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I spent a total of 1 month in the Gastein Valley (Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorfgastein and Sportgastein) the season 15/16 and it was absolutely magical.

I was really lucky with the weather, either it was snowing or it was sunny. The bluebird days were unreal.

If you want to have a forest, there is a nice ride in both Dorfgastein and the back of Stubnerkogel. There were some nice hidden trails that were nice all day after snowfall, but hard to find untouched several days after snowfall.

If you want high-alpine skiing there is enough in Sportgastein. If you drive without avalanche equipment and want to be close to the lifts, you can ride on the right, left and between all the slopes to find untouched all day after snowfall.

Do you know what you're doing, run the back of Sportgastein, more about what you can read in other reviews and scratches.

The worst of all the mountains is the Schlossalm above Bad Hofgastein, where it was crowded with bad tourists and kids, but for your families, it's okay, but you would still recommend the other mountains to escape all the people and yet there are child-friendly backs.

There are really many, very many huts to have a cozy lunch or drink some cold.

The disadvantage of Gasteindalen compared with other resorts is that you need to go bus between all the ski areas. If you have chosen an area, it will be difficult to change to another during the day, except between Schlossalm and Stubnerkogel.

Are you a family of children looking for good slopes and ski instructors, it's a good place, you're a party walk who likes to soak up and go skiing, so it's a good place. Are you a prosecutor and want to go for a leisurely slope and dense forest and Gastein nothing for you.

Many Swedes, residents are good in English. Very tourist friendly.

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We were a bunch that was down in BG v 4 2016. Unfortunately, we had a bad snow (and a lot of sunshine) but I got a pretty good impression of BG anyway. We went through all the systems in the area and I was quite impressed by what nice lifts it was and what good bus communications were there. However, the slopes were not as good as it was snowy. In principle, we had spring skiing in the afternoons at Sport Gastein. But what I could see was that there were very big areas to go on the piste offpiste at ease.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that afterskin was a little pale if compared to Mayrhofen. We tested both Silver Bullet and Haegblomms. Silver Bullet looked like some kind of dance band. Say DJ and there was no pressure.

As for food and drink, I want to beat Rossalm. Food in star class at great prices. Very nice atmosphere. In BG, they do not seem to know how to do Jägerte. In most places, it tastes chemically in addition to Hartlgut or the Farmer as it should be hot according to seasoned ones.

Likes that it's so easy to go straight to BG. Took 4 h (and 8 beers) from Munich Airport.

Kristofer (Guest)
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I seasoned in Bad Gastein (or as we seasoners say "BG ") the winter 13/14 and it was amazingly good!

It's a rather big system, I think with a lot of varied driving from steep slopes to a bit more ice-skating and slippery slopes! Many of the slopes are hilly - which I personally thought was fun! A little less fun the days you were completely dead in the legs though!

The slopes in Bad Gastein on Stubnerkogel itself are not much to cheer for if you are a beginner or have your children - quite steep and partly narrow. But in Angertal and Schlossalm there are many really lovely and long runs !!

Sport Gastein is a gem you must visit in fine weather! Taking 15-20 minutes by ski bus oh is definitely worth it!
You can also go to Dorf Gastein, which is also a very nice ski area with many slopes and great restaurants!

The park in BG was not much to cheer for - so you who want a grim park should think twice!

Nightlife I did not think so much about writing - BG is the most famous for its party life, but it's crazy to go to BG - but who goes to the Alps with the biggest focus on party? ;-)

Very good ride for most!
Sport gastein sunny days!
Nice mountain area with lovely views!
Ski passes are available in a UNITED KINGDOM area in Austria (tips for those who will be there for a long time - type seasonal tours to different piste areas on day trips and exploring !! This card does not cost extra if yes is correct.

Many people go here sports week weeks = long queues!
Had a bad snow when I was there - but you're not sure!
A bit well very Scandinavian and in their places a little well "touristy "!

Pelle Andersson
Pelle Andersson (Guest)
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We were in Bad Gastein v9 and had half weather and snow conditions / temperatures most reminiscent of v13-14
Have visited about 15 resorts in the Alps and Bad Gastein is one of the worst ski-in. Small variety and difficult bus transport system. However, it is much better, for example, Åre or Trysil if you want to compare with the Swedish / Norwegian mountains.

Have also been to Bad Gastein during the summer and walked and it was absolutely amazing. There we also stayed at the Saltzburger Hof with fantastic food which of course contributed to the overall experience.

/ Pelle

Mikael (Guest)
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Were in Badgastein now under the Sports Act 2015. Oh, I can say that if you travel with children there are few places to hit Badgastein. The advantage is that many speak Swedish and there are many events like children iaf 6-15). Among other things, Determined Redbull playstreets are settled there in the middle of the town every year o They have plenty of different baths that kids like. Then we also lived at a Swedish-owned guest house (Haus erika), with a host couple who were incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Just a stone's throw from the lifts (Stubern) o 50m from the ski slope. They had extensive knowledge of the area which greatly facilitated us. There are several mountains to go there. We went up on Sportgastein first dan. Sportgastein offers alpine skiing at 2700m. In fine weather we had there, d is fantastic. They also had very good food at the central station there. We only went with a mountain to stubernkogel before we got home. There they have a mountain restaurant called Bellevue Alm. A 400 year old farmhouse which now serves as a restaurant. Really got a real alp feeling there. Can eat there both in the evening and in the evening. If you eat in the evening you get a tow on the ticket o A 2.5 km long illuminated canyon awaits!
Short and good, are you going to travel with children and have a lot of activities besides skiing, I would recommend Badgastein.

Ragnar (Guest)
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Have been to Bad Gastein several times but also other places in France and Italy. The last time was on the 2nd of 2014 and it seems that the queues have almost disappeared since they built the new cabins on Stubnerkogel. The biggest advantage, however, is the easy-to-reach off-piste both at Sportgastein and Stubnerkogel, which is also unexplored the first hour as it is in Chamonix and St. Anton. Since I was there last year 2009, there have been several really professional guide schools that can take you to a really good off-piste yacht without having to hike for hours. Even the ski buses have become better so all in all, I can recommend Bad Gastein for those who want to ski both in the back and outside. Nightlife is good and you can relive the youth at places like Haeggbloms but also enjoy good food and drinks in the new place Ginger's'Gin. Does Bad Gastein like to pay much attention to his nightlife but I think it's terribly underestimated for his skiing!

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Bad Gastein. great place if you want to find an alternative to sports or branäs. You notice directly that the village does not circle war skiing without even more at the hotels. Most hotels are over half a mile away from the lifts. skiing is not much to brag with it is possible to go, but snow was missing in most of the slopes. admittedly not all skiing is bad there are some longer runs and they are often crowded.
For those who want to ski on your skiing holiday, do not go to Bad Gastein.
we stayed at the hotel eden and the hotel is like the slopes. (quite bad) what I had heard, the oath would have a good kitchen, that was something I was looking forward to when I had half board. but I did not say the food was unclean, so I longed for the school food you received in elementary school.

nightlife: I thought there were 2 places to go to in the evening and they were silver bullet and haegbloms. On silver, the average age was 35+ and on haegblom 20+ but it was very sunk.

+ good weather
+ good sales
+ ALL customer Swedish (do not know if it's a real plus)
+ service minded staff

lift systems
food (could not find anything but French on the slopes if you do not want to pay 300 kr per lunch)
very bad skiers on the slopes

Johan Neborg
Johan Neborg (Guest)
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Bad Gastein was the best trip out of my 13 year old life with maybe 15 different trips on my neck. It was a wonderful weather and climate. The sun shines constantly and it felt like in paradise. We stayed at the world-famous Hotel Salzburger Hof which offered everything from good food to whirlpool, a sick big swimming pool and great meals. I who had only ski 3 times before of which 1 was sick all week, I was not in a top shape when I was on the skis right away. So I went to a ski school all week I went from riding the blue hill a little bit wrong to get red and even black without problems. More about what I did and more about skiing and the presidency. The ski slopes were very well looked after and the staff that helped were always nice and almost always said "good luck" (how to spell it) haha. but unfortunately, at the bottom of the tree line, it was a bit lighter and more obvious but guess why? the whole ski school for those who were a little more amateurs than me went there all day :( everything for me, worth a visit clearly!

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Bad Gastein is small Sweden in Austria. It's a lot of party and all "cool" are there.
Good skiing, it's a very big place.
It's definitely a good ski resort, but if you want to come from all Swedes this is not the place you should go to. But are they good and affordable skiing you're looking for then Bad Gastein is a great place.

Have been to Bad Gastein 2 times, the first time was early in the season but it was quite okay ..
The second time it was a good ride, a bit of ice. But after a proper dump of snow it would probably be more intreesant driving ...

Skiing +
Nationality -

Bibop (Guest)
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Just come home and find out that BG is not really for me. A lot of parties, almost only Swedes and 80% of the system have artificial snow, and while the food is OK, one must look for something really good, especially in the slopes. But I think people go there. But there are some pearls. Graukogel, no snow cannons, amazing slopes, almost no skiers (probably because of the ancient, rather slow lifts). Sportgastein, especially skiers left. The restaurant at the Jungeralm lift actually cooks food - not a gulash soup from giant cans from Knorr. Great. And the beer is both good and cheap everywhere,