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21/02/2019 (Modified: 21/02/2019)
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Small but not too small a place for a few days of skiing. But as always, it depends on how much new snow it comes. Little people on weekdays and a bit of bankruptcy on loose snow. Sitting together with Tangram and making sure that you buy lift passes for both if you are going on the backside off piste otherwise it will go a long way if you choose to go in that direction. Because you want to.
The forest is usually sparse in even slope.
There are no direct deals in and around the ski system, but buses go regularly down to the town and stop at a big store at the central station.

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Outstanding for such a small ski resort! Spent 3 weeks in Myoko and took a ride to Madarao on a day trip (the easiest way to get there from Myoko is by car, about 45min). There are several runs that are always left open, these were quite busy when we got there (it had snowed a few dm the day before). The possibility of good and easily accessible sidecountry where it is easy to find trace-free snow, even the day after a dump, makes the small mountain feel much bigger. The slope of the mountain is more steady than in many Japanese resorts, not so much transport distances, although it flares a little towards the end. The lifts are made up of chairlifts, some of them classic Japanese singles chairs.

To reach the sidecountry you have to walk a short distance from the highest lift, maybe 20-50m, and then slide along a comb in about 50-300m. Along with the comb, just choose where to go down and what's awaiting is beautiful tree-lined skiing with more or less steep slope all the way down until you reach the motorway. Once down, you have to drive about 300-500m along the road until you get back to the lifts again, but it's well worth it!

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