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Canazei belong to Dolomiti Superski.

Canazei is located in the Italian Dolomites, in the northeastern parts of the country.

This town belongs to the massive and connected ski system Dolomiti Super Ski, which consists of many different valleys and more than 400 lifts. It is also one of the starting points for the tour Sella Ronda.

The lift system is structured as a circle around Sella Ronda and takes about five hours to go around.

Here you will find a very easily accessible off piste and this little village has everything you could possibly need.

Since it is located in Italy both the food and the coffee is excellent and very delicious. However, you can also find influences from the Austrian food culture, which is not a bad thing. Schnitzel and skiing is a very good combination.

The people from here maintain that the sun shines 8 out of 10 days, which gives you a hint of what to expect.

The area is family friendly with many blue-green slopes.

Snow forecast

  • Wednesday

    0 cm
    Partly cloudy
    1 m/s
  • Thursday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    0 m/s
  • Friday

    12.9 cm snow
    1 m/s
What do you think about Canazei?
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Were in Canazei 1 week 2-9 January 2016. There was, in principle, no landnote. I am a doc very impressed by their artificial snow. Almost all of the slopes were open and the premiere was far beyond expectation. Hard fine manchester every morning that reached the 13-yard when it started to grow up. Can only imagine how good the area is with lots of natural snow! Seemed to be very easily accessible off-piste. The ride and the slopes were very varied, the sella ronda is easy-going but a lot of fun excursion!

The village is quite small but has all the necessities, including a pretty nice bathhouse! Maybe a few restaurants but the ones there are good (with some exceptions). I do not go into the food and atmosphere, we are talking about Italy alone!

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Come home today with Slopetrotters. Nice tour guide, ok stay in the hill. Ski in iaf. The negative; go to bed on the morning to get up on the hill. Then the lift system is structured as a circle around Sella Ronda, which means that it takes 5 hours to go around. But if you're going to any direction, you'll have to go several lifts. So there are only two directions to go on. The system is thus not coherent as ex-Val Thorens. Very transports will be! Alternating sit and cabin lift, so on and off the skis and sometimes walk across the road, up a staircase, etc. On Wednesday, the victory lift, returning to Canazei, 34 minutes waiting for me, 45 minutes waiting for the mate. Many slopes are blue / slightly red which means it takes about 3-4 minutes to fall. Many Danes sailing freely in the slopes. Ok place if you are going to learn how to ski or teach the children / grandchildren to go skiing.

Summary; grades 1-5

liftköer -1
burns 2-3
save 3-4
Travel company, 3 (nice they came and greeted 2 times during the week, was appreciated!)

MCL (Guest)
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LOVE Canazei! Went there with Lion Alpin in March this year, easily the best ski trip ever! Wonderful slopes, environment, food and party! Stayed in the middle of central Canazei (that's not that big) but close to everything! We'll be there at 10 am and there will be sun almost every day. It would be a day in total, as it could not even go on, but the rest of the week would be the gun weather! The guides were always there to help if you needed them and would highly recommend everyone to go to Canazei and gladly with Lion Alpin when I think they were doing the whole trip perfectly and had fun activities that very many would like to accompany !! Do not think more, YYYY!

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Just come home, just after a week in this huge system. Too bad that you managed to get into the worst week (V.10- 09) that has been this season. The first two days were completely okey but then it started to snow easily (which was good in itself) and the sight was crazy the rest of the week The problem was that it was never really cold so the snow was perfect for snowmen and not feathery as you hoped. Trying to ask around a little where you could find good woodland, etc. where the sight could be good and also the snow but got no further help. ..

The system is huge and there are many choices. SellaRonda is a must if you are in the Dolomites. This means that you get around the entire system in a form of circle. There is a green and an orange loop. Orange is preferable as there is less lifting.

The Italian companion was as good as expected.

For all Danish haters I can warn because there are very many Danes, at least in Canazei.

The Dolomites are otherwise a lung system, no major competition for the little offpiste loops that you can find here and where.

Nice World Cupback and great opportunities, small offpiste slings make you not tired of the dolomites at first, even if the sight is like a bunker ..

Better weather had risen, but I think I definitely have to visit the Dolomites!

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I've been here twice, the first time we sat in and kissed fruka cheese while it was raining out. Deppigt in the travel company and some took the book to the hotel room instead, but me and a couple of others said that it could actually be snow higher up ... Halfway up with the empty gondolas from Canazei they began to turn into snow blends ... The smear broke into our nervous faces. Up to the middle station there were 30 cm pillows, not feathery snowy Utah snow, but clear pillows ...
My best skiing day in my life, and the others mashed up in the end!

Good with the resort is that you can go to lots of other villages, see La Villa as the stone mark held to be the world's best before he regretted and switched to Tärnaby ...

Mmm (Guest)
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Having now been home from Canazei and Dolomiti Super Ski a few weeks, has now melted all the impressions.
The lifts in the area are of the highest quality, although there were some problems with the mechanics during our stay. The new lifts are from 2007 and therefore maintain good comfort, quality.
The slopes are usually large and wide, but there are a lot of transport stretches where you like snowboarders are having problems mainly in the afternoons when it gets really hot.
The landscape is extremely beautiful, unfortunately the people are not of the same friendly character. It is understated by Germans, Russians and Italians themselves, who have no body in mind.
There is extreme congestion for the lifts, there is no queue system, for families with children it can be difficult to keep the family together to get to the top.

Otherwise, a top spot with good food bowls!

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Just got home from the Val Di Fassa and the Dolomiti Super Ski facility, I lived in Canazei but, as you may know, the world's overcrowded system is made up of several distinct systems that in one way or another hang together! Despite the snowy snowfall in the area, the ski slopes were more or less all around the Dolomiti Super Ski! Corvara and Paradisa were my own favorites during the week ...

But I am writing to comment on the Lion Alpin that I traveled with, DO NOT REMOVE LION ALPIN! The only thing they try is to trick you and they do anything to earn a few crowns, thinking about arranging agreements with restaurants and other services in the area, and the route does not exist. They offer a breakfast break (for bus passengers) and then for 7 euros you will soon realize that the buffet costs only 5.50 euros. Travelers who promised bedding and towels at their hotels came in place and got to buy themselves because they were a service the hotels certainly did not have ... VERY OPTIONAL! On the bus, we also offered to buy the lifeboats for us to stop shopping on our first ski day, the lift card was sold for 188 euros, later turned out to be high season and they cost 214 euros, we refused to pay the difference between the amount already cheated, we considered (they were also) that there was a mistake on their part and that we would not have to pay. They threatened that we would not go on the bus home as if they had anything to do with the lift card sales !! How about the last day we visit the travel guides again and they make it clear that we will not go home the day there when we make it clear that we have a man in our company with many years of experience in the travel industry and that he even knowing the CEO of Lion Alpin, we can go with direct orders that we could not go with, however, also came from the CEO ... A VERY OSERIUS COMPANY TO RESULT WITH AND AS A RESERVATOR IS EXCELLENT THAT CHOOSE WHOLE WWW. LANGLEYTRAVEL.COM OR LIKNANDE, BILLIGARE AND MAN KNOW WHAT YOU GET! SERVICE WITH CUSTOMERS IN FOCUS, ALL THAT NOT LION ALOPIN IS !!!!

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If you go to Canazei, do not stay there for God's sake for a week. Go to Arabba for steeper slopes (it's good to go skiing 3300 meters with breathlessness) and Val Gardena if you want to cruise a little (find brighter there) then go to Sella Ronda, 500 kilometers of piste there if I remember correctly . The offpiste was quite upset when I was there V.9 because there was only a little snow at the beginning of the week so I'm hard to pronounce.
However, the parks are nothing to cheer for. Some half-rails and some hope if you are lucky. If you only stay for a week and like to go skiing it is really recommended. Note watch out for the lifts that appear to be left in the 40's, they cut off your knees if you do not have the right technique. Painful at first, but one learns.

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I stayed there last winter v.7.

+ awesome many backs. impossible to catch a fraction of a week. Nice mood and preped backs.

- Parks and it's a minus. felt like everything was small. ie hope and rails are short. and that the slopes were right flat, but in an area they really are good do not remember what it's called but start at A iaf I have for myself. where are they really naughty? Another negative is that the mountain massif was scattered at its places so there were not so big offpiste areas. The mountains were like hig chaparall land so you did not get up on the tops.

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The place has it all! You can be there for a whole season and you probably will not catch up with the slopes you can reach via lifts ifrabn canazei (there are 520 km of piste). If you succeed, just take buses and the like, because there is more than enough access to (about 750 km).
It is so incredible.

In the village there are about 30 small ski jumps, and several ski slopes. Restaurants are good and the food is amazing!

I'm just saying one thing, YOUR

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