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Cervinia in northwestern Italy is located in the Aosta Valley, by the foot of the Matterhorn. The high elevation village is situated at an altitude of 6580 feet and the mountain stretches to 11,400 feet above sea level. The fact that the village is located at 6500 feet makes it the highest in Italy.

The ski resort is connected to Zermatt through Plateau Rosa. The longest stretch of pistes measures as much as 22 km. The ski resort is a bit like Zermatt's younger sibling, considering it has calmer and more family friendly slopes compared to the ones in Zermatt, which are much steeper.

Cervinia is one of Europe's highest ski resorts, with a cold and snowy climate. This area has 56 marked slopes and 24 lifts. In December it usually snows an avarage of 140-160 cm.

The La Ventina piste recently grabbed the third spot when CNN ranked the world's best pistes.

This is a small village and within walking distance to pretty much wherever you choose to stay. Do you want a cozy family vacation in which there is no need to worry about steep slopes or maps to find your way around? This place will be perfect for you.

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Marika andersson
Marika andersson (Guest)
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Great skiing in both Italy and Switzerland when you can cross to Zermatt (requires an international lift pass). Small cozy town, all accommodations are basically near the lifts.
Quite ok afterski (we were a bunch of girls in the 30s), and nice restaurants.

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Cervinia / Zermatt week 4 2018 does not go to history like the sunshine, but the snowfall can not be complained. About 3 meters in the village and 4 up on the Plateau Rosa!

Cervinia offers varied rides that work for most people with a little skid in the luggage and a dose to the heart, the same applies to Zermatt, but there is a lighter steep but often broader slope. There must be unlimited off piste when the snowfall has subsided and the avalanches are blown up but it did not happen the week I was there when almost a meter of snow came. But the pistachio is also wonderful! Very little queues in the lifts except possibly in the morning when everyone wants to get into the system.

Cervinia is a very small town, it is noted by tourist type. Family families, couples and elderly dominate, suits me who wants to get home rested but tired of the legs ;-) Good service in the village but worse in the system, borrowing a screwdriver was not obvious. Lunch (panini) from € 5 at the Black Hole in the village and € 10 in the slope but on the Swiss side it cost € 25 and upwards plus drink of course!

Would like to go back but then I will order more sun and less snow 😎

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Wow, one of the best skiing trips! We were lucky with the weather and spent most of the week outside the piste in the powder. The days before the big snowfall was spent on the slopes, and again WOW, long wide backs where you can stand on and work out on the carvingsvängarna.

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We were 4 guys who went down for a week during Easter -16 where we got to explore the amazing Cervinia (Italy). With many Alpine villages, I have to say that Cervinia is in the top. As it was during Easter week, there were not very many pillows, but the slopes were absolutely incredible. Long nice backs (you know that you have to stay 3-4 times before you get down, otherwise you get too tired) and wide!

Cervinia lies on the mountain Matterhorn and shares mountains with Zermatt (Switzerland). At the top of the peak there is a glacier that offers very nice piste alleys that are coherent so you can take you all the way down to the alp village.

Partial life is probably the only thing that could be something better. There are apreski good and nightclubs you can drink a lot of beer in, but after doing two seasons in St Anton (afterskins capital) you are spoiled.

5 Stars to Cervinia!

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Was here last week in January 2017. Trotts a bad snow year so the ride was very good. The slopes are world class and offpiste opportunities everywhere. Because of the high altitude, you do not have to worry about the pistachio you are looking for. in the case of storms, there is a risk that they will close the lift to zermatt, so you must keep this in mind if you cross the border or you can ride some height meters.
The village itself is very small and close to everything but charming. There are a few exhibits and varied with restaurants from 5euro lasagna to expensive Michelin star restaurant where I did not even want to check the price.

But on average we ate for 6-15euro for simpler food like pasta and pizza
and 25+ euros for lamb and other meat dishes.

Beer in the hill about 7euro and 10euro in
bottle of wine from 12euro

Peter (Guest)
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Good snow and great skiing opportunities both on the piste and outside the piste. World class!

Lars (Guest)
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Have been there for two consecutive years, March 2016 and March 2017, and are very pleased with everything. With a lift card that also gives you access to Zermatt, there is endless amount to choose from. Good for sometimes it is cloudy on one side Matterhorn, it is the sun on the other.
Italian restaurants located in the village and on the hill provide cannon-good food. Quite alright off-piste with guide but above all good skiing in the slopes.

NisseQ (Guest)
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There is always good skiing. Have been here 2 times last January -17 and that's very good. Now we had some bad luck with the weather as it blew away 2 days when basically the whole system was closed. But when everything is open, the ride is magical, would like to say there's something for everyone no matter what level. In our company, we had from the beginner to the worst "brädåkarproffsen" who without hesitation bumped down for anything ... but it was quite good to keep the company together. Unfortunately, there were only 1 visit on the Zermatt page when the weather did not allow anything else. Saw in a few other reviews that Cervinia is perceived as expensive but I do not share it. Can not say that a pizza or pasta for lunch including 130 buckwheat is so bloody. Went and get away cheaper than what if looking for "cheaper" places. We fixed an apartment over the net and booked everything with a rental car, flight etc and the total cost per person ended at about 4500: - including breakfast and beer / wine in the apartment. Have seen that part recommend "Ullas " and certainly good food but quite a bit on the plate and expensive, here is not enough for a lunch. Total summaries: Here is something for everyone and it is possible to party in the evenings, but it is not comparable to the worst party places.

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We were in cervinia for the third time during week 9 this year. I agree that it is significantly more expensive now than I experienced earlier. The system is bigger and more developed, but unfortunately, we experienced that the cervinia system does not want to get over to Zermatt and thus use the international lift card they sell. We were asked by the lady in ticket sales if we really wanted the international card as there could be a risk that you could not get over to zermatt every day. In retrospect, we understand what she really meant. The Italian side masked more than one occasion to open the top lifts that go to the plateau pink from which one gets to the zermatt system. By opening the top lifts for lunch only, you can not switch to the zermatt system on the other side of the village. Furthermore, it was shown that the zermatt had closed lifts which did not match. When we were on the zermatt page we could see the same wrong info for cervinia.
Obviously there is some kind of contradiction between the different systems, which means that you want to keep the "own" tourists on their side.
On Plateau Pink, we saw that the Italians have a project to set up a new lift from Plateau Pink to Klein Matterhorn. Zermatt has previously been the only one who had a gondola to this top. Addressing this is a given outing destination.
Furthermore, we found that the cervinia pistons system is not kept open in a professional manner, compared to the 10-20 numbers of other systems I have visited over the years. An example was not pissed until morning on several occasions, which meant that they did not get ready until one-two hours after opening.
The system is now being run by a private company, which can explain the lack of labor and pistols that only stand despite the fact that they are lagging behind.
Very complaining but we were not happy how the week had been until the last day ....
We received 40 cm of champagne powder overnight until our last day. Wonderful off piste in the sun with some people in the piste, when it was change Saturday. With this in the luggage it was easy to forget about previous irritation.
In summary, I would refrain from taking the whole family to cervinia as the system can not be used because the Italians do not want to get over to Zermatt and therefore worms. Perhaps it's the same thing on the Zermatt side, but it was not something we've been witnessing.
Where to stay with a family in Cervinia is difficult as there are a couple of discos to be watched with. The reason is that they open late and close at 0300 and 0400. The disco itself does not belong if you live nearby, however, the happy guests hear the more that made us sleep about 3 hours the first night. We managed to book another accommodation that was much better. Therefore, check that your accommodation is not in the mood of these discotheques.
The rating on the system when everything is open and no worms are 5. However, I reduce the score due to the above shortcomings to 3 because you can not use the entire international card.

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Well, Cervinia has become too expensive! Hard to find savory food at reasonable prices, most of the time is actually clearly more expensive than Sweden. Of course, skiing is very good, and extensive. Relatively easy to find offpiste pads that are not fatal, even for a week trip. The routing is self-evident if the view is good. But, as said, expensive. Unnecessarily expensive.

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