Idre Fjäll

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Lifts (23/24)
Slopes (41/41)
Snow depth
895 m
588 m
99 cm
Many associate Idre Fjäll with either Pernilla Wiberg or the Chocken slope, which means "the shock." Pernilla Wiberg because she has a hotel in the resort and is very involved in the whole facility. Chocken because it is the Nordic region's steepest slope and many speed ski events often take place here. It was built to compete with another slope called "Väggen," located in Hundfjället.

Idre is also one of the areas that were first to save snow from the previous season to make sure that the snow would come early the following year.

There is a total of 41 slopes and 27 lifts.

Idre Fjäll ski resort is located on the mountain Gränjåsvålen, which measures more than 2900 feet above sea level. It was opened in 1968 and is a facility with activities all year round.

The resort is located in the western part of Sweden about as far north as Hudiksvall.

The slopes have different difficulty levels and there are quite a few steep slopes for those who enjoy that. However, there are complaints that indicate that "Chocken" is often closed. This isn't so surprising though, considering how steep it is, which makes it a lot more difficult to prepare.

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What do you think about Idre Fjäll?
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First and foremost, I understand that Idre's target group is primarily families with children. The children (9-12 years) in our company had great fun and were more than happy. However, my judgment is from my perspective only. And rel. fresh (2.5 seasons) boarders who especially like to ride fast and carvae in long, well-packed slopes.

I'm not necessarily looking for steep black slopes but just a little longer just for steep slopes with a little variety. There are some black & red slopes that are fun but they are too short. Västbakens eg. its upper third is nice but it is over in 25 seconds and then it is one third useless transport distance with very intersecting traffic and ends with a last third which is giant bar and giant green.

At about the same distance from Sthlm, I definitely prefer Vemdalen which is also not great but still significantly better than Idre. Turned out that I even rather choose Romme than Idre given the shorter distance. Positive with Idre, however, is the staff, service and price level. Especially the staff at Charlies / Cafe Gillestugan, who are fast-paced and spread a good atmosphere. The prices in cafes / restaurants generally feel slightly lower than in Skistar's Vemdalen. In addition, Idre has a really good ICA Nära that manages to have a really good range despite the small premises. Pick up a bag from home that will be waiting when you arrive and support the local business community!

In summary, if you go with children who are still at the amateur level and do not have any major requirements for the ride, you will certainly enjoy it. But if you have any requirements at all for the ride, you will probably be disappointed.

Bra skidåkning
Bra skidåkning (Guest)
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Good skiing for families with children. Too bad so little black slopes were open. Otherwise it was a top place.

Henke L
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As far as downhill skiing is concerned, Idre is no taller.
Idre suits the smallest children best. Many green hills and some of them are really long. The red and black, on the other hand, are very short. Often starts with a transport route and then ends on a hill, but also ends with a transport route. The slope itself becomes very short.
At the top there is only transport. According to the piste map there are quite a few slopes and lifts in the system but much of it is transport and it should be clearer that it is precisely transport routes and not slopes. You get a little "fooled" by the piste map.

+ the range for the children where the children's after ski was a much appreciated feature. There is much else to do than downhill skiing (if you want it now ..) Good service and a perfectly ok Ica in the square. Two parks where one has a little bigger jumps and rails and the other is a little nicer. Parallel lifts at the park also.

- crazy many visitors from our Nordic neighbor in the southwest during week 7. Expensive accommodation, not affordable.

We probably won't be going back as our kids are a little bigger now where the smallest is 7 years. Idre did not live up to expectations.

Jimmy (Guest)
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Be up in Idre this weekend and enjoy good food at PW's Hotel and Charlies. The ride was canon, really long nice rides

Katrin (Guest)
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Child-friendly, often a lot of snow, several activities both summer and winter. The restaurants have really got a lift. Above all, Old Farfar's corner

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We came home from Idre now this Sunday after a very cruel week! This is the third time we were in Idre in the winter and before this trip we were a little worried that we had grown away from ideals but so wrong we had .. The slopes in cheese and north are fantastic. The West and the South are unfortunately not quite for us anymore but we appreciated the slopes when the children were learning to go. On cheese, we loved the bold and the race track. On the north it was great to play loose on the edges, small jumps and slush trays. Unfortunately, the shock has never been open when we were there. The staff at idre fjäll is very nice! I strongly recommend going to Idre v 17. 9-18 keep them open so there is plenty of time to go on. Yet it closed too early every day ..

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Good facility for children. Snowpark and ski cross track were appreciated. The slopes well-groomed Fine length tracks. Many fun activities besides skiing. On the minus side, lack of knowledge among staff about the facility. No good restaurants.

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Really family-friendly ski resort with good slopes, chair lift that goes all the way up to the top and good choice on slopes!
The accommodation is always near the slope, usually ski-in / ski-out and the cross-country tracks run around the mountain.
In short, a cruel ski destination for the whole family!

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Family Mecca! Lifts and slopes in all the weather. Supremely effective with the accommodation around the mountain as well. There are good pistes even for "adults", eg "Competition" on the cheese side. However, it is the main focus on families with smaller children, who can easily get around in the system where there is usually a nice piste to choose if you do not dare.

A small bonus, however, with the "shock" that can give a really impressive ride the times it's open. Heavy tilt (48 degrees at the top) and sustained steepness. It is also a fairly impressive long hill to be so steep and in Sweden. However, it is rarely open, but you usually have to wait for Easter before it is ready. There is some afterki etc, but the party is clearly limited. Full focus on the toddler.

Hanna (Guest)
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The world's best travel destination. A bit expensive at the restaurants but it is totally worth it

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