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Champoluc belong to Monterosa Ski.

This is one of the largest ski resorts in the world. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist. In Champoluc, the main focus is skiing and the most serious skiers therefore choose to come here. This village also has great restaurants and After Ski, especially a pub called Golosone where the whole population of the area tends to meet up. However, the advanced slopes are of most interest here. You will find more than 200 km of slopes and the largest drop is 1350 meters. Most of the slopes are quite difficult, making them perfect for those who are more experienced. If you are interested in going off-piste it is possible to rent a helicopter that will take you to an area called Cole De Lis where the most skilled skiers gather to compete against each other and most importantly, to have fun. If you want to make sure that you get the most out of your trip, this is a great area to visit.

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What do you think about Champoluc?
Daniel Rönngren
Daniel Rönngren (Guest)
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Went with STS Alpresor to Champoluc v.9 2017 and unfortunately I was unhappy. The transfer was no problem, direct flights from Arlanda to Turin o then bus from there. However, had to wait quite a while for the bus to go. I stayed at Hotel L 'aiglon which was okay with great food as always in Italy. I had the bad luck with the snow this week. It just snowed one day o it was just over 1 dm. Every other day there was a glorious sun which caused the snow that came to melt away quickly.

That there was some snow was observed immediately when you got up in the two egg lifts. Next to the slopes it was very snowy and the snow that was there was raised. There were no pillows throughout the week. The snow that came was no pillows and because it was so little snow it was very hard to find a good place to go offpiste. One can see that there are very easily accessible places for just the offpiste. Too bad I did not experience it.

 The weather in general can not be complained because the sun was on all days except one. The elevator system was, in my view, really bad. Stuck in a lift for 40 min and in another for 20 min. The lifts also stayed very often and many of the lifts were old and cool. In addition, they closed off one of the lifts that one needed to take to get from the Gressoney area back to Champoluc. That made me need to go up for a red back about 500m with skis and boots.

 The ski system itself was not very good either. Getting from Champoluc to Alagna took a very long time and you had to take very many different lifts to get there. Otherwise, the slopes were always Manchester in the morning and most of the slopes had a very nice fall height. The village was really boring. No atmosphere at all and at many houses the windows were covered with something.

+ Good pistachio slopes
+ Get blue slopes
+ Easily accessible offpiste areas (even though I did not get to know it)

- Very boring city
- Usual lift system
- The ski system (long time to get to different places, many giant lifts, etc.
- Very bad signage (hard to find)

Champoluc gets me a weak 3. Thinking my bad grades depends a lot on the fact that there was no snow. I did not experience the so-called Freeride paradise.

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Go there every year V 5. Wonderful skiing and crazy good food. Go there !!!

caspar sundell
caspar sundell (Guest)
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We were there on the sports license in 2013. It was a wonderful experience that strikes most! It was amazing weather and plenty of snow. There were good opportunities for offpiste and the slopes were very nice. There were no queues to talk about, you could just slide right into the elevator. we had alp inclusive and ate at different restaurants every day. It was three course and absolutely amazing. We went to each restaurant and then got a chance to see the charming village of Champoluc. We ate breakfast at the neighboring hotel called hotel castor. It was a good setup. Every day we left our ski racks by the elevator so we did not have to carry anything, it was very convenient. Now we will go again and I highly recommend champoluc to the good skier!

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Visited Champoluc ve. 11 and it was almost completely empty (!). No lift queues and it felt like we had the whole system for ourselves. When it's snowing there are large offpiste areas, sticking to the slopes you get typical Italian well-prepared slopes.

Hired a couple of real pistons on the ski hire Telemark because the slopes fit very well for really fast carving rides. It is possible to leave the Frachey mountain range all the way to Alangna and return on a day.

Champoluc town is quiet and most seem to eat half board at the hotel so the restaurant range is quite stingy. Lunch in the hill is in most places unclean (pasta bolognese is a plate of pasta and a spoon of meatballs).

If you drive a rental car from Malpensa it takes about 2 hours.

Saying like all the others who have been there: "Strange not more people know this gem! "

Henrik (Guest)
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Were there in mid March 2010. Cannon weather. I usually stay in the piste was very pleased, unusually nice pistachio, beautifully burned in many places. Outstanding views on clear days!

Queues only arose holidays when people from Milan and Turin shuffled. Then just go straight into the elevator. Offpist lovers should not have been so happy during my week because it was quite upset. They got a good bite to find nice pillows. Or arrange helicopter.

I see that some think the village is a gem. I think it was a pretty sad place with few restaurants and pubs. And then I'm not the worst party role ever. Perhaps Gressoney or Alagna is a better choice for this system, I do not know. Our hotel, which I did not remember the name of, had sad untouched food (half board). Spoke with several others who stayed at other hotels that had similar experiences.

Conclusion: nice system, lovely slopes, some people in March, right charmless city, watch out for the food. And: I will be happy to return!

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Visited Champoluc week 5 years 2013 to train offpiste skiing. The weather was sunny at the beginning of the week by about -5 ° C. Towards the end there was some snow and the last day there was snow-blown rain. Monterosa ski system comprises three valleys with Champoluc to the west, Gressoney in the middle and Alagna to the east. The system is bigger than it looks first and fits well for a week's ride. A good mix between different levels of difficulty. There are good opportunities and easy-to-find opportunities for off-piste skiing throughout the system, but mainly in Alagna and Gressoney. Outside the slopes it was not so broken when Italians generally do not go so much offpiste. Along the east between Gressoney and Alagna is the highest point called Punta Indre, with 3275 meters. From here is a ski trip with exciting big and small colloirs. It blew for two days and they then closed off at Punta Indren so Alagna could not reach. Seems to be commonplace. You have to look out so that you do not stay in the valley you do not live in. Many miles drive in general and from Alagna in particular. There is a smaller fun park at Lago Gabiet. Heliskiing is booked at the tourist office and release takes place from Cole De Lis. A larger round with stretching to Zermatt at a cost of about 3500 sec. However, it requires that the helicopter has all four places for guests filled. Otherwise, you may also pay for the places in the helicopter who do not have skiers. The hardest piste in the system is G4 at Gressoney if there is ice cream. Otherwise, it is an ordinary black. Champoluc is a pretty typical little Italian town with a small entertainment and small shopping opportunities. Afterski takes place quietly at some small bars next to the lift station. The town's inhabitants go to the Golosone bar during the evening. The best restaurant is Hotel Breithorn. There is no really big sports store and there are only a few and small other stores. The skis can be rented and stored in the Telemark shop, which has helpful Swedes among the staff. Gressoney La Trinité is even smaller but cozy with a nice restaurant on the hill called Punta Jolanda. The older residents here have German as their native language. In summary, it is a bigger ski system than you think, and it is ideal for a week's stay for all types of riders. The majority of the guests are Italian and, moreover, some Swedes and few English people. A limited entertainment and shopping for Italians. For off-riders Gressoney is the most optimal to choose as a place. The rating is deducted from the lack of service, but the ski system size gives 4 to 5 points. By Börje Hammarling.

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Visited Champoluc during Easter Eve, one of the best ski resorts I visited. Extremely beautiful ride both inside and outside the piste. Even though the system looks rather small on the map, you are pleasantly surprised by the long and lovely carving backs that are offered when you get into the system. It takes about an entire day's intake to travel from Champoluc and all the way to Alagna. One day after a snow pump, the off-piste is divine and must not be missed. Gudietur is to recommend!

Kalle Mero
Kalle Mero (Guest)
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I love Champoluc !!!

Fantastic little gem with wonderful skiing in many slopes. Skip Champoluc and go to Frachey, Gressoney and Alagna and just enjoy.

Genuine place with wonderful restaurants up in the mountains but also in Alagna and Champoluc.

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Champoluc which is part of Monterosa masivet, which is a most popular ski resort. It is the part of the system that has the most lifts and slopes and is the part that is perhaps most suited for family skiing as the slopes are not as demanding as in, for example, alagna that belongs to the system as well. However, it is possible to find both steep slopes and puck pails as well as nice offpiste tracks. A place that definitely keeps track of all-rounder skiing and incredible sunshine!

Bart (Guest)
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I was down in Champoluc 14-21 March this year. The weather was absolutely wonderful and the skiing was perfect. We flew to Geneva and then there was a rather heavy transfer in 3.5 hours to Champoluc.

Our first day of skiing was then on a Sunday. Holidays in Champo involve a lot of Italianos from Milan and Turin on the slopes. But there was no disaster in any way. In the first gondola from the village up to Crest we got a queue for 10 minutes, then there was also a queue at the 4-chair at Ostafa, then you were up in the system and the queues were gone. The rest of the week, you were practically alone on the slopes.

Did I say that the weather was wonderful? Because that was it. A sunny and completely windy high-altitude landscape where you were constantly wondered about the beauty when passing a mountain range, that's okay.

I'm a pure pistachio and leave the offpiste to others. The slopes were absolutely cruel, very wide and well-prepared. A wide mountain and valley course simply. The 10 km piste from Bettaforca down to Gressoney (B1) lay in the sun all day so it became a bit slushy. But the 5km piste with 500 fall height (C14) from Bettaforca down the 4-chair on the way to Frachey lasted all day and was absolutely superb. Ridged it 30 times in a week, the best pamphlet in Champoluc.

Speaking of nice slopes, the black 7 km loop with 1000 fall height (V3) down towards Alagna was the best piste I ever went in. Stenhard and nice steep. Apparently, it was too steep for some, we saw two aunts who vomited in it and were picked up by helicopters. Otherwise, Alagna was a bit bumpy, only a cabin that traveled the top and the way back to Gressoney and Champo. Then the lift up to Punta Indren is down, unfortunately for all offpists.

The slope down from Passo Salati to Gressoney (G7) was also really powerful, 9 km and 650 fall height meters. Best piste in Gressoney.

The village of Champoluc itself is a little sleepy gem. Many nice restaurants if you look at a lower altitude. Unfortunately, the euro was quite expensive when we were there so prices were in par with Åre.
We stayed at Hotel Castor, 700 meters from the elevator. But we hired us so that we could leave skis and boots at a ski rental near the piste every day. It cost 15 € for a week and really convenient. Hotel Castor was terribly good. Nice staff and a very nice lounge where you could drive a soft apron.

Summary: Cruel weather. Cruel carving. A little pricey food. Wonderful trip.

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