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What do you think about Cardrona?
2 reviews
28/12/2006 (Modified: 15/05/2007)
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A real tip top spot!
The park is wonderful and the pipes shapas almost every day. little luck if you want to go a lot of free-kicking, but there are some little steeper parties. But as I say, I rank Cardronas Park and Pipe higher than Snowpark NZ located on the other side of the valley at a lower altitude ... Cardrona is royal with a line of 5 BJs each of the largest about 17m. 15 numbers rails up to four pipes. damn good!

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For the park and pipe interested, such are cardrona nr1, 4piper and park with monga rails and tables. Otherwise, the weather is quite worn, it does not stand out for the crowd. Long-legged lifts and flat terrain are what is offered. The lift cows may even tend to grow longa during high season. You will not be able to drive a car 40min to get to the mountain, but long-haul times do most ski resorts po NZ. When you have come up so you are charged with paying 60 nz / dollar for a day's ski trip or about 900nz / dollar for the season's pass. But a nice idea is to copy the season's card around April for a do you get away with less than half the price. If you chose to go to Cardrona, you'll be living in Wanaka or Queenstown, one night at Hostel 20m / dollar. If you like to take a swing poo, you have cheap ol and good moves every week of the week. Of course I have spent 3monades in Wanaka and Oct. in Cardrona next to the day every day. I'm sure I've been very close to the city, the mountain and the okay. However, I can warmly recommend Wanaka and Cardrona to anyone who has passed by ... // adde

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