and cozy cottages, the road came and more people showed up, yet it was still family-like and cozy the hotel a great lovely meeting for both children and adults .... the years passed and for various reasons, one has not managed to come back to my paradise on earth first Feb. 2015 and what a wonderful surprise you got the real cozy there are the cottages have been updated (love to bast) luxury cottages have been added (you can only dream about the opportunity) and more different options for skiing have been added ..... the same nice service-oriented staff as always. but above all, the merger with the Riksgränsen has made a very good skiing world-class. The family-friendly Björkliden with the slightly tougher, rugged Riksgränsen gives the best of two different worlds. It was an incredibly lovely feeling to be back with all memories lovely skiing dog sledding sauna with snow angels :) After a snowy night you wake up with a little smile and know that skiing will be a canon for adults and children whether you choose Björkliden or Riksgränsen, the big minus for Björkliden is the infinitely long, slow-moving lifts that should have been replaced by a seat lift already in the 80's, but who knows it is going to happen right now, when everything seems to go right in the beautiful white beautiful country .... the transfer between Björkliden-Riksgränsen could also be more departures more buses some days you will not with and it's at least crowded ... but think it's something they're looking at .... I promise and swear that it will not be 15 years to the next visit :)

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my favorite ski resort. have been there a 5-6 times so i can do it without and before. If you hit a snowfall, the possibilities of offpiste are infinite. Liftköer is not in the birch cliff.

MangePange (Guest)
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+ Off piste for all, many hidden "godies" that people do not think about.
+ Good and long slopes
+ Nice ski school with good teachers

- Nothing I can do

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Born my skiing career in Bjørklidens grønne backe, so the night life is honored. :)

Bjørkis seals choose to have Sweden's 3th highest fall height of 520m or similar. Fall height meter that is used up, I think. There are 5 to 6 lifts in total, of which 2 are in smaller slopes close to the hotel and the others take you up to the høgfjællet. Here you will often find good piste slopes, but tend to be icy often when temperatures are often low.
You have easy-to-use off-piste, nourish both Abisko and the national border if your horse is better off. Starting point to Låkkatjåkka, Sweden's highest mountain mountain station, with classic OP-yard of 1000 meters.

Bjørkis is a bit of a mystery in the Swedish ski world, has never experienced a lot of people here. You do not have to queue for a longer period of time, usually no queue at all. Friendly staff. Have spent a couple of weeks here now and usually enjoy my stay very much. The disadvantage is that the system is quite small and you drive quickly through it.

Klasse (Guest)
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Would like to say that Björkliden is the hub along the line of classic ski resorts along the E10 in Lapland. For a few years, probably Europe's best helix is ​​out of here. Were for a week on tops that would otherwise take several weeks to reach on their own. Compared to the Riksgränsen heliskiing, it's like night and day. As you probably understand, there is a big difference between Vassitjåkka and Gearbox, 1,400 fall height meters. In addition, the organizer has abandoned the classical range by offering several days of 1000's fall height meter.

By the way, that's what I want in a ski resort; untouched wrong days after a heavy snowfall and no lift queues. Genuinely and creatively with varied rides. Close to adjacent facilities that also offer good skiing.

However, recommending the heliskiingen as last year gave me the best ride ever!

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Björkliden is nestled between mighty mountains in one of today's mighty wilderness. The nature and mountain experience is strong and few ski resorts can measure with Björkliden on this point.

The village is small and cozy with a few (2s =)) restaurants and a bar with a nice bartender. The buffet at Hotell Fjället is something out of the ordinary, both price and taste.

The current skiing is okay, not too long runs, which, however, are quite high. Needing to stand in a liftkö is nothing to worry about, the longest lift queue was in the back of the barn and there were 3 skiers long =).

Easy-to-use offpiste exists to a large extent. The fact that most of the mountain is above the tree line is a contributing factor.

However, the mountain could have been bigger and more backs could have been open more often. Generally there were always 4 slopes closed.

A purchase of arctic ski passes (lifeboats for Riksgränsen, Abisko, Björkliden and Narvik) is therefore almost a must if you are not involved in heliskiing or peak trips.

The grocery store's range was insanely lean and prices were high, a real deal in addition to the retail trade would be desirable.

The reception desk's knowledge about other ski resorts was really unclear, which resulted in a journey towards a closed Riksgräns and a wasted ski morning. You can do as in other contexts, look for information yourself. Probably some area-aware seasonal workers who worked that day.

Finally: If you want to visit a cozy quiet ski resort that has plenty of offpiste, nice people's hills and the wilderness around the corner, you should visit Björkliden. An arctic ski pass and yet to recommend.

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Is there any law so I'm used to being there. When it's snowed it's a really good offpiste. They Have Built A Fun Park This year, having 2 big jumps,
2 rails, 2 smaller jumpers. Big jump and one of the rail is disturbed Sjöna.

docklite expensive things like a hamburgers plate for 110 kr. but that's because the Norwegians are there.

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A very nice facility in lovely surroundings. There is a good ride on a large mountain. It's not hard to get untouched snow after a night's snowing. Furthermore, you can travel by train to both Riksgränsen and Narvik for a day's skiing.

For anyone who likes to go on a trip there is the possibility to go to Abisko mountain station or go up to Björnpasset. Then the possibilities are endless.

The hotel is good and the cottages are schyssta.

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Nice Swedish mountain food and pretty flat family backpacks.

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