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What do you think about Wäsabergen?
15/08/2011 (Modified: 02/04/2012)
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they piss four times a year, but have to put up the rails and the boxes themselves .. the positive thing is that you can do something as you like it and it's a chill back.

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I love Wäsa. Then i started snowboarding the season 05/06, the park was cruel but there was no money. Fredrik and Ronnie are 2 handsome snowboarders who were park managers took over 06/07 but never got any right park. 07/08 was Uffe Bäckström there and built a nice jump as Teamchallenge was running in the kickoff, then there was a box and some rail. This year it has come up the more. Uffe has also built a jump at the end of the hill this year, 17 meters and about 8 meters. Then there's a big jump at the start of the hill. and 2 small jibs in the middle of the hill. Between the bocar and the railroad, the Stockholm rail is sitting up (from the frontline rail jam) and the other is going to rise.
a 6 meter flat box and an upndownbox. some small rails and a glass dome.

You are now investing more in families with children now to earn money. The wreck need is money, money to spray more snow, and money is time. There are not many people working and it takes time to build a park. me and some others have helped and set up rails and boxes. There are mcyket boxes that never come up due to lack of space and snow. expanding the cannon system to another hill would allow a larger park to be built. But money is needed, go there and go and buy ski passes.

+ Awesome beautiful people who love snowboarding.
+ You can do a little if you want, Fredrik and Ronnie like some nice ideas sometimes.
+ almost no queue to the elevator.
+ Cheap lift passes
+ Not so great for families with young children

- Little money
- only chair lift to the top

Now I just wrote about parking almost but that's what I think is fun. Pumps can also be pumped from the top as well (just over one-and-a-half meters in several slopes) and some nice offpiste tracks that can be read in other posts.

I wish it will be as good as 04/05 (voted Sweden's best on dreams.se) and 05/06 again. What is needed is Money for the knowledge and the heart for snowboarding at Ronnie and Fredrik.

Fredrik Blom
Fredrik Blom (Guest)
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Wäsaberg is now owned by two snowboarders. Fredrik Blom & Ronnie Säfström bought at the end of last season Wäsabergen. We will move the park to a new hill where we think the conditions are better for building a park. Our goal is to build a facility that we would like to go to. The first thing we have changed during the summer is to arrange several activities to do in the evenings so that our guests do not have to sit in the cottages and hatch in the evening. Examples of activities include billiards, ping-pong & darts.

We are preparing to make arrangements for the winter and we are painting all the rails so that they can see them more easily in the evening sunsets.

3-6 January we drive our mythical kickoff & expect the park to be completely ready until then.

Please check our website www.wasabergen.se and have any ideas about how we could make our facility better mail your suggestions to us info@wasabergen.se. Our facility is here for you.

See you in winter.

/ Fredrik Blom

Masen (Guest)
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Now Wäsa is almost as new as new!
The restaurant will go full time in winter with after skis and lots of fun in the bar!
The back will be one of the best in Sweden, in snowboard eyes seen. Count on a wonderful winter in Wäsa and do not forget about KICKOFFEN 24-27 November with the Swede elite.

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Wäsa has become much better now. I went on a club tour with USE (Ullricehamn) up to this beautiful little pitoreska town, a stone's throw from the seal mountains. There was some bad weather at the start of the season but when I finished it was clear that I packed the car full of snowboards and my dog ​​and went to Wäsa again. There I lived with Daniel who cared for the park (which was awarded top rank on dreams.se and actually was in first place all winter) Daniel and "Beckis" did marvel at the park and there were many big and small railways, many big and small jumps and good pisted slopes.

After the change of ownership, Wäsa received a good boost with nice, friendly staff who did their best during the packed season last year. they did not work as much as they could despite a certain undercutting.

The backs are beautiful and varied (although not so many) the park is one of Sweden's 3 best parks and with the new fun SnowTube park and scooter safari, sauna float and a good ski shop where manhan rents skis and snoawboards, I think the Wäsaberg is on the way up ..

take a swing past Wäsa when the snow has fallen, where they are cozy and nice to spend some of their winter season, away from all the stress ..

/ skull

Sixten (Guest)
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New owners, new forces. This year there are only two lifts left on the mountain, when the previous owner failed to drive the hill and sold the other lifts. A trailer lift and chair lift are left. The chair lift is an experience in itself to go in, as it is antique and high in the blue.
The best ride in Wäsa is Svarte Petter, when it is snowing for a decimeter, there is also an extreme ride under the chair lift with rocks and slopes.
A real snowpark has not been there for several years, but this season, the new owners will make a really good way, including: Wallride and rails, I have heard.

- Mostly no queues
- Chair lift
- Black Petter
- Cheap lift passes
- Bastuflotten

- For the faint in the middle party on all slopes.
- Too few runs, after one day, you have traveled in many times.
- No after skiing
- No snowpark, so far
- Bad service, last winter anyway

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there are nice cushions go on some slippery drops ..
chances of building backcountry hope is not impossible ...
there is a good deal on the pages that are okay ...
then we have the little park with a groundat wp rail (plastic) .... a gap jump on a sisådär 5 m and nice bigjumps as thieves often get demolished kick because of the kids ....
Then they have a lot of little jump in a row so you have the opportunity to drive slim lines ....
There is, however, a drip that I did not dare to try under the chairlift .. quite a good height but may need to clear a little while in the landing ...

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I'm doing a lot of wreck o it's pretty good ..
have a pretty new, fast-paced big jump .. you fly well a 15 meter so it's okay ...
then they have a little unsuccessful park with a plastic rail) = ..
but it does work to run nice lines because everything is in line.
cut length on plate is well 4-5 m ..
if you ignore the jump further down ...
they are well-cut at 8-9m but you can pull the whole landing ...
Otherwise, woe have quite ugly pistols but low-key rides

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It's been nice now the last few weeks ... with a little rail, but ... it's a shame that they have such cash open times ... but it works ..

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This season in Wäsa has just been negatively insulted in all cases for my part and probably too hide too! They sold season passes for hikes on the slopes ... of course, this is an opportunity to catch up with an annual map, already in Novenmber, with the strong belief that the springtime will be full of wonderful skiing in the evenings after school and long weekends when you can not go anywhere ? 1 The menstrual case does not become the way you arrive at Älvdalen after a long Christmas holiday and finds that the Wäsaberg has closed during the big valleys of the season and includes reduced evening skiing ... * suckar * Just one night a week and then for only three hours ! What could be worse than this, thought that an owner of this type of facility could hit it in ruins ?! The next season I do not spend a skiing hour in Wäsa but there will be students from the nature / wilderness guide high school who want skiing of all its kind to be suffering! By the way, this is a really good facility, but as said it would be a good owner too, it would be perfect!

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