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Lindvallen/Högfjället belong to Sälen.

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What do you think about Lindvallen/Högfjället?
Olivia (Guest)
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The first impression on the accommodation was not good. It was full of pollen and dust on the bedside table and two spiders ran around the room. Also spider web in the corner of two of three rooms. The kitchen is okay, not much to complain about. The room curtains were also filled with pollen. Of course, this is not a problem for non-pollen allergy sufferers, but for those who are this it became a direct minus point. We also did vacuum cleaning ourselves when it wasn't done. The toilets are good; there are toilet paper and a well-functioning shower etc.

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Lindvallen is a ski resort located in Sälen. When you buy a ski pass in Lindvallen you can use it in several other areas.

My first impression of Lindvallen was that there was so much to do! There is a McDonald's restaurant, water park, bowling and several shops and restaurants.

We were in Lindvallen late in the season but the slopes were nice. There is a variety of slopes with different difficulty levels.

One can resemble Lindvallen at Vemdalen since both are ski resorts that consist of several different facilities. The difference is that there is much more to do in Lindvallen besides skiing.

My kids appreciated the pool and the bowling very much and it even made us adults. One disadvantage of all the extra activities is that it can take focus from the skiing itself.

I thought that Lindvallen was very affordable especially because one could use the ski pass in several different facilities.

- much to do in addition to skiing
- variation of slopes
- very child friendly
- great choice of restaurants
- The skipass applies in several ski resorts

- not as "cozy" as other similar resorts

Noine (Guest)
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The skiers in the family say 3, the snowboarders say 1. Incredibly tough transport distances, they often stop uphill. Blowing a lot, and the Experiumlift does not cope with wind, which means that it must then be kept closed and build huge queues at the lifts around. The snowboarders also saw the large amount of button lifts, but think the park is okay. Prices are unjustifiably high, you can get much more bang for the buck elsewhere.

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We spent week 2 up in Lindvallen with our boys 6 and 8 years old. Good range of slopes for families with children beginners as experienced. We took the opportunity to visit Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället. Hundfjället and its troll forest were very much appreciated by both parents and children. Fun jumps in the woods, music and amazingly fine wood trolls to look for in the forest. We also stayed in the evening cover when lights and music made the forest magical and justly creepy. Tandådalen had many fun slopes which unfortunately were not explored enough due to strong winds that closed the lifts. Högfjället was probably the crossing from Lindvallen the most fun, well there it was windy and icy so we took the bus back to Lindvallen instead. Lindvallen has a good range of activities! We took a bathing pass all week, so after we were out on the slopes all day, we slipped home and caressed the food that was ready in the electric kettle, and went to Experium's water park. Great to be able to swim outdoors in the warm pool and cool slides.
Mom and dad are very happy with green, blue and red slopes so Lindvallen was perfect for us. The children appreciated the trix park, Valles show and also the biscuit chocolate hunt. There was a flushed ice to skate on at the seal square, you could borrow skates. It was a successful week in a beautiful mountain environment! It is for a reason that Sälen is a popular winter destination!

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Not the world's coolest skiing, but works for a short weekend or a week with the kids. Much to do around the slopes for those who may not ski. Good, super nice bath house, but expensive.

Good ski school and nice lift hosts. Good with the donkey for families with children.

Ninni (Guest)
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Ski school and teachers very nice.
But no gondolas or seat lifts with protection - and it blows mkt! Expensive !!
Our townhouse on Vintervägen is a real building! Flaked paint on walls and windows, draughty. Everything of the lowest quality. Gabon doors worn, responsive. Untidy !!

Johan (Guest)
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Too bad that they do not pistes every day so it is under all criticism. The question is whether you can claim money back on the lift card.

Rickard (Guest)
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+ nice and good staff throughout Sälen
- / + full everywhere in restaurants and apres ski
- poor lift system considering the number of visitors. Build more chair lifts!
- quickly gets up
- poor variety on slopes
- no terrain to talk about
- Terribly expensive for what you get
- constantly windy
- a lot of children and beginners

Stefan Åberg
Stefan Åberg (Guest)
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This year the ski trip went to Lindvallen / Högfjället and the accommodation Skistar Lodge. We usually go to Hemsedal, but because we now have a little 18 month boy we thought he has more to do in Sälen with a bath etc. Activities beyond the skiing itself, Sälen is probably the strongest card and there is really something for everyone.

Skis Lodge !!!
I have to say that Skistar Lodge Lindvallen is the best accommodation we ever had. Experium's entire experience without even wearing shoes or outerwear. The kids were out o playing in the corridors outside the apartment, them as well as found each other naturally. When they were then sucked on chocolate or snacks they just said the room number in the restaurant, so they were served and it was written on the note paid at check out.

The skis and boots were put in a changing room that was locked up with the hotel card, so you never had to have a lot of stuff standing in the apartment. After taking all the ski outings, the lifts were just outside the door. There lies Valleland and the children's area, we adults (and little bigger children) could immediately take the elevator to the top about 100 meters to the left.

So all in all, it's probably the best skiing holiday we have had, the kids never want to live anywhere else and we all were happy.

PS, the snow depth was 130cm did not matter.

18/02/2018 (Modified: 01/03/2018)
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For a family like ours: Fantastic. Affordable. Cozy. Exciting. If you only look at the length and the hassle of the slopes, you can go to the Alps instead. But if you are a family who wants to find a perfect place for a varied week for all - yes then you've found it right.

We and another family rented a large cabin of 150 sqm up at Gammelgården. Surprisingly cheap and surprisingly beautiful, just up the tree line. If you looked at the map, it was a bit averse, but 300 meters down to Stora vägen, we had the ski bus that takes a round in the whole Sälen area. (The picture shows the road we went down every day). And another 50 meters further down the transport link between Högfjällshotellet with its small but nice hill and Lindvallen with its much larger system.

What's so good then? Well, there are so many ski schools to choose so we could easily pair up the needs of two families to make it perfect. You are taking care of the water park, cinema and cafés.

Adventurous? Yes, we drove a dog sledge high up on the Kalfjället and felt like a polarist. The dogs glorified and the snow was coming and we felt like moving to another world when we arrived at the small cottage in Storfjällsgraven. There a girl cooked waffles on wood-burning stove and whipped the cream by hand. Far from liftköer and after-ski.

In summary: You can easily sew together a perfect skiing week for your family. You can live cheap and eat at home, or stay expensive and burn money. Relax in a pool or out on adventure. You can try to go skiing in Sälen's entire slopes or sit up on the Kalfjället and eat biscuits. It can be as good as you want!

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