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Mt Ruapehu includes Turoa, Whakapapa

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Sarah McArthur
Sarah McArthur (Guest)
When the weather is good, Ruapehu, in particular Whakapapa has to be one of the best mountains I have ever ridden on. In one run it is possible to drop a cornice, ride a chimney or spin off a rock ledge - the scenery is amazing with Ngarahoe?sp? dominating the sky line, and the riding can parallel this - that is if its not raining and windy. Unfortunately the mountain is more than prone to bad weather... but don't get disheartened on a good day its great! Hike to the crater at about 14:30, sit and enjoy the views, then cruise down after every one has gone home - as specially after a recent snowfall this is unmissable!

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I here in mid October, how hot it is, it is on the same latitude as southern Spain does on the other side of the globe. Since Turoa, or Mt Ruapehu, as the whole mountain is called together with the other Whakapapa ski resort, is a fat volcano 3000 m high and is the only mountain in the North Island, it captures incredible amounts of precipitation. A regular winter they have 2-3 m of snow. The downside is that clouds are drawn to the mountain like a magnet and make it less easy to see ...

The largest facilities at NZ are located on the North Island, none of those on the South Island can compete in Mt Ruapehus 28 lifts and nearly 800 m fall height. Lift prices are better as well.

The park holds high class, good pipe, many rails and big jumps.
There are huge gorges in the area and you do not have a hundred kills, so you can get a little lost ... but do not let it scare you because the landscape is full of health and you'll find superficial off piste places.

Best of all, NZ is such a damn compact and wonderful country so you can easily get world class surfing in the morning and then rip in the park in the afternoon.

Big and modern places, minus for all people ...

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