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Snow depth
525 m
65 m
80 cm
70 cm
The town of Tromsø in northern Norway is no ordinary ski resort. Although there is a small ski area with a few drag lifts and pistes just some 10 kilometers from town, that’s not the reason we find Tromsø on the ski resort map. Instead, people are coming here from all over the world to do ski touring in the nearby mountains. Touring opportunities are next to endless here.

Lyngen and Senja are probably the best-known ski destinations around Tromsø, both located a couple of hours by car away from the city. There are ski areas that are a lot closer though. Just look at some photos from Tromsø and you will understand you don’t need to hike far to get access to some world-class touring areas. It is an area that is really suitable for any touring enthusiasts, family friendly “picnic skiers” but also hard-core alpine skiers. Add to that the magnificent views. Tromsø is located on the Atlantic coast with all its beautiful fjords. It easy to understand why Tromsø and its surroundings are areas which touring skiers from all over the world long to visit.

Snow forecast

  • Thursday

    3.5 cm snow

    7 m/s
  • Friday

    2.2 mm slush

    10 m/s
  • Saturday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky

    6 m/s
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Here I was Easter this year, the hill was not even approved to be open when people had a week earlier died in lavinras in one of the slopes. At the top, be careful about the snowboarding when the stones pop up here and there. Then there are big ice spots here and there all the way down, crazy when you have to brake, that's not going to happen anymore.

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Plan the top trip in Tromso (and other Norway) already at your computer. Choose potential peaks, see the weather, check if there are mountain huts nearby etc.

Here you will find mountain maps all over Norway:
Norgesglasset - The Norwegian Mapping Authority

Here you can see which mountain cabins you can stay at:
DNT Tour Planner

Meteorological Institute:
Usually provides forecasts that are correct

NVE and Meteorological Institute
May be smart to watch a current snow chart as well ...

Informative page about avalanches in Norway

Bjørklid ferry company:
Handles ferry services between Tromsø and Lyngen.

Midnightsun Mountainguides:
For those who want to be guided to the Tromsø region's pearls ...

Tourist Office in Tromso:
Check out accommodation, climate etc.

Fjällsportgruppen in Tromsø:
Here is the city's comprehensive knowledge of top trips .... (

Tromso Holidays:
Can fly cheap from Oslo

Or by train to Narvik
And bus Narvik-Tromsø

Norwegian meeting place on the web


Björn Biller
Björn Biller (Guest)
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I live in Tromsø, but I will try to give an objective picture.

Tromsø is best suited for peak trips, the slalomback does not make people travel to Tromsø. With Tromso as a base for top trips for a week, you will be able to experience incredibly varied skiing. In the late spring and summer you can combine with canoeing and climbing. Tromsø is a big city with Norwegian dimensions measured (67000 inv.)

Positive: proximity (15min from the town by car you can stand on the mountain), effective altitude meters (rarely long skis before climbing up starts), varied skiing (steep, flat, fjords, islands, mainland, various snow conditions) grim (Norway's most pubic city), dry snow far out in May, sunlight (April onwards), nice people, different (ski from mountain to sea), mild winter (rarely colder than -5 due to the Gulf Stream), good communication flight), long season and mild snow (average depth in Tromsø city is 100cm on April 1), otherwise (when the winter is over there are canoeing and climbing).

Negative: There is mild weather in Tromso (sun, rain, storm, clear blue sky: proximity to the Atlantic gives an unstable climate) far away (if traveling here), expensive (food, housing, gasoline, etc.), dark time late November to end of January), small slalombacke.

I divide my favorite puppies via "Tips and Offpiste Paths".

Good luck

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Rider:  Photo: Tor-Edgar Ripman


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