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Champoluc belong to Monterosa Ski.

This is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist. In Champoluc, the main focus is skiing and the most serious skiers therefore choose to come here. This village also has great restaurants and After Ski, especially a pub called Golosone where the whole population of the area tends to meet up. However, the advanced slopes are of most interest here. You will find more than 200 km of slopes and the largest drop is 1350 meters. Most of the slopes are quite difficult, making them perfect for those who are more experienced. If you are interested in going off-piste it is possible to rent a helicopter that will take you to an area called Cole De Lis where the most skilled skiers gather to compete against each other and most importantly, to have fun. If you want to make sure that you get the most out of your trip, this is a great area to visit.

Snow forecast

  • Thursday

    2.1 mm rain
    0 m/s
  • Friday

    8.7 mm rain
    Heavy rain
    1 m/s
  • Saturday

    11.3 mm rain
    Heavy rain
    1 m/s
What do you think about Champoluc?
25/03/2019 (Modified: 25/03/2019)
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Week 12 2019☀️?

Great big system, all slopes were open all week, though snow conditions were varying depending on which height you are. Generally, the mountain guide told us "Antonio" from Champuluc.

"That there was some snow this year .."
... despite that, we found in our day trip fresh snow that came the week before.

The mountain guide this year cost about 600 SEK / day
Foothills and avalanche equipment must be rented separately or rented
Helicopter about 4000 SEK trip to about 4200 m h

Food in the hill type a pasta / soup about 8-12 euros. sandwich about 4-7 euros
We went as a family with STS Alpresor, Happy due to late flights we got 7 days skiing
That is, a bonus day.
To stretch a nice bonus visit at Champoluc SPA. Nice to hang out there a few hours after a day on the slopes.

The system has many fantastic long pistes.
Getting from Champoluc via Gressoney to Alagna takes their time. (on your own faster).
If you want to get back (vice versa) then we had as a benchmark to leave Alagna no later than 15:00 if you want to be on the safe side (the weekends when the slopes are filled by the Italians, maybe a little earlier when there will be some queues) The last connection the lift near to Champoluc CA closes at 16:30.

We got a week's glorious sun ☀️

My 6 best piste tips with long fall height! ?

1. V3 Olen (Alagna Valsesia) (+ v1 Alagna in good snow conditions)
2. G7 / a Salati
3. G10 / G4 / G3 chamois (beautiful part) -Jolanda1 -jolanda (a bit slush in the afternoon)
(At ponta jolanda according to my best restaurant)
4. B2 / B3 / B6 Pistone Betta (Betta) Nera della marble
5. C5 / C3 / C1 Sarezza -stafa 2- Del Basco
(C1 slashig in the afternoon when everyone is going down in Champoluc
6. C6 Sarezza-Contenery

Extra for those who want exciting challenge.
Punta Indren
good to bring avalanche equipment for their own safety.
Punta Indren highest ? height 3275 meters above sea level

There is something for everyone at Monterosa ski

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We were two families with three children (13, 11, 11) who spent spent New Year's week in Champoluc. Direct flights to Milan and rent a car to Champoluc.
I had been looking forward to trying off-piste skiing, but when it was not snowing we only kept to the slopes. The lack of snow, however, made it easier to get around with the car as we did not need snow chains and that we had to enjoy six days of brilliant sun.
As I previously only traveled in February / March in the Italian Alps, it became a shock that there were so many people on the slopes and in some lifts. Up to half an hour's queue at some lifts. It had not been difficult to figure out that the Italians have their holiday. :)
We went over all three valleys which became the asset of Champoluc. The nicest and most beautiful was probably Olen which is a black hill that takes one down to Alagna (without children).
There were few blue slopes for the kids but the red ones were light except for one exception, the pass at Sarezza which was really steep for some of us. One of the days we would go over to Cervina, which is about 1.5 hours of curvy road from Champoluc but when the wind was too hard they closed the whole system which they also did in Champoluc that day.
Suitable for recommending Tako ski rental which had the new ski's and was very helpful.

Dennis (Guest)
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Wonderful ski area with just how easily accessible off-piste. However, I would have liked to have snowed more when we were here. But will definitely be back!

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Perfect place for airborne and touring. There are good guide books in the resort to buy. Please try the finer restaurants on the slopes, Italian food at its best !!

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Made 3 seasons in champoluc and think that champoluc, together with gressoney and alagna (the same system) is the most complete ski resort I've been to. (has done a few months in nendaz and chamonix)
Everything is there, it is loud, big and you are usually quite alone. The jaw is fed with. The minus is that it snows relatively rarely. But there are plenty of north sides and gutters no one else wants to eat, so it still does.

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Incredibly nice place if you value skiing and good jaws. Were there v5 2018 and had it anyway. Very good piste and very good off-piste skiing. Had arrived quite a lot of snow just before so maybe we had some luck. However - had wished that we had tour equipment when you saw that you had been able to get many nice rides if you only knotted 20-30min here and there.

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Wonderful place! In general, I'm not so much to go skiing, but here there were plenty of beautiful, steep slopes where you could really stand on. Pistachio off-piste was also available, however, I did not go with guide when I was here. Cozy town, cozy restaurants on the slopes and then the opportunity to go to Gressoney and Alagna. It's only a matter of getting back before the lifts close, because it's locked between the three resorts if you're forced to go by bus.

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Champoluc - Monterosa, a dream for those who only see the piste as a transport line. Here there is a piste per lift and every night all pistes are pisted! Which leaves space for the offpiste. Very varied rides, the days you miss visibility, you can always find yourself in the woods, during the sunny days there are a lot of turrets you can throw over. In Champoluc there is an area called "The Garden" which is a large area open offpiste, here you can throw yourself up without any obstacles!

Liftköer is only available on sunny weekends, when Italy from Milan and Turin arrive. Otherwise they are nonexistent. The offpiste may remain untouched in days.

If you are after afterski and evening arrangements, it is not Champoluc you will turn to. But if you are going to spend the days on the slopes and have good dinner then this is the perfect place!

Love Larson
Love Larson (Guest)
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Great ride in the three valleys. Champoluc, Frachey, Gressoney and Alagna offer a series of nice red and black slopes, which are cast for the slightly more advanced rider.

I have not been able to test the offpiste yet, because it is a little bit too snowy, but it's coming soon too!

Daniel Rönngren
Daniel Rönngren (Guest)
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Went with STS Alpresor to Champoluc v.9 2017 and unfortunately I was unhappy. The transfer was no problem, direct flights from Arlanda to Turin o then bus from there. However, had to wait quite a while for the bus to go. I stayed at Hotel L 'aiglon which was okay with great food as always in Italy. I had the bad luck with the snow this week. It just snowed one day o it was just over 1 dm. Every other day there was a glorious sun which caused the snow that came to melt away quickly.

That there was some snow was observed immediately when you got up in the two egg lifts. Next to the slopes it was very snowy and the snow that was there was raised. There were no pillows throughout the week. The snow that came was no pillows and because it was so little snow it was very hard to find a good place to go offpiste. One can see that there are very easily accessible places for just the offpiste. Too bad I did not experience it.

 The weather in general can not be complained because the sun was on all days except one. The elevator system was, in my view, really bad. Stuck in a lift for 40 min and in another for 20 min. The lifts also stayed very often and many of the lifts were old and cool. In addition, they closed off one of the lifts that one needed to take to get from the Gressoney area back to Champoluc. That made me need to go up for a red back about 500m with skis and boots.

 The ski system itself was not very good either. Getting from Champoluc to Alagna took a very long time and you had to take very many different lifts to get there. Otherwise, the slopes were always Manchester in the morning and most of the slopes had a very nice fall height. The village was really boring. No atmosphere at all and at many houses the windows were covered with something.

+ Good pistachio slopes
+ Get blue slopes
+ Easily accessible offpiste areas (even though I did not get to know it)

- Very boring city
- Usual lift system
- The ski system (long time to get to different places, many giant lifts, etc.
- Very bad signage (hard to find)

Champoluc gets me a weak 3. Thinking my bad grades depends a lot on the fact that there was no snow. I did not experience the so-called Freeride paradise.

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