Ski resorts in Norway
Lifts (31/31)
Slopes (66/68)
Snow depth
1085 m
400 m
96 cm
53 cm
With 31 lifts and 67 slopes, Trysil is the largest ski resort in Norway. A big children's area and many activites make Trysil a great location for kids. You will find slopes in three different directions and they are all wide and very forgiving.

Trysil is located close to the Swedish border and is run by the Skistar company, which is also the owner of Åre, Hemsedal and a few other resorts in Sälen. From the top you can see all the way to Branäs and Idre.

The wet climate results in a lot of rain, but also makes this area very cold. The highest point is 3700 feet above sea level and the fall height is at an impressive 2400 feet.

The 67 slopes consist of everything from black to red, blue and green, with the longest slope measuring 3.3 miles.

This ski resort is located approximately 2.5 hours from Oslo and was certified as a sustainable tourist destination in 2013 - a quality stamp given to destinations that work systematically to reduce environmental impact from tourism, as well as preserve the town's history, character and nature.

The resort also offers activities in the summer, such as cycling, in which it has invested heavily.

Snow forecast

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    Sun/clear sky
    7 m/s
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    7 m/s
  • Sunday

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    5 m/s
What do you think about Trysil?
I`m from Oslo. Moved to Trysil in 2015. Partly because of the ski resort. Bought a season pass for 2015/16, 16/17 and 17/18. In 18/19 i didn`t visit the ski slopes in Trysil at all. But I have skied everywhere else within driving distance from Trysil this winter and 3 resorts elsewhere with overnight stays. Why?

I like it when it`s not crowded. Trysil is the busiest skiing resort I have ever seen. Even on weekdays in between holidays the mountain is an ant hill. Whitin reason... The lift capacity is huge. And fast chair lifts. But chances are that you will never have an empty slope in front of you. Who cares? I do. Escpecially when I`m alone.

Having said that, Trysil is an awsome skiing resort. Lots of stuff for everybody. Very family friendly. Huge area to move around in. Plenty of opportunities for everybody. Even a 45 degree speed skiing slope which is pretty challenging and fun. And there`s powder here to have fun in sometimes. But that does not happen too often.

In my three years in the mountain it was seldom cold enough to fully appreciate dumps.

Jennie Skjöldebrand
Jennie Skjöldebrand (Guest)
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Have everything a family of children can wish for! Looking forward to nice days in March!

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Yes you, what should you really say about Trysil? There are both very positive and very negative:

+ Large (to be Scandinavia)
+ Family friendly
+ Variation on the slopes
+ Easy to book because SkiStar

- It's easy to get through the whole system, even if it's interconnected
- Always windy, often cold and fucking
- Icy hills
- Such with snow access, off piste is (very) rarely an option if you are not ready to break the board / plank.
- Sad view, no alps here not
- Many deadly Danes
- Many happy and full Norwegian youngsters at Ski Center on the weekends
- SkiStar ...

Overall, quite ok, but after 5 visits I feel definately done with the place.

Micke (Guest)
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Bad with snow in most slopes and mostly just ice ..

Jens (Guest)
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Absolutely the best ski area in Scandinavia in all categories! Clearly the best climate that provides the best snow and most sunny ski days. Unfortunately, in Åre, the weather is often cold with rain, fog, plus degrees, wet snow and closed areas. It is not experienced in Trysil. Trysil is completely coherent so the ski bus is not needed. Very good lift capacity and excellent mix of pistes. Even minus are the Norwegian prices and always open Skistar has bought Trysil. It always gives higher prices, just like in Åre.

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Matilda (Guest)
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The worst seat lift I've ever experienced. It came at full speed so the whole lift rocked, whereupon two of us got stuck with the skis on the slopes (dragged) and one of us flew off. The guy in the lift booth next door did not stop the lift until a good bit and then screamed unpleasantly to him who falls off to jump up in the other seat with his skis in his hand plus one of ours who also flew off. Really bad.
Even when we were to jump off the lift, they slowed down, he who had fallen off sat in the lift with his skis in his hand and showed the guy up there in the booth that he only had ski boots on him so he would slow down a bit, but not , he had to throw the skis to the side and jump off, to quickly duck to not get the lift in his head. Sick nasty. Sick bad. On weekends, who sat in the stall the knife lift.
No. No good first experience of trysil.
Otherwise, the slopes were fine.

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Because trysil is so lonely and not protected by any other rocks, the entire calf field is only ice as soon as it starts to blow a little, which it does very often. This makes it very rare for open spaces that are soft. Also the slopes on the calf mountain are just icy so the good rides start at the tree line. With this you do not get the drop height you might expect because it is no idea to go from the top. But the 350 drop height meters you get out on the slopes after the tree line are fantastic.

+ well groomed slopes below the tree line
+ many chair lifts

- cold mountain almost always icy
- for some restaurants
-for some heaters
-all black slopes are in the same place, all red in the same place etc. this means that the rider does not get so varied

Fredrik Pettersson
Fredrik Pettersson (Guest)
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Excellent ski resort for those who want to go easily accessible offpiste with the family near Stockholm. Both by lift and by walking. Snow proof and varying slope and difficulty. A bit expensive with food and beer but it is compensated by the overall impression of the area.

Marina Aldener
Marina Aldener (Guest)
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We went 14 persons (three families) and rented a large cabin in Fageråsen. Very good skiing for everyone in the company. And this year absolutely wonderful snow! The cottage was big but not very well designed with very small bedrooms, little hallway and no wardrobes, cabinets or bureaus to dodge slippers. Sauna in the same size as the bedrooms, pit. On the other hand, the rest of the house was totally built in the furupanel so it was a bit like living in a sauna. Small fridge / freezer, so if you bring a lot of food from Sweden, you can rationalize what's going to be there and what's outside. Absolutely no distance to the nearest lift.

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