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Sälen includes Kläppen, Lindvallen/Högfjället, Stöten, Tandådalen/Hundfjället

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What do you think about Sälen?
Jeanette (Guest)
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Sälen is Sweden's skiing living room, everyone can enjoy it! Good skiing, wide coherent system with varied slopes. Lindvallen is perfect for families with children, but our teens also enjoy this! Tired man at Lindvallen can go for a few days in Tandådalen and Hundfjället instead. Great variety and nice area. A couple of rides in the Trollskogen in Hundfjället are a must to small and large. The range of restaurants, cozy cafes, waffle cabins and not least Experium with a water park makes Sälen a perfect choice for skiing holidays.

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Great system for families with children. Each individual system is easy to understand, with varied backs and nice and helpful staff. This year's news Fun Park in Lindvallen became a fun element when the children had become a little warm in the clothes. An advantage of having several separate systems is that you can vary from the weather. A clear day when the temperature fell to below -15 in the shadow of Hundfjället, the sun was beautiful in Tandådalen. The only thing missing is the slightly longer slopes and, to some extent, the possibility of off-piste.

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Well, I think the seal is good to go on to be quite far south. If you struggle you can find pillows and the parks are good

Nameless (Guest)
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was in the seal for the first time now under the sports license and became a lot of trouble. Previously I have been to Åre, Vemdalen and Hemsedal. With this year, I did not have time to go so far as it was sealed. Sälen think I was very boring

Here is a list of negative things:

The facilities are spread out
fall fall is completely useless It's like going on a hill not a mountain
-Highly finding good restaurants
-Isiga slopes
-Dull variation on the slopes
-developed liftsystem
-Massages of people on the slopes, many of them are beginners
The queue to the park in Tandådalen is sick long
-smal slopes
-things some sort of center we plant the sealed city is not so close to any hill
-The wall was very narrow and gently ice-skating if you were going to ride it
-long lifts that often stay (happened twice when I was there that the elevator stopped for more than 20 minutes)
-My little children than young people and adults
-Long car rides during week 9 we got stuck in a queue that took 1 hour

Can not write anything more
Positive things:

The lamb and the pig
cliff park
-The staff were brilliant and helpful

The worst ski resort I've been to during a sports holiday would rather go to Åre much better and nicer.

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I usually go to the seal all winter holidays and then agree to the tandådalen and hundfjället.
I like the variety of the slopes of the seal.
Hundfjället has beautiful pistons and offpiste trails, and the Tandådalens dreamsheet is really not to complain. + that they have a nice new big air jump in Tandådalen.
Now they have also got a big air bag in Stöten. : D

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Why do everyone complain about Sälen?
Sure ... Åre has better backs for the experienced, but Sälen has something for everyone, children, beginners, moderate and advanced skiers!
Kläppen has won Sweden's best snowpark 6 years in a row!
Lindvallen / Högfjället is best for children and beginners but also has some really fun slopes for advanced skiers on the lift, EXPRESS 303! Lindvallen also has Sweden's most popular back, Gustavbacken, counting the number of riders / season.
Tandådalen / Hundfjället with very varied skiing with spider forest, speed-ski hill and a drem park. The back "wall", Sweden's steepest pisted hill, leans 45 degrees, which advanced skier does not love that hill ??
The shocks that have the highest fall height and the longest slopes of the seal for those who really want to feel cramps in the thighs :)

Does not Sälen sound really wonderful? Instead of 1 mountain you can choose and vary with 6 mountains :)
The meeting in Sälen is so beautiful, here are people who want to go skiing, Åre is going to go to people who have nice clothes and wear the skis on their shoulders!

28/02/2008 (Modified: 09/12/2011)
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Since, in principle, the whole area has a record of snowflake this year, I'm actually very positive.
Have been to Sälen many times before and then maybe some worse memories, but this time the hills showed off their very best side.
In addition, there were not many people at all.
Good ride, well-groomed runs and absolutely amazing off-piste skiing at Hundfjället!

Also had the privilege of staying at Tandådalens Camping for the first time, which was a pleasant experience.
Why live in a cabin when you can stroll in a caravan !?

In conclusion, a very good grade, so ..

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Now it was a couple of years since I was in Sælen last!
By the time I was there, it was like a newcomer. Then the demand was not that big and the Selen knew as it rang for the 6-7 days we were dying.
Ie As a newcomer, it's a pretty good stall, low backs, many lifts, the donkey on the slopes! ;)

But now I'm getting a little bit better, so there's nothing that could get me back to Sælen when I remember how the slopes were here and know I'd laugh at them now! I do not go to the park so I can not get it.

So the account is honored:
Do you celebrate a family, a new brother, a park ranger or a party rider, you might have been in a hurry. Perform everything on the family front of the children neither the kids nor the grandparents are particularly well-behaved riders.
But before those who are more advanced riders will not get out of the hills of Sälen! ;)

Johan (Guest)
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Been in the Chamber for two years ago. Most fairy tale that this was the clearest ski resort I have ever had when it comes to the hike (noisy life was ok). Oehort flat, short and rugged slopes that did not give me a niggle. Has occurred in most ski resorts in Sweden and the Alps, said in jamship, the Hall was an oehord disappointment. Had horseback before the slopes were not said to be long, but that they would be said short as they now came as a freaky shock.
After, you can not go to the ski slope if you are a sophisticated advanced akare; to the Hall, you are in favor of the party in that case.

Now we hope for a great season 07/08.

Have a good time

Roger (Guest)
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My one son is now four years old and started skiing when he was 2.5 years old.
I'm just saying one thing there is no better place than the seal to teach little ones
children to ski on.
It's so heaven easy to find the right level of difficulty for everyone and even I can
burn in the trees sometimes and experience a little excitement.
So with little children in my luggage I do not think there is anything that strikes the seal.
Health RM
My son is now descending from Gustav without harness ..
not bad?

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