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Asahidake Snow forecast

  • Wednesday
    0.3 in rain
    Heavy rain
    5 mph
  • Thursday
    0.2 in rain
    3 mph
  • Friday
    0 in rain
    2 mph

Facts about Asahidake

Slopes (Total: )

Lifts (Total: 1)

Vertical drop
Asahidake Vertical drop
Mountain high: 5249 ft
Vertical drop: 1640 ft
Mountain low: 3609 ft

Country: Japan

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01/12/2017 (Modified: 24/09/2018)
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Asahidake is a volcano with a cabin for hikers who want some help along the way. The cabin is at certain times and tickets are bought per trip. In the winter there are the same circumstances.
We thought it sounded like the ultimate offpiste paradise! A lift, some people and a completely elevated mountain.

It was amazing in many ways, but unfortunately not really everyone. The snow was really perfect. You could basically snow the car by blowing a little light. And it snowed more than I ever seen. On the other hand, the terrain was not ultimate. The first bit from the top of the cabin had enough slope and was really good, then a plateau came in, which in some places required a lot of strike and then there was not much more.

If you picked up some from the top station there was much more available, but then it was often pretty much going back too. And unfortunately the volcano was still so hot that the snow layered against the crater did not really cover the rocks. But that was really a cool view! And on the whole, a very different and cool place. I would definitely recommend a few days there.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel in Asahikawa. A bit by car, but cheap and very worth it. And good onsen in the basement.

  • Asahidake
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A lift, two "slopes ", no ski patrol, Hokkaido's highest mountain and crazy snow. Sounds good, but does not really live up to expectations. The lift gives 500 meters, of which maybe 300 are good terrain. Brant, flat, steep and transport to the elevator.

As far as you get from the puddle of Niseko, everyone on the mountain gets a seat in the lifts that go every 20 minutes. A sunny day of studs is probably an amazing place. A regular snowy day is fun, but tired of the terrain.

No city, just a few hotels, go here for a few days and hope for sunshine. Stay at Daisetsuzan Shirakabaso.

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Airports near Asahidake

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Driving time: 3 hours, 21 minutes (144 miles)
Distance: 82 miles