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13/03/2018 (Modified: 16/08/2018)
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Top skiing when there is a lot of snow! Has had up to 80 cm cold pillows in Björnfällan (at the far end of the farmer's right and slant 5-10 min). Quite a few visitors who can get there in view of the availability of easy-to-reach off-piste, out there, you can scratch new lines all day, sometimes several days. The forest there has different sparseness and different slopes and some ravines. Awesome to save a little later after a dump and run the big gorges and forest in the system first. But it's going to be the first in the lifts after a dump, then the best lift-up ride up quickly.

Back country skiing:
Norgesvängen (1 h by lift) + Borkafjället (4.5 h to the road over the lake) is a nice day trip 5-6 h.
The saddle (0.5-1 h) up the left of the truck from the Jan-express lift is also nice and easily accessible.

After skin:
Hotel: Short but good move. Children with hearing aids, (older) boys from Stockholm, a job conference from the coast and overpacked Gothenburgs who run the open season at the only girls' gate.
The Inn: Calmer level, often with trubadurer. Family families and top enthusiasts. Really soft and nice.

The grub:
Hotel: Good, average price, average value.
The Inn: Fine, average price, small portions but a little bit more bitter than above and really nice staff.
Skilodge: Good, but often few dishes and a little up in price. Nothing for vegetarians.

Hotel: Fine, fresh rooms, good breakfast, ok level affordable. A little messy with all the people everywhere, tired skiers with the stuff everywhere, bouncing kids and stressed parents, there's no kind of a calm whistle. The staff's service spirit is typically Swedish.
The Inn: Fresh for the average hostel level, nice staff, definitely affordable.

Above all, fine-tuned free-riding mountain with some nice top marks and one such last-out feeling!

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Heaven when it just dumped. We were there v5 and we were almost the whole system in the beginning of the week. That's the hotel shuttle when Jan Express was closed Monday. We counted on Monday to 8 people in the system so we had magic rides. Can imagine how heavenly it is when it snowed it may be as hellish if it has not snowed for a long time. Here is the wild west and you rarely soar that when you get up with the machine, you get it fixed. This actually happened during our week there. Not even the lifeguard was pissed up to the top when they opened Jan Express yet, it's among the better skiing I've had. It's because of snow conditions more than management of the plant. Extra + for the boardie t-lift, change everyone to this divine invention, we will not even miss the chairlifts and maybe it was because it was offseason but the hotel staff need a course in customer service
Ps do not miss the moose burgher at the inn, it's awsome!

Pascal Eisenring
Pascal Eisenring (Guest)
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Adventurous and magical backs.
Very Beautiful views with lovely offpist and some amazing carving backs

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When there is snow in Kittelfjäll there is nothing better. The powder can be left untouched for a long time and it is offered on ravines, pots and magic forests. For the well-behaved, the top can also be reached.
But if it's bad with snow, Kittelfjäll is one of the worst ski resorts, out of doors without a seat lift and a bad tinge.
 I suppose CO2 emissions take their right, sin.

Linus (Guest)
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Good system skating with proximity to walking.
Possibility of heli-lift and cat-ski at affordable price!

Sweden's Japan !?

Hubert Siwe
Hubert Siwe (Guest)
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Sick, the snow is magical. Oh, Heliski, that's the best skiing experience I've been to!

Magnus (Guest)
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Have plenty of weekends here every season and always ready to put me in the car a weekend after snowfall (34 miles). Sweden's best ski resort within a week after snowfall. Sweden's worst thing if it did not come snow for a while ... Absolutely impossible to plan a visit in advance and guarantee a good experience. If you want to have pisted slopes and skis on the staff you should seek elsewhere. Here is the wild west!

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Have been more times in Kittelfjäll than I can count (or at least hurricane). Many times I have been there when Kittelfjäll shows its worst side, badly with snow, wind spinning, bad staff and backs that turned into puck pails without any attempts by the staff to solve it with a pistol. But for some reason, I always find back to this little city. Why?

For when there is snow, Kittelfjäll is absolutely damn wonderful. After the snowfall, you begin to plow the ravines closest to the lift and the national slope and then work outwards to the side of the mountain. Afterwards, you climb the saddle and camp tracks above the entire area of ​​the piste, a few days later, go to Catski or Heliski in places that the skiers have not found yet. In Kittelfjäll you can travel unspoilt snowflake for 1 week (probably more) after dumped. Besides that, I imagine that people who go to Kittelfjäll do so for one reason: to go skiing / boarding. For this reason, all the people you meet in the pub or Kittelpark are interesting, we all share the same interest. Stockholmare does not go to Kittelfjäll to soar, they go to Åre or Sälen. Those who go to Kittelfjäll get there for a reason and I do that :)

What is needed is the long-term ownership of the hotel and the elevator, an additional lift either on the saddle or beyond Norgesvängen. By the way, it will not grow further or get bigger than that :)

Only then will the grade be world class.

Skatebanana (Guest)
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Snack about a real mountain! Here you will find ravines like natural halfpipes, hinge rails,
drip, easily accessible tops and other gaps. Since it's pillows it's the best
the ride in Sweden. Sick how many slopes you reach on just two lifts .. And now it's getting bored
that the saddle lift is in progress with the new investors. However, the hotel needs to be refurbished one
part, but still offers that family feeling of coming home. The staff were ill nice at work, at the bar and on the slopes. Thank you Kittelfjäll, see you again!

Johan (Guest)
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Sweden's best ski resort clearly if you like offpiste, freestyle ride (not jibb). Åre, funäsdalen, hemavan, vemdalen trysil, hemsedal, you name it, nobody gets close to kittelfjäll's off-piste! Have yourself around all ski resorts in Sweden, and the big ones in Norway, but kittelfjäll are the real paradise. Was there today before New Year's Eve and it had just dumped 5dm of fresh pillows, Jan Express had a premiere and it was completely untouched everywhere! I can promise that I had snow to my breasts when I went to the consumer raft! Plus a lot of pillows and drops everywhere! Feel sick and pull a backward finish, perform a pillow with 4 meter drop and 50 cm deep pillow landing (disappeared literally in the snow). Without a doubt, the coolest experience I've had as long as I have been skiing (15 years), not even on the places I've been to the Alps, I've experienced such wonderful skiing like this in the fountain! A memory for life! Absolutely indescribably wonderful, most snow in all of Sweden right now!
Then there are the sick places without forest and a lot of trees too, "big and lillgrova" which are the biggest gorges I experienced in the Swedish and Norwegian ski resorts also had partially untouched 50 cm cushions, which is completely indescribable when you reach 50 knyck and drive in the ravine when the snow just gets up in your face so you hardly see now, wonderful! Helicopter lift is also available, has not been tested because the skiing you get from the lifts is world class !!! The hotel, the resturants, everything is great! Cruel afterski with beer for 19 kr piece! And here in the cauldron you can pump pillows at the end of April!
There is also a snack about building a chairlift on the "saddle" (a top of the fountain). When it's done, I can not describe words what a great ski resort this will be!
If you are looking for the real off-piste with the snow up to the chest and pillows and drop everywhere, Kittelfjäll is the only choice !!!