Grandvalira (Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, Canillo)

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    1.1 cm snow
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    2 m/s
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jonas (Guest)
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The snow can not be complained it came 3.5m in 3 days so the peaks were closed for 3 days but it was very nice riding what was strange was not being offered discounted prices since the first 3 days only 2 lifts were open as only got up half the hill. The system looks great on the map, but in fact, the whole system went on one day without stress. There were few advanced slopes, so the system fits best beginners, family and smorgasers. Off-piste was available, however, it was quickly discovered.
At the same time, I wanna warn all the ugly riders on the hill, never touched before, but down here there was more rule than exception, no duty of refusal, apparently, I was caught from behind and got accused of being wrong !!! The queues were eternally crowded and the fransos were the worst of trying, annoying.
Nightlife was a cannon, good food, cheap drinks to an enormous trait that beat most alp resorts.
Now I want to take care to warn everyone for unscrupulous companies. We flew with Vueling who, in a short time before departure, changed the home date 2 times without leaving a sensible explanation and the only arrogant message we received was that we could get the money back, it is not a lot of comfort when booked a long time before. They were also very expensive on taking skis so it became cheaper to rent, book online so you get a discount. Vueling felt too fussy to fly with so it was the last time.
Then there was car hire company Avis who asked for staff who could not speak English at the airport, they tried to fool out all kinds of insurance but could not explain what they contained. We had booked with full insurance but they claimed we had no one at all and after some searchers in the dictionary we found that they were trying to charge for luggage and per person, the rental price was over double if you were signed up. The only thing they could in English You have no insurence you pay, Skandal that such a big company is dealing with bondage.
Greetings Jonas

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It was the gritty snowstorm I've ever been to on the first day, so there were amazing cushions in the next 2 days, but it was a lot of beginners. The lift queues were quite ok, but at lunch and before closing it was quite a long wait ... but awesome big and good service :)

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The slopes are not all too enticing, not much jibing either. Offpist can be found and I recommend getting underground to have a beer at the most beautiful bar with the most beautiful bartenders in the world, these guys are more than happy to take you on a trip.

The peaks are not very high, but there are also quite a few people so there will never be any longer lift queues.

Lastly, I just have to add that it's a must to visit underground if you're in pas de la casa!

Margareta (Guest)
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1.5 meters of snowy snow, not a lot of people in the slopes and in the offpiste only snowboarders - who can not go to sleep. With quite a bit of effort, you can get absolutely fantastic top trips, not even 0 meters. Recommends a car with snow chains.
However, not very difficult slopes. The telemarker gets guaranteed attention - did not see a single loose heel of 10 days.
It was Pas de la Casa that had the most snow in the Granvalira area when we were there, and apparently it is often so.
No real alpine dock. Andorra is a new shopping paradise and it seems that most of the buildings are newly built and that everything is about trade. Recommends a well-stocked bank account for the purchase of cheap ski gadgets (and all other possible gadgets with that part).

Froken B
Froken B (Guest)
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I have been a number of times in Andorra and went skiing, in all places except Ordino, and think it's really good slopes.

There are absolutely no Alp tops but it's good, wide carving backs with usually very little people in. I've been doing weekend tours for the greater part of the season and have been standing in queue for longer than 10 minutes.

The snow I think is also very good. Natural or cheating, I have rarely met on uphill, pucky slopes or odd slopes that you can often do in the Alps. It is usually warmer than in the Alps, so you do not need to stock.

What I miss is a little after-ski mood and you usually live in some town a bit from the hill. It's also not as popular with bar / restaurants in the hill where you can sit and sunbathe (if you want to do that :). But it will be more and more I would like to say. Otherwise, it is a great place for children, for example, children or beginner-mid-riders.

Worth trying!

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Has grown up in these slopes, that's where I learned to go skiing. Now there are 2 plants that have been merged so there is a lot to go on.
Most of the rides have no woods, so it's just getting a little bit everywhere. I was there during Christmas last year and then there were not so many people so basically there were no lift queues but I've heard that there may be quite a lot in the spring. In the case of lifts, most of the seating lifts range from 2 to 6 patches.
The snow was good a lot of natural snow but they have a lot of cannons so it was possible to go everywhere.
Maybe offpiste opportunities are not so many but one and another trip is there.
Do you have the opportunity, you're definitely going to go there

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