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11/02/2009 (Modified: 02/09/2010)
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I was lucky enough to go down twice now at the beginning of the year.
At first I was there v.3 and v.5, it was my 7th time I was in Bad Gastein.
A wonderful ski resort for those who are in the mood for offpiste, though, I have to say that below the tree line it becomes quite grim.

If you want the best skiing and off-piste it's sport gastein and badgastein to move around, there are a lot of places that are not touched and one can easily be the first to make wonderful trails in the snowmobile. Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein are interconnected due to angularity and they are the only mountains in the valley that you can travel between with lifts without having to take a bus.
Sportgastein also has the best pistil fans in the valley and the feeling is wonderful when you see that there are some people in the slopes "mostly because people are too lazy to take the bus which takes about 20 minutes)

The different resorts are
Bad Gastein (Angertal - lift)
Bad Hofgastein (Angertal lift)
Dorfgastein (Bus)
Sportgastein (Bus)

Something about skiing even if it's the best with the whole place. Think there are enough people to find out how it is, but I can also say that we were very lucky with the weather v.3 when we got sunshine with a lot of snow all week and v, 5 with 4 sun days and 3 a little worse.

The nightlife:
The nightlife beats most, if you have been to Val Thorens, you wonder if you have come to heaven kingdom. Looking for the best after skis, "for youngsters" where everyone sings and the tuning is at high level, then you should move to heagblooms that are right across the street from the Shell Mack, completely cruel after skiing, both the silver bullet and Eden .

When I and our Polar were there v.5, we spent our night out mainly hanging around Gatz, Silver Bullet and Eden. Wonderful places, however, depending on the people who are there of course. There are a lot of unexplored little pubs a little further down the village that I would recommend to check out.

Still about the nightlife, we lived at the sports hotel adler, or as some others called it a German onion hotel.
If you are looking for some cheap but minimal roof over your head and a surface of 4 square meters, you should live there, to say that the four mansions are extremely small while the two men's rooms are large.

A little tired now, just returned from BG, so go get me haha ​​:)
But please write if you have questions. can answer most of the time!

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Was in Badgastein late January 2009.
Although Badgastein is not at a particularly high altitude, there was surprisingly much snow.
The best rides are found in Sport Gastein, nice off-piste, yet wind-sensitive area. Blowing it in Badgastein then blowing it into hell in Sportgastein.

Fine forest skiing on the Graukogel side, the most beautiful slopes do not attract very many.

If you feel tired of fatigue, you can drive the 13 kilometer slope at the Schlossalm

Overall, skiing is very good.

The downside of the resort is everything Busy. Bus to Sportgastein, Bus to Graukogel, Bus to Dorfgastein.

If you are lucky you can stay at Haus Winkler. Got the clothes washed and that the place is next to the Stubnerkogelift so you do not have to go long walks compared to staying at Eden or SalzburgerHof

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Gestainertal offers varied rides carry all levels. Dorfgastein (where I lived) is a disappointment, both snowy and yesterday. The gold climbing pairs are Bad Hoffgastein and Sportgastein !! Sportgastein offers world-class off-piste if the snow conditions are good.

+ Sportgastein
+ Bad Gasteins city
+ The lift pass applies to the entire ski amade, which is a big advantage

-all Swedish (you want to feel abroad)

but nevertheless an absolute good place worth a visit,

P.S 4 gets it for the sport

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I was in the guest end of the sport year 06. Absolutely ok place according to me good and smooth lift system, lots of new lifts. Nice atmosphere and nightlife. The village of Badgastein resembles more an alp village, a bath, Hofgastein and Dorfgastein. The finest ride is in Bad Hofgastein and Sportgastein which is the best lantern if you want to sneak off. The peaks are around 2000 meters and there is plenty of snow on the top, but the slopes below the woodline are often icy and upright.

There are quite a lot of Danes who have never been on the skis so you should be careful about the interest rate, anyone can drive on a rear view.

Badgastein is the most beautiful of the villages and is also a famous spa resort.
If you go around Christmas, do not miss the Christmas table at Zalsburg N Hof, a must.
Gastein is a good ski area with lots of variety and fun skiing.
But, as said, it's not one of the best ski resorts in the Alps but still has to be met.

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Although the resort is a tourist machine, one can not stop under a chair that Badgastein is measuring as a high-class ski resort.

Lots of Scandinavians, Swedes overrepresented!


* Sportgastein! A great system, very snow proof.
* Dorfgastein. An underestimated lift system that's how ballt like pouring!
* Many nice hotels, pedantry of Swedes
* Funny afterski, where you can not * only * be forced to listen to German house makers, playing international music that seems to be in short supply in Austria!
* Luxury feel in the village. Many nice restaurants
* Felsenbad. Amazingly nice to swim in the hot springs

* The Swedes totally dominates the cityscape. Be fun with a little more international environment
* The best ski areas are in my opinion at both ends of the valley. Stubnerkogl and Bad Hofgastein closest to me, I have never been really impressed by (but I have probably had a bad luck).

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Absolutely ok place.


Bad Hof Gastein .... takes hours to get there
Grauzkogel ..... slow lifts
Stubnerkogel ... hauls

Quite ok but something overrated.

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Swedish colony, but oh so nice it was anyway!
To celebrate Christmas in Badgastein, I can warmly recommend, partly because you do not have to cook Christmas food and get lots of Christmas presents, but also for the good Christmas table at the Saltzburger Hof, snow on Christmas Eve and of course the skiing!
The actual ride itself was alright, given the sunshine around the clock for a week, which in turn led to much ice and rock in the hill, but otherwise it was great!

Do not despise the nightlife! Nightlife really takes place in Badgastein, and sometimes weighs (believe it or not) skiing.
Looking for good skiing, awesome nightlife and nice people, Badgastein is perfect for you!

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Was in Gastein week 9. Great valley with a really beautiful Alpine feel. many Austrian families and Swedes. There are three villages in Dalan Dorfgastein, Hofgastein and Bath Gastein. The two renowned are classic alpine villages, but bath gastein is an old spa resort located in a "cliff" where there are "healing" sources. The village is a mansion of old spa hotels and ruckel. The skiing is good in the Gastein valley and there is an area for all skiers. Schlossalm generally has flat slopes for beginners, but an altitude is nevertheless the 11 km long downhill which goes all the way down to the village. Stubnerkogel has mixed rides. Go to the sports gastein if the sun shines, then it's a paradise with lovely rolling slopes and after a good snowfall there's plenty of good offpiste. Graukogel is Bad Gastein lodge. It was like going back in time. But the slopes were surprisingly good and that was how little people were. If there is a lot of snow, graukogel is awesome, I think.
When we were snow conditions weird. It started well with about 30 cm of snow, but then it was raining and snow passed over the drizzle. Last day, it was clean spring bones everywhere in the slopes. Bad Gastein is definitely worth going to, a good winter with a lot of snow it is certainly absolutely wonderful.

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Been in Badgastein v 13 this year. We managed to spice in the best week of the whole season = one meter of snowy 2 the first days, the rest of the sun (and then they got a dump for a couple of nights), no people (late in the season), PERFECT !! We found our favorite fortress, Sportgastein, where we stayed for most of the days. Beautiful pistons and offpiste everywhere. Bad Hofgastein, I also enjoy a lot of varied rides. Try the beautiful 11 ​​km long piste, from Stubnerkogel all the way down. We return guaranteed next season !!

Peter Baffco
Peter Baffco (Guest)
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Was there 17-24 March.
First day sun. Outdoor seating and only upper body ..
Then there was a dump of almost two meters. Loose snow the rest of the week. Best skiing week ever.

Add that the Austrians are really nice, the food and above all the beer cheap (3-4 € for a ½ liter)!

Bad Gastein, see you again!