Ski resorts in Sweden
This small, relaxing village with a lot of skiing is located in Härjedalen.

With 9 lifts and 25 slopes, Lofsdalen is the perfect destination for those who want to bring the entire family on a winter adventure. There are very rarely long lines to the lifts in Lofsdalen, which makes it the optimal location for those who want to be able to get a lot of skiing done during one day.

Here you will find one of Sweden's steepest prepared slopes, called "Rännan," with a 42 degree slope. Your heart will certainly race if you decide to try this one. There are also opportunities for off-piste skiing. For those who enjoy a slightly calmer pace, there are friendlier slopes that are not as intense. As at most other ski resorts, this one also has a ski school.

After a busy day on the mountain, you can finish the evening at one of Lofsdalen's restaurants, which serve both a la carte and fast food.

With 115 km of well-prepared crossroads and 150 km of trails, skiers from all over Europe are attracted to this place.

Snow forecast

  • Saturday

    1 mm rain
    Duggregn / sol

    4 m/s
  • Sunday

    1.2 mm rain
    Rain showers

    4 m/s
  • Monday

    0 cm
    2 m/s
What do you think about Lofsdalen?
Every winter since I was young, I been spending some weeks here. It´s a complet skiingresort for the whole famely. Offcourse it´s not the sice of mountain that you find in the Alps, but I realy love it. WARNING! Don´t come here to party, couse you will be disepointed. But If you searching for a peasful place for you and you famely, or wher it can be just you and the mountain, so this is the place.

The downhill skiing i realy good. It´s not the biggest skiing resort in Sweden, but the mountain is relatively great. It´s big, but ther is no people here.

The offpist is ok to be a swedish resort, but as almays in Sweden it´s not that mutch snow. To find the world clas offpist you should go to Hemavan, Riksgränsen or Björkliden.

The nature in Lofsdalen is fantastic. Like one beautiful day in spring when I took a brake just some meters from the pist, and found myself standing in a herd of reindeers.

Not to forgot, the crosscountrey skiing i also realy good. There are a lot of nice ski tracks in the area. And you can easly make you way out in the wild.

Have a great time... couse I will

Henke L
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Child friendly and beautiful! Thus good for families with children. As an adult, you can get some really good rides if you go right from the top. The fall height from which is clearly approved. Totally ok Ica in the village, has what you need.

Anton hjelmberg
Anton hjelmberg (Guest)
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Lofsdalen is an incredibly nice ski resort. Long nice slopes. It is so fun to see all the little boys go and have fun with the family. Fantastic views over the entire loft valley. When you are at the top of the mountain you can see several miles around the loft valley. It is so powerful to see so far all the beautiful mountains.
Even in the summer it is absolutely fantastic. You can cycle around the lake and even on the slopes. Disk golf is really fun. Getting up and down the slopes is just wonderful. To pick cloudberries and blueberries. You can also fish in the lofsdalen and we have caught a lot of perch in Lofssjön. Getting out on the mountain is absolutely magical. I think everyone should go to the lofts valley because that's where life plays. You do not need to feel any stress at all. You can just enjoy and relax everything from your work at home.

Magnus (Guest)
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Ideal for families with children. Close to nature, no queues for the lifts

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My first turns on skis were done in the children's slope in Lofsdalen and since then I have visited the resort many times. But if I have to take off my nostalgia glasses and try to sum up Lofsdalen as a ski destination, I would give it 4/5.

Unfortunately, only been there on sports leave which usually means long lift queues but an early lunch around 11 means you rarely have to queue for more than 5 minutes. Lofsdalen is a town aimed at families and has many red and blue carving slopes to offer and the park is usually okay.

A good winter it is usually possible to get really nice off-piste rides, not in meter-deep powder, but you almost always find fun rides in loose snow. To recommend is to take the top lift and go down Snedsvängen to shortly after Rännan then straight down to Genvägen, here blows snow from all over the mountain side and collects in loose ramparts which are usually fun. Otherwise, you can usually go down between the red slopes from the top or between the top lifts.

Do not usually look at any of the restaurants so can not tell me about the offer but there are two nice heating cabins. Highly recommend Lofsdalen to anyone who wants to get many fall meters per day!

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Good fall height and off-piste opportunities

Leffe (Guest)
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We have stayed in Lofsdalen v 12 and 13 and the only thing we have to be dissatisfied with is the lack of care of the toilets. They are not cleaned, smells bleak and with broken toilet seats that you get in your hand when lifting them. The toilet standard must be raised. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about. Nice sloping cross-country trails and nice pistes on the slopes. The restaurants are okay

Stefan T
Stefan T (Guest)
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The care of the slopes is the worst I have seen during my 39 years as a skier.
You couldn't possibly get off the lift and get to the piste without destroying the skis on hundreds of sharp stones in the snow.
Despite pointing out to the lift guards to brush away the stones or cover them with snow, they ignored it and let all the guests under the sports holiday scratch their skis.
The plant manager refuses to pay to fix my 12,000 SEK skis that were destroyed during.
I agree with the following review. Where were the piste machines? How can you piste ramparts between each piste machine width in each slope !? Dangerous to drive fast. Several who lost control of the steep slopes because of the pistes. My wife was near to being hit by a youth who lost control of the ramparts in the piste.
Eagerly ever seen such poor pistes.
The neighboring spring soap always has the perfect pistachio. Go there instead.

There is no toa proximity of the kids back ??

There are only two !!? toilets in the restaurant by the seat lift where everyone should be crowded and long queues. There are no sinks at the rides in the café on the slopes.

About 580 SEK for two burgers, one child pancakes and two small bottled beers at lunch ..

No lift info when the lift several times a day got bigger errors and stood still.

No lift cards for bats which means that they do not have to stand in line with their parents but have to walk in their own line o wait for about 5min on the other side of the barriers. Not popular for children or adults.

Then summarize 1-5
Ski school children 5 points (despite losing our kid for half an hour)
Piste quality 1 point
Service 1 point
Toa 1 point
Food prices 2 points
Info signs 1 point
Snowfall 4 points.
Whiskey skybar only open sometimes 2 points.

Jennie Jonsson
Jennie Jonsson (Guest)
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Lofsdalen, the village where the calm falls by itself. We rented cottages in the cottage village, our family, my two brothers and grandmother and grandfather.
The cabins have not been renovated in recent years, but it does not do anything. This means that the mountain feeling is strengthened and you get into the mood right away. All amenities are available and fresh.
We discovered after a day on the slopes that everyone in a 6 bed cottage cannot shower directly after each other, the hot water ran out and the last two got a hearty cold shower.
During the week we went both slalom and snowboarding. The children of 4 and 6 years went slalom. Barnbacken has several different lifts to choose from and the seat lift was easy to go for even the smallest. Lofsdalen is a place where you should appreciate the calm, for us it suited excellent, low season and no queues, good help from the staff for the kids in the lift. The weather gods invited us to the best possible conditions with fresh snow and radiant sun, freshly rocked slopes every morning. The aftershave really lacked traits since there was no troubadour.
Recommend Lofsdalen for anyone who wants to ski a lot and enjoy a nice environment.

Peter Larsson
Peter Larsson (Guest)
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I started my ski career there in 1984. Been there a number of times over the years. We will be hoping for a wonderful week on Sun 17/2.
Peter Larsson Simlångsdalen

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