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Arolla Snow forecast

  • Tuesday
    0.1 in rain
    Rain showers
    2 mph
  • Wednesday
    0.1 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    2 mph
  • Thursday
    0.1 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    2 mph

Facts about Arolla

Slopes (Total: 12)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:4
Red Intermediate:4
Black Advanced / Expert:2
Total length of pistes:29.2 miles

Lifts (Total: 6)

Vertical drop
Arolla Vertical drop
Mountain high: 9777 ft
Vertical drop: 3215 ft
Mountain low: 6562 ft

Start:19 December
End:11 April

Cross country skiing
Tracks:12.4 miles
Lit tracks:0 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Country: Switzerland

Reviews for Arolla

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High and snow safe. Some simple lifts but they push you up at the height when it is thawing in other places. A day or two is enough.

Peter (Guest)
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Arolla is a small station which, despite its smallness, is among the best in the Alps to offer good rides for talented skiers but also works to bring the family.

It is important to establish that Arolla is not an option for those looking for record numbers in number of lifts, km pist mm. On the other hand, Arolla can offer a stunning location of 2,000 meters and a fall height of around 1000m. There are some people; Most visitors come to have Arolla as a starting point for Randonee. There are several cottages you can go to nearby and the village is located along the classic route of Chamonix-Zermatt.

The lift system is limited (only trailer) but the ride from the top all the way to the valley. One real strength with Arolla is that if you are a group of skiers of different levels (eg family) you can still go together. From the top lift, there are black, offpiste, blue / red downhill. In other words, you do not have to park your child / wife / girlfriend in another part of the system, but you can go together in the elevator and have a break at the top restaurant.

The village of Arolla is small and does not have much of the evening life to offer even if there are a few restaurants. When I was younger, Arolla probably suited as a weekend or part-goal for a week (eg in combination with Grimentz / Zinal). Today, with family, it is perfect as a weekly goal. If you want a change to Arolla, you can easily take a trip down the valley to Evolene.

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There are certainly more Swedes, but also Finns who have visited Arolla. We were there at Easter and enjoyed it very well. We rose twice just to Cabane des Vignettes and once to Pas des Chevres, which is on the way to Cabane des Dix.

If you take the elevator up, it's worth going to the right side. If the snow is good, you'll have to find your own pristine powder lines. But the left short lift is probably also good, from here you can easily go to the small forest next to the slopes, which unfortunately is flat, but otherwise quiet.

We stayed in Hotel Mount Collon and got excellent, personal service. The fixed hotel may be a little dingy, it is definitely worth visiting.

Alec (Guest)
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Has been in Arolla (and Evolene) 2 years in a row, 2003/4 & 2004/5. Old lift system, only 2 long button lifts, about 2 & 2.5 km long. The piste slopes are not that difficult, and there is hardly anyone there, but the best thing is that hardly anyone goes off the piste, so if it's dumped, you'll have at least one week's racked ride ahead of you. Eating at the 3000m cottage is quite cozy. Helicopter ride offered. No park or jump available. Biggest reason to go here - off piste and enter queues / no congestion at all. Do not go here if you do not like driving a mountain road without railing, with friction tires, with a 90 degree right turn, with 200m dumps!

Oscar Fors
Oscar Fors (Guest)
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Well, Arolla is a bit off the track, which makes the facility a place for families and hikers. From Arolla you usually go to the Vignettes and Diss cabins if I do not mind. In addition, you can climb the mountain Pigne d'Arolla

The slopes are well flat for many tastes I would think, but because you are almost alone it's ok. Big minus for the button lifts draws the score.

Robert Blomquist
Robert Blomquist (Guest)
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I have been to Arolla. Just went up though. We were a bunch that started a randon tour there. But, of course, I could see that systems would suffice for a day's ride, at least if it was new. And there was no lift queue to talk about either. The resort is clearly good for skiers and because I like small resorts so I score the grade three!

Henrik Persson
Henrik Persson (Guest)
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Knappliftens Mecka!
Draw a line between Verbier and Zermatt. Between the two giants is a very small town, Arolla.
It is high, 2000 meters. The road there is narrow and bends along a narrow road. Watch out for the mail bus and other wide vehicles! We were lucky and met them in the right place. Two very long button lifts take you 999 (!) Meters higher up and you have a not too advanced ride in front of you.

Arolla was built by Belgians in the 50's and 60th century, and seems not to have been remarkable since then. The system has five button lifts, of which the two longest are worth driving. These will take you to the top of the system, if you can call it now, there is a nice top cabin. The bars are mixed, black, red and blue. I would think the red dominates.

When we were there, there was quite a lot of snow, but it was a bit untouched. The lift card was purchased at the huge price of 14 CHF, 75 KR. Half price applies throughout January, so be sure to visit Arolla then. However, we managed to find some sneaky scratches. It gets a bit steeper down the village and there are nice lion fields above the tree line.

In Arolla you are relatively alone about the snow. It's rarely anything but homies and school classes going there. Well worth a visit at least one day. Three days or a week is far too much.
Are there any more Swedes who have been there ?!

Most popular photo

Rider: Anna Backlund Photo: Krister Jonsson

Lift ticket prices

1 day:46 $ (42 CHF)
6 days:-
Season pass:-
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