Hemavan Tärnaby

Ski resorts in Sweden
Lifts (15/14)
Slopes (35/41)
Snow depth
1135 m
460 m
200 cm
Hemavan-Tärnaby is a classic Swedish ski resort with an alpine feeling. Several Swedish national team members have trained here, such as Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärsson. In recent years, they have invested in a new snow system, constructed new lighting and designed a new top restaurant. All this is to give the skiers exactly what they want. By November 2017, a new state-of-the-art gondola course / telemix is also expected to be ready.

Skiing on real mountains, as the locals often brag about, opens up a lot of opportunities. In addition to Heliski and snowmobiling, Hemavan Tärnaby is also a yearly organizer of the freerider week known as "Ride the Cow", during which amateurs and experienced skiers put on a show.

Experienced skiers with snow on their minds come to Hemavan, but also families who want to take a break from city life with all its stresses.

Snow forecast

  • Sunday

    0.9 cm snow
    6 m/s
  • Monday

    0.4 cm snow
    8 m/s
  • Tuesday

    1.6 cm snow
    Partly cloudy
    9 m/s
What do you think about Hemavan Tärnaby?
Matt (Guest)
The resort towns of Tärnaby-Hemavan are regaining their popularity with a new buzz in the air. Kept secret by the Scandinavians and made famous by the likes of Champions Ingemar Stenmark, Stig Strand and Anja Pärson, the rest of the world is finally starting to experience the beauty and wonder of the area. With F.I.S slalom competitions about to take place over the 22nd and 23rd of November 2005 , Tärnaby is alive with French, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, Korean and even a team from Pakistan ! These are some of the many coutries taking place in the competitions. Fantastic off piste in both Tärnaby and Hemavan and superb Heli-skiing/boarding. Snow mobile paradise and dog Sledding experiences ( www.nova-arctic.com )Definitely Worth a visit ! Check out www.TarnabyLapland.com for backpackers accommodation, bed & breakfast and ski-apartments.

Martin Wäppling
Martin Wäppling (Guest)
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Neela (Guest)
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There are so nice hills and they are so good and good views and everything is good

Magnus (Guest)
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Top place. Snow conditions. children and family friendly. Nightlife is getting better and better ...

Peter (Guest)
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Fantastic GENOMUSAL to Hemavan SAKNAR ski bus completely (should have gone eg between the sun cat, the center lift and Tärnaby). We flew because it is far too far to drive there yourself (110 miles) and in addition it is far too expensive to rent a car on site (1500 SEK / day). Impossible to get taxis too. Skistar's resorts I've been to have all had a ski bus.

The snow supply and the weather were world-class during the Easter week, which is why we chose Hemavan. The slopes in Hemavan were ok if you go there with the family.

The children very much appreciated the visit by Lars-Jonas Johansson and his reindeer.

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Hemavan can be a bit whimsical in terms of the weather - especially the wind can destroy the rides on the calf mountain. However, there are great opportunities for fine forest skiing, which is less wind-sensitive. The Kobåset is cruel, high-assisted off-piste. If you are, for example, v7-8, it is basically untouched loose snow beside the slopes all day and no lift queues. V10 and Easter are more exciting and people on the go, and more difficult powder.
Folke's mountain cafe at Kungslift's foot is a real gem!
The new Gondola lift (mix 6-seat and gondolas) is good, but in my eyes they need to improve operational reliability.

Tärnaby is almost always crowded, and has a fine off-piste easily accessible from the lifts. Classical pistes, too, for those who like that - have nurtured decent skiers through the ages. Small transports between the lifts across the mountain, however.

Jonas (Guest)
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Hemavan is at a stage of development, which ifjol got its first combined chairlift / gondola. There are 2 lifts down from the village that take you up to the mountain. 1 at the center lift and a little west from the center lifts, then you have the gondola.

At both lifts there are children-adapted areas with associated lifts. At the center lifts you also have a park on the right side of the lift, from the top and all the way down, with bigjumps, rails, boxes, etc.

Can recommend hemavan to both families with children and others. Here is a ride for everyone. In the village there is a large Ica store, system company, gas station, iron trade, sports shop and restaurants

Ida (Guest)
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Hemavan has both pist and nice top tours to offer. Take the lift up to pick height and then your own studs on, so you can find untouched snow with a lot of fall height. Slopes close to being able to go offpiste in the snow.

Amanda (Guest)
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Perfect family ski resort! There is something for the smaller, the young and the older. In addition, Hemavan is already located, so you get amazing prospects. You can also go for excitement near the ski area and cross country skiing is also excellent. The cupboard is a favorite! :)

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Hemavan - Tärnaby must be reviewed as two different ski resorts because they differ very much.

Are you here with the family where the level of the ride differs significantly among the family members? Yes, you've gotten right. There are slopes to suit everyone and you have good timing, so you can also find nice cushions in the lift system. What many have pointed out before is that there are no steep slopes and that is very correct. If you want to go skiing, you would rather go to Tärnaby. In front of this season (17/18) a gondola / telemix has been built which, of course, is a huge boost for the plant. From Kungsliften you are also close to Kobåset which is considered one of Sweden's best free-riding areas. For a happy athlete, you will reach the Virgin of approx. 30 min from the top of the Kungliften. From there you have several nice yards and a easy stroll back through the crossroads with nice views.

In the way of food there are a number of different options, the 17/18 season I think Restaurang Solkatten will be the popular option that offers good ski-carries at reasonable prices. If you want to consume stronger alcohol than 3.5%, you can do it at the foot of the mountain or bring your own backpack. Aftershine you will find at Högfjällshotellet, opening hours are not very impressive but if you are here during sports and Easter holidays, it is open in principle every day of the week.

No chance that this is home to several of our best Alpine skiers. Here there are steep slopes where you do not spill the last bit down. Unfortunately, the forest is relatively dense, so finding a really nice forest saw requires its husband. The seat lifts pull up the pulse every time, because you never know if it will fall (Sweden's oldest chairlift unless I'm mistaken). In the vicinity of the hill you have cafes and restaurants offering both alcoholic beverages and good skiing.

Nightlife in Hemavan

Hemavans Fjällcenter - The bar upstairs
A cozy bar where the volume never really tracks out, but you can always take a berry, talk about today's rides and play soccer games or billiards. Shows all Skellefteå AIK's hockey matches and sometimes evenings with live bands as the heart rate increases dramatically. A perfect place to hang on before moving on to the dance floor on the Lappkastet.

Hemavans Högfjällshotel - Lappkastet & Loungebaren
In the lounge you will find a nice setting to just relax in, sometimes they have DJs that play mostly tropical houses or the like. Here you will find comfortable armchairs and a pool table. Downstairs you will find the Lappkastet which is the same local as afterskin. A clean nightclub with dance floor and everything that belongs to it.

Generally negative things with Hemavan - Tärnaby
"In addition to skiing and scooter driving there is not much to do.
- Relatively flat and short runs (Hemavan)
- Getting easy long queues in Hemavan during sports and Easter holidays (Tip: go to Tärnaby!)
- No transfer between Hemavan - Tarnaby for those who do not have a car

Should you spend more than 7 days in Hemavan - Tärnaby, I would suggest finding more activity than skiing alone in the lift system. There are nice crossings and as mentioned above, you come to nice offpiste areas even without top equipment (do not recommend walking without basic avalanche equipment and knowledge).

Certainly worth a visit considering the new lift and future investments in the area. If you ignore the possibility of a top trip I would have given 3/5. Now, however, it will be 5/5 when there is really something for everyone, only one knows where to look.

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