Santa Caterina Valfurva

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Santa Caterina Valfurva belong to Bormio.

Santa Caterina Valfurva Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0.1 in rain
    3 mph
  • Friday
    0 ft
    2 mph
  • Saturday
    0.2 in rain
    Rain showers
    4 mph

Facts about Santa Caterina Valfurva

Slopes (Total: 16)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:2
Red Intermediate:12
Black Advanced / Expert:2

Lifts (Total: 10)

Vertical drop
Santa Caterina Valfurva Vertical drop
Mountain high: 9186 ft
Vertical drop: 3484 ft
Mountain low: 5702 ft

Childrens area:1
Country: Italy

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After reading the previous review of Santa Catarina I will explain why I come to a completely different rating.

I have found a number of gold grains in the Alps, and Santa Caterina is definitely in the top game. What do I look for at a ski resort so that it can get the highest score.
1) A good mountain, ie there is a proper fall height, and good skiing both below and above the tree boundary and that the rock has accessible steeper rides (at least 35 degrees continuous slope)
2) North side, east and west can work if at least partly it is north side, when the snow falls it should stay fine.
3) A lot of snow (linked to the above points), but it is not very important, I go to my gems when I know it is snowing.
4) Efficient and reliable lifts that take one up to good starting points for skiing
5) Not so many people, at least going off piste (which pulls down eg Engelberg for me).
6) Party on after skin when the spirit falls on, so not quite stone dead.
7) I like genuine, good and affordable backyard restaurants
8) Possibility of slack country when the closest to the lift, and back country when you really want to ride.
9) I would like to have a genuine environment, Val Thorens' buildings reduce the whole experience for me

Things that do not matter at all, how many lifts there are and how many pistes there are.

Santa Catarina unusually meets many of my positive criteria. The mountain is excellent, with a large north side (yes, there are rides on the south side for the children and those who want to try to go off the piste for the first time, but all the right off piste is on the north side).

There is very good skiing right next to the gondola in fun terrain with little competition, but the real rides are reached from the top of the chairlift highest in the system by walking from the south side to the north side with two main entrances towards the couloirs and pots that are there. Depending on the snow supply you can go almost down to the valley where a transport path catches you and takes you back to the lift, later in the season you may have to slope back towards the middle station.

The area has many walkers, and it is often pisted a path up to the real summit of Sobretta at 3296 m, and the walkers strangely go down this road too. This can be used to hike up to the entrance higher up on the rock, which requires that they be erected beforehand (there are large rock areas, proper cardboard, rock guide or local recommended).

From the top of Mt Sobretta, which takes 1-2 hours to get up depending on the equipment, turvana and fitness, there are really nice steep gutters on the north side (45+, may need ropes sometimes, all the gutters are not rides all the way). It is also possible to go the large NV side which is visible from the top lift in Bormio, and which also rarely goes. The ride takes you down the road between Bormio and Santa Catarina, so some planning regarding re-transport is required (there are buses once an hour).

The area has unlimited hiking opportunities in really high alpine terrain, with Ortler, Sulden mfl in direct connection to the valley.

There are good moves with DJ and boots at the south-facing lunch restaurant but more expensive and more factory regarding the food, but there are several small cozy restaurants scattered throughout the system. It is usually good after ski down in the village, otherwise Bormio is a safe card.

If you live in Bormio, and ski alternately in Bormio and Santa Catarina, then you have a cruel concept! I keep it as one of the best areas of the Alps based on my criteria above. If you share them, then I would really like to go there!

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Santa Caterina Valfurva is the second largest of Bormio's ski system and is about 30 minutes from Bromio. Since a review is missing, I write my experiences of two skiing days here. When I was here during week 4, it was sunny but snowy.

The system has an egg lift which takes up to 2725 m via an intermediate station. There is also a further seating lift up from the resort. The upper part consists of a northern side where the crossroads used for the World Cup 2016 are located. One of the longer slopes during the racing season. A really good pist and only black piste. Narrow at the beginning and then get something broader. The southern side consists of a large beautiful and unspoilt white with some slopes in between. Here is the possibility of off-piste skiing. Here is the famous Sunny Vally restaurant, which dominates the restaurant life in its system. A beautiful building in American cabinet with good food. Include on all promotional images from the resort. Went only skis and therefore has no insight into the resort.

In summary, a system of easy to midwifery skiing. Pretty small system suitable for a few days' stay. A big plus is the wide range of wilderness feelings. Guests are usually Italian. Many visit the resort during the day commenced from Bormio. By Börje Hammarling

Trail map

Trail map Santa Caterina Valfurva

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