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2020 week 5
Was there with UCPA off-piste we got a dump of 70 cm, best off piste week so far.

* Village: *
Have read a lot that it is the least charming village in the Alps and that it is just concrete etc. What I experienced was definitely not so gray and boring. You can see that you have built a lot of concrete houses but today almost everyone had been covered with wooden panels that create a warmer feeling than concrete. For me it was a nice village.

* Without Life: *
Good apres ski, good party in the evening but nothing I prioritized.

* Restaurants *
Didn't get much "out food" since we had full board.

* Skiing *
When we arrived it was bad with snow, but the slopes were well prepared.
The next day it started to snow and we had a white out. To think about because you go so high is that you can be in a cloud that causes poor visibility, what happened to us, very poor visibility.
The third day had reached 70 cm of powder and it was brilliant sun. The scratches that the guide showed us and the lines we did were the best I've ever had.
I like off piste and think it is the most enjoyable ride, when I am in the Alps my prio is off piste skiing. What I got to experience here was something extremely good.
Cervina / Zermatt has been my fav area in the Alps but I have to say that Val Thorens is in the top now if not number 1.

Highly recommended !!!

Görgen Andersson
Görgen Andersson (Guest)
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No one recommends favoring Val Thorens and their extremely expensive ski passes and France in general: as I said, the prices of ski passes in relation to the remaining alps

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Was a ski room here in 2015, so I lived in Val Thorens for 2 months without working a single second.

Skiing - Val Thorens has amazing skiing, with something for everyone. Here is the world's largest continuous ski system. But it is really quite unnecessary because you want to take you from Val Thorens and the far away you have wasted a lot of time on transport routes.

If you go off-piste, there are a lot of possibilities directly from the lift, you will find even more possibilities.
They have a park in Val Thorens, but also other parks in the other systems.
The slopes are good, but they soon get busy later in the season when more tourists come. Stay away from v. 7,8,9, if you do not want to party with lots of Swedish youth and stand in long lifts.

Nightlife - In Val Thorens you will find many places to party. The ski up on the rock on la foil douce overlooking the mountains is cruel. In any case, if you like when the DJs and saxophone artists play. At night you have several night clubs and one of them is the largest of the Alps.

The village - A large minus in Val Thorens is the apartment complex that has been built up, which makes the village much less cozy. A very big plus is that the village is the highest in the Alps (approx. 2300 meters), which means that you live in the middle of the mountains. This I think weighs up the boring buildings as you can check out the view instead of the houses.

Food - This is nothing good at a restaurant on the hill, if you do not pay unnecessarily much money. If you have a tight budget, there will be no food experience at lunch. However, down in the village there are some cheaper alternatives, eg. snow food sells incredibly good burgers and kebabs at a nice price. To go to a proper restaurant you have to pay a lot.

Alicia (Guest)
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The first time I was in the Alps and Val Thorens set the bar high! I bought the lift card "3 valles" where you have access to the whole mountain, which I can definitely recommend for skiers who stay a week or more and want to get everything out of their skiing. Otherwise, the choice of Thor's great range of ski slopes and lift systems has spread over the village so you can basically jump in the skis directly outside the door. The slopes vary in difficulty, but for me the off-piste was the best! When the off-piste area was larger than the pistes and basically unpaved (of course). Nightlife is not to complain about with cool après-ski at La Folie, nightlife with underground dance floor in Malaysia and lots of bars. Staying there was convenient with a large shopping center, as well as grocery stores scattered throughout the village. The resort also fits families with children as they have a large playground in the center and many lighter slopes, as well as basically only seat lifts.

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Val Thorens - an incredibly large system along with Courchevel and Meribel, with slopes for all types of skiers. With a high altitude it is very snow-sure and there are plenty of opportunities for good off-piste. The village is nice, and has changed for the better in recent years with more wooden buildings and less concrete. There are a couple of places with good après ski, and live music.

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A bit like the national border in Sweden, great in the right weather but quite awkward in bad weather. Valto is very high. The village is at 2300m and the highest ridge of 3200m. It's really a hotel complex wiped out on a mountain but with superb rides both inside and outside the piste. If the focus is outside the piste, you should know that it is amazingly rocky so you really want to be sure to have a sturdy base covering the rocks, otherwise you will need a personal service man with you.

There is everything in Valto, good party, great food and cruising skiing. The transfer is a little bit since it's about an hour on the hilly roads of Moutiers but well there is a very good facility with huge piste surfaces and also offpiste surfaces. You can also reach Meribel and Courchevel via the lift system.

Personally, I like the system and have always had great racing here but this sight is a big problem if it's snowing. You should bring that.

Christian (Guest)
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Good logistics without long lift queues.
Snow proof with the height of the village.
A little rough road the last mile up to the village.
Plenty of space for skiing outside the slopes.

Gustav (Guest)
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Great skiing in a drowning big system!

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The resort itself (type of village) is quite cozy, but it is not always easy to get along longer areas. Especially because the whole village is on the mountain, which creates lactic acid in the legs if you want a beer on afterskin quickly and not planned where you landed from the back after the last ride was good enough.
The ride is good-bye. With that said, like all other major resorts, so many people go there (NO shit), which means that if you want that man's man in the team, you're best done out in good time in the morning. It goes without saying that it is also powdered after a huge dump.
To Val Thorens, Orelle is a little bit smaller and a little half-awkward to get to, but it is highly recommended if you want a bit of pudding, just next to the hill.
What is important to think about in Val Thorens and Orelle is that it is very rocky, beware of the skis and the body so nothing breaks apart.
The difficulty of the slopes is very mixed and I would say with the hand of the heart that there are backs on the whole spectrum, from the very first cautious ride (or totally deadly super fast without any control at all), to Göran and Maria's 100 times o Alps with a day trip on horseback riding .... everyone can get a challenge simply.
Have been there 2 times over New Year and both times it was quite bad with snow, and twice during week 9 where it was great with snow.
Food in the hill is quite expensive 150-200kr isch for a lunch without a drink. However, there are x number of minimarkets around the village with a range like any Ica / system company.