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Tännäskröket belong to Funäsfjällen.

Lifts (5/5)
Slopes (14/17)
Snow depth
825 m
580 m
40 cm

Snow forecast

  • Friday

    0.8 cm snow
    4 m/s
  • Saturday

    3.8 cm snow
    Lätt snöfall / sol
    11 m/s
  • Sunday

    2 cm snow
    Sun/clear sky
    3 m/s
What do you think about Tännäskröket?
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A real highlight! Although the park is not usually there nowadays, there are poorly prepared slopes, and old lifts I still think Tännes is worth a fifth. Because the slopes rarely pistes overnight, and there often comes a lot of snow, you can get real dreaming earlier in the morning. Later in the day there is much more untouched beyond the slopes with drip, steep rides but also a lot of powder. Take the old two-chair lift up, drop in almost any direction and drive! Quite steep in places but at the end you come down to a transport stretch that takes you all the way back to the lift. If there is a bit of snow, however, you should take care of stones so you do not scratch the skis / board. There are also really good resturants and easier rides for families with children. Almost no people at all so rarely become aware.

Johan (Guest)
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Quiet o good! Perfect for families with children and offpiste if there is no snow!

Erik (Guest)
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Because I'm grown up in the mountain as little, it's great to come back with the family. Being able to ride as much pillows and woodland as I go with the little man and the princess I thought I was not possible. It's only a matter of being before the Funasmaffian who can get into the car park after snowfall. Then there is fantastic surfing (although short) on K2. However, it can be a long way if you go wrong: =)

Tännäsksköket is very amazing and if you want to be able to get well close to the outpost without affecting the other family, Tännes is the place for you. Then the western Härjedalen has fantastic opportunities, and nearby to Funäs, Tänndalen, Hamra and Ramundberget makes it a good area. Pricing is very good on the lift card as well.

Erik (Guest)
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We were a family of 2 adults and 2 children (5.8) who spent a fantastic week in April 2010 at Tännäskröket.

Nypistade backs every day and it's just to go, go, go ... No queues ... Clean the ski slope was nice and great fun for the kids. We wandered with cross-country skiing in the afternoons, to enjoy the silence and a fine, for us far enough, motion trail. A gem to return to over and over again. Great place with a fantastic renfondue in the restaurant.

If family-friendly has a different name, it's probably Tännäskröket.

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My childhood magic mountain. Have ridden every bee on Bykröket, forest as a hill, and I have this mountain to thank for my skill!

Should you see a clean crash at the plant, and I have not been here since the new opening, I have to say that it is a small nice mountain with nice slopes. The pearl is clearly "Nålsia" and the largest, closest perfect, the back under the cable car. However, I have understood this is closed nowadays !? Otherwise, it is possible to find nice forests.

Looking forward to a comeback on this mountain, which has a special place in my heart, to test all the news!

Firefly (Guest)
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The teaspoon smoke is small, but is growing all the time. On the new mountain Mellan-krök lies the slopes in a cool terrain. At the descent of the elevator there is a bump on both sides.

I with cousins ​​had not received any indications that Stolliften on the north side of Hem krók was closed. No signs or elevator staff saying that the elevator is closed. So we went down to its valley station to reach the black hill. We took a blue hill which was marked with a cross-sign (we thought they were due to snow shortage) and went down to the lift. They last long before you can see the elevator at all, so we were almost down when we discovered it was closed. Shit !!! We went skiing over the back up the whole black hill, it took 1.5 hours. An adventure I would prefer not to do!

When the Tännäsk smoke builds / new chairlift / chairlift so that the north side can be reached, the plant will be much better. The black back must be the most beautiful piste of Funäsdalsfjäll, probably better than Prima in "Ramis".

I was there in 2007 - before Funäsdalsberget was built!

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Returning to Tännäs after 17 years. Here is a review of previous rec.
Positive: At all, you are investing in opening, renovating and expanding. Mountains / mountains with calm topography = ravines, steep moors Wind Protected. No lift queues (not even iaf).
Negative: How is economic endurance? By the year's season, the entire system was marketed, but after a while it was announced that the chair lift would only be open sports holidays and Easter. Then came the next message - the chair lift closed the whole season. For those of you who do not know, the skiing around and around the chair is clearly the best but the lift is up 40 years old and not sure anymore. To return to the initial question - you are talking about renovating the elevator as an alternative to buying a new or better used and wondering if the money is over. On the new mountain Mellankröket you have not been properly prepared before the snow came. Large rocks stacked up in the lift street. Any signage or marking of slopes does not exist - may be difficult for the beginner who does not want to end up in the "wrong" hill.
Summing: Grade 3 may remain, at least until the north side starts again. Extension of the 3rd Summit is currently uncertain due to land and rights tricks.

Fam, Tegenfeldt
Fam, Tegenfeldt (Guest)
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Now we have been up again in Fjällvatten and went to the bend. It was a little disappointment this year. Last year when we were up v6 and went in the bend there were several slopes open everything was absolutely top. When we were going to have lunch, it felt like building a barracks among planks and machines. Why can not you read about things on your website ???. There it was said that the bend was completely open not that it was a construction site. We hope that next year, when we get up, you have all the slopes open. It is absolutely wonderful in Tännä / Fjällvatten.

Scobi (Guest)
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Return to the valley of childhood to go skiing with your own children,
The wonderful memories you have since childbirth can hopefully be passed on to our own children.
Of course, there was a lack of people and busloads, as we remember from before, but with new investments we believe that many old as new guests will return.
The only smog in the cup would probably be the old chairlift, replace it and have an alternative with a tow lift up to the top so that the children themselves can take advantage of the long fine back from south to north. It is not everyone who appreciates sitting out in the air.
Looking forward to a good new 2007.

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The bark what do you say !? Absolutely wonderful that it revived again. I can say that the hill on the north side is not the most beautiful, so it's definitely one of the most beautiful in the whole of Härjedalen. There's probably about a hill in Ramundberget that matches it, but I do not think so. What plans are there about the plant. Building new backs until next year and a big hotel will eventually come. The bend is the place that will be the really hot opponent in the coming years! I long for excitement on what's coming .. keep it going!

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