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Alps is good, company is not
Alps is good, company is not (Guest)
not bad but this is because Mother Nature and Alps
people also very good both local and those who comes to work
but company "Mayrhofen Bergbahn AG" is my opinion greedy,
they like only to take money so you couldn't see here:
no night skiing
no night shows
no toboggan piste
no any attraction like skyswing, fisser flieger or serfauser sauser
no fun areas and theme pistes for children
no ski KinderGarden or Kinderland
no any photopoint for
no valley run from main ski area
and yes to false advertizing when they putting on their map Hintertux glacier not included in normal tickets.

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I have wanted to write this review for a long time but in corn times you get a lot of time to spare so now it comes.
I did one season in Mayrhofen 2017/2018 and enjoyed every second. Lots of snow that came early, in plenty and lasted a long time. A village that is of reasonable size, price level and fantastic accessibility. I bought a Tirol snow card which gives access to 90 lift systems in the Tyrol which is valid from 1st October to 15th May for only 825 euros. In total there were 110 ski days in 8 different systems.
On December 2 at Malmö Central I jumped into a Volvo 740 with two guys who were going to Bad Gastein and which I found on Facebook and the adventure started.

I found via Facebook a place in an apartment at Gasthof Zillertal. Nowadays it is one of the few places where you can live as a ski bum and where you do not get the accommodation through jobs that are not extremely expensive. After a forum question here on freeride, a Kalle jumped into the apartment with and we were three in a 4-bed cover. The house has 6 seasonal apartments and the rest for short-term guests. On the ground floor there was a bar where every Monday beerpong tournaments were organized, where most of the village's seasons participated. The apartments themselves are very spartan and a high price is paid for low standards. On the website it sounds better than it is and the manager can be a pain in the ass but if you are chill as a person it goes well. If you do not want to work, you have to skip your own time as you sleep in the same room as three others and slightly damp walls. It was a good hang and we were free to do as we wished. Everyone who works there also lives in the house so you meet many friends every day and it is easy to come across a polar before or after a ski day to hang out or play pool in the bar.
The bus stops right outside and takes 5 minutes to the lift. If you choose to walk it takes 7 min to the train station or 10-15 to the village / lift.

I wanted to go to Austria but chose Bad Gastein and St: Anton p.g.a. a lot of Swedes. In Mayrhofen there are mostly British or Dutch. More and more Israelis are there every year too. In total we were 7 Swedes in the village.
The mean age is guessing at 25 and up. and f.d. park sponsored by VANS are many park rats. Most people have a job because otherwise it is difficult with housing.

With the lift card you get to ride with the train and buses for free which allows you to move between all the facilities in the Zillertal easily, quickly and opens up to many kilometers of skiing. Bluebird powders are often made in Kaltenbach or Penken / Mayhrofen. There are lots of tree runs in Zell am Ziller and Hitntertux is an experience in itself with fantastic skiing and views.
The lifts throughout the valley are modern, fast and very comfortable. The main gondola that rises on one mountain pen is said to be the most modern gondola in the world. Once up there it is a wide system with a lot of piste but when you get up a bit there are long off piste boats to find with.
In several places you can put your skis on your shoulder and in just minutes on foot you will find completely untouched faces in the days after snowfall.
The slopes are like on two sides of a "valley" so when the sun is up can find hard slopes even in the afternoon when they have been in the shade for a long time. Speaking of hard slopes, Austria's steepest slope in Harakiri is also on the shadow side and is best done in the morning before it becomes an ice rink with a decent slope.
The park is the centerpiece and a great hangout. Three jump lines and a very long jib line have been in recent years with their own lift that makes it easy to lap: a. The Grillhof restaurant next door with a very large outdoor area filled with hammocks and beanbags is a natural meeting place for everyone on the mountain.
It is rarely possible to take the skis all the way down to the valley because a horrible road and bad snow so you take the gondola down again. It stays open for 1 hour longer than the rest of the lifts so that the first Aprés ski beer can be elevated.
The other mountain Ahorn is quite small and almost adjacent to non-existent off-piste and yet has not so many people and the hill goes all the way down to the valley so you can go and ride and go. Perfect as a first or last ride for the day. At the top is a stooooor igloo with a bar.

When you come down with the gondola you stand in the middle of the village center. Straight ahead is a Gasser slaughterhouse with a ringing queue far outside the doors as it is very popular to eat their schnitzelsemmel or cheese bag or any other goodness.
To the left is the music from the Ice-bar, which attracts more than one party Brit's dancing. Preferably, you stay away from it to avoid a cascade spear or fight.
Along the street there are many cafes and restaurants but is generally a pretty quiet village.
The seasonal oasis is scotties. A pub in English spirit and full of contempt so that the fire protection authority in Sweden had fainted. Sometimes it is live shows and full noise and sometimes it is a dart night but a few beers, all depending on the day the weather is on. If you want to dance further into the night you can move to Harakiri bar or Bruck n 'stadl. Something that is missing is a place with an après ski troubadour where you can squeal sweet caroline three tones too high.

The last week of the season concludes with the Snowbombing festival. The village is invaded by 7,000 party Britons and things are happening everywhere. DJ sets in the slopes, the lift and far in the small hours. Plays in the woods, the village and the tennis club's very large indoor hall. Yoga on the mountain, parade in the village and cool outfits are just examples. Whether you like drum n bass, rap, house etc. or not, it is a great experience.

This winter I lived in Munich and was in the Zillertal several times as it is so easy to get there. 2 hours from Munich and 1 hour from Innsbruck makes fast transfer. Guaranteed I will come back as it is a fantastic skiing. Freeride's own article on Mayrhofen is good and provides some inspiration with it. Think I got most of it.
Thank you

Eva Bergander
Eva Bergander (Guest)
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Superb ski resort!

Jens Rasmussen
Jens Rasmussen (Guest)
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Good starting point in a gigantic area. The Hintertux Glacier is probably the most accessible off-piste I have traveled. With the guide you can probably go untouched weekly. We rented a guide who took us to the back of the glacier in a completely untouched yoke of 2200 height meters. Otherwise, Austria is like a clock. All communication and lift systems only work, no need to think about it. Highly recommended!

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Spent 4 ski days in the Zillertal during v 6. Stayed in Vorlanerbach which is a small town in Tux between Mayrhofen and Hintertux. Smoothly then the queues to the gondola are not as deterrent as down in Mayrhofen up to Penken. In addition, you can ski down to the village.
Went in Mayrhofen, Hintertux and Hochzillertal / Hochfügen.
The whole Zillertal is a fantastic area with a variation that is difficult in the Alps. We had a car which facilitates but free ski buses are frequent. Even though it was 14 days ago, the snowmobile last arrived and a lot of snow had risen, so there were plenty of interesting areas to explore for freeride skiing. With a small dump there are endless possibilities.
The slopes are well-prepared and no congestion.

Positive overcrowding was Hochzillertal and Hochfügen. Hochfügen is a famous freeride paradise where the world elite runs competitions. We got a wonderful offpist ride to the left of the Zillertal shuttle. 1000 m fall height. Mixed with free surfaces, ravines, drops and woods. The last bit goes in dense forests, but you get to a loop for the baskets that take one back to the elevator.
In Mayrhofen, the backside in the direction of the lift 8 is Horbergjoch's sovereign where you descend into the valley back towards the Park. You can also turn up to the left from the elevator along the comb.

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Nice place in the Zillertal with close to the Hintertux glacier. When I have been here I have lived in Lanersbach which is a cozy little town snap higher up from the city itself. There are really good offpiste opportunities if you take the Eggalm cabin and then the anchor Bellspitzlift and then go up the comb. There is also good pudding around Rastkogel.
Mayrhofen has good piste skiing with long beautiful yard, lots of chairlifts. They also have a really good park with everything from 3 big big air, to lots of different rail / bonk / spine / walls / pipe features.
Good variety with goa beer places, absolutely ok after skiing as well as the right good food.
Hintertuxen is also really go !!

Henrik (Guest)
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Been there 2 times, in March, once with friends and second time with the family. The village is 2 hours from Munich Airport, so it is easy to rent a car and go there on your own. When I've been there, it's been spring and almost snowy down in the village, but good with snow in the slopes, perfect!

I have lived centrally within walking distance to Penken and Ahorn to escape the sometimes unreliable ski bus. Rarely drops pistons or feels late, so I do not talk about it. The village is nice, but not directly charming. The mountains are beautiful, the lifts are modern, the slopes are fine but they get well broken after lunch and the pistons might be a bit better. Right many rich Russians with limited skiing ability, but it is well in the whole of the Alps nowadays. No giant system, but together with other systems in the Ziller Valley, it is more than enough. A serious fun park in the middle of the sun with younger crowds, perfect if you belong to that target group. Fairly cheap, never more than 4 euros for a beer, a yellow cheese for about 5.

Recommends a trip to Little Ahorn this morning to avoid sex to Penken that occurs after 08.30. The only congestion is in the morning and in the afternoon, otherwise the lift queues are tiny in March.

Best is Hintertux in fine weather, absolutely amazing! But avoid blowing.

Andreas (Guest)
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A good system with not so many people. Fits the best if you would like to go around a little by bus or car to other Tuxertal systems which are very good, otherwise a little bit for a week.
Was there 2012 1 day week 9 and had dumped alot the night before.

+ Very few people who go offpiste. Could go untouched offpist just outside the piste all day after snowfall.
+ Did not have a pistachio some backs pist 17 after snowfall. Have never been to similar. The black back was filled with 30-50 cm of snow and only to drive over and over again.
+ Not much queues, despite week 9.

-Posts very sporadically after snowfall (if you prioritize pistachio).
- Customer replaced some tow lifts with more modern.
-Ahorn - What's this for a bad system ???
-Eggalm is a little clumsy with the rest of the system to get back from. Do not definitely take the bus there / from there, there are 10 trips worse.

Rebecka Swane
Rebecka Swane (Guest)
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Warning for Hotel Gasthof Brucke.

Just got home from Mayrhofen, which was the top. Defend dock for Hotel Gasthof Brucke. We had a break in our hotel room. The staff at the hotel could not explain it and the entry and exit log for our door was not registered except when we went in and out. The police could not see any damage to the balcony door, windows or hotel room door. We then asked if it means that you can enter the hotel rooms without a key from the hotel which the police confirmed.

Hotel staff handled the whole situation in a very sad way and with incredibly cuddly attitude.

So, avoid the Hotel Gasthof Brucke.



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Mayrhofen, the place for those who want a wonderful nightlife combined with a glorious skiing. Mayrhofen offers a wide choice of slopes ranging from children's area to the extreme Harakiri. The offpiste is relatively good. A tip for those who are here and never before Mayrhofen is to be up early and take one of the first lifts up, otherwise there is a risk of long queues. If it's sunny and nice weather, Hintertux is a hot alternative.