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What do you think about Jackson Hole?
Maria (Guest)
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Jackson Hole is located at the foot of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. Without a doubt one of the best ski resorts I visited. Here we got steep and varied terrain and fun off-piste skiing. The snow was magical; dry, lovely powder snow in quantities ... The terrain is quite challenging, a plus is that you do not need to be crowded in lift queues.

Good after ski in the village below the hill. Mangy Moose has received awards for best ski restaurant and there are often really good bands playing there.

We stayed in the village of Jackson itself which is a genuine western village with a really good atmosphere.

If you have gone about time and your legs are getting tired someday there is the proximity to Yellowstone and the opportunity for excursions with snowmobiles. Can also recommend a day trip with catskiing in Grand Targhee.

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were there weeks 1 and 2 after 80 100 miles car from aspen that has no snow to talk about.
some tips on jackson as the resort is called, tip a stay at snowking cheap and good (pay breakfast in resption type 6v dollar) otherwise 20 free buses up to villiage (the hole) and to the village from the hotel, steep and great exciting skiing outside the gates and something not many know an hour away (around the mountain) a little place grand targhee that's where all or most snow dumps for the storms come from that way, not as steep but good PUDER often and it's possible to book snowcat there so if you buy Weekly card 6 days in 8 days take a trip.

07/11/2007 (Modified: 05/01/2009)
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Legendary Jackson Hole was not as impressive as I had imagined. The facility is not big measured with European standards, and rope has been tightened around the entire plant, so you can only go out a few places.
There are very many people there and most of the chores outside the pistes.
When it comes to snow, it takes unbelievably short time for the most part has been transformed into puckles! I have never seen such a powerful cushion anywhere else.
Also easily accessible out-of-bounds areas are tracked up quickly.

On the plus side it must be said that it is steep and nice in almost the whole plant, so the starting point is good - the terrain is after all the most important thing in a ski resort. Unfortunately, the tree-lined area goes all the way to the top of the ski resort, so missed by high mountain terrain becomes big. The high threshold is by far a problem that applies throughout North America, not just in Wyoming.

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Great terrain. It is steep and very varied. In the resort there is skiing in all directions even if it is only on one side of the mountain.

Much of the rides occur below the tree line and the trees are quite tight in many places.

There are unbelievably many skiers in the area who take a vacancy in the morning when it's snowed so it's gone in no time. In addition, there are many seasoners in the area that everyone wants to ski. There are many tourists coming to the area, and this is the place your American extremists get. This means incredibly many people both inside and outside the annex.

I was there for the 06/07 season but went to the end of February because there are so many people, and so we had some luck with the snow.

Peter Valvassori
Peter Valvassori (Guest)
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Were in JH in February. Unfortunately, it was the warmest February in 25 years. So no bottomless pillows and relentless offpiste. There was a lot of pistoling and some old honorable eupean pillows. The potential is otherwise huge. Hoback is a cannon. So, have to go there again, and I do not mind that. A great praise for GoWest for a well-organized trip!
/ Peter

Carl (Guest)
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This is a crazy ski resort, crazy. If you like hiking, there is a lot to do. I consider myself an advanced skiist when I saw the people there, who go up 4 in the morning to go for lunch, I feel quite lame! Recommends it warmly but it requires skills and skills to fully utilize the system. They have a lot of skiing around JH, said Jh is not the only stall to go aka.
A sick good ski resort for sick skiers! (was there winter 2006)

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Unfortunately, I was not in JH during winter half the year but when it was summer. Still, it was right with the Teton Mountains in the background, these were snowy. Anyway, I can recommend it as a stop if you are in the US and cruise the route on a road trip for even in the summer, then it's nice there. Jackson himself is also worth being married to his luxury wife and millionaires. There was a rach for sale when we were there for 640 million kroner. If you have to go by, you should, of course, check out Yellowstone Park, where you can find the place. What I want to say is that JH is worth going to even during the summer. Even though there is not a lot of lazy die then it is still good to check out.

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What do you say? Oh my god I love this place! Great skiing and not a lot of blue-green "longest piste" variants. Supported steeply, good variety and world-class offpiste both inside and outside the gates. Quiet and comfortable pace, no German queuing technique with people climbing over you in the lifts. Nice efficient lifts and skihost's. (Staff running around the system and helping / showing guests as well as tips for a good ride) Was warm in spring 2005 and spring of spring with cold weather and feathery pillows that were filled in afterwards when we were there. Not bottomless but well 30-50 cm.

Nice and kind people who are curious about us Swedes, unlike France with the opposite. Have been to several places and equally disappointed every time. Too bad that the French have such a good ski mountain only.

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Have just come home from my sickest winter ever. The pistemap is misleading and in addition, everything outside is so much more.
The party life and the lifts are not the hottest but the mountain compensates for it. If you do not find it, you should go with someone who does it, there are lots of puzzles that are a bit cheeky to find.
As mentioned earlier, "one has not been there so ......."

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So freaky skies of mountain fantasy views and unparalleled nature, fought to go snowmobile through Yellowstone Park up to Old Faithfull with lots of bison. where the 99 season of the season they were open to scooters.

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