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Camilla R
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Nice area with very good skiing. Unfortunately, we scored a holiday week for French school children, so there was a lot of ski school activity on the slopes.

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In competition with Val d'Isere, the best ski resorts I tried in the Alps. Here you will find everything, cruising forests, good high-speed trails and fantastic slopes. Set against Valdi, Serre loses when it comes to high-heeled racing and a party. Sorry Serre, but I do not really think it's a party party. Iaf not compared to Valdi. On the other hand, I'll keep Serres's slopes as the straw sharper than Valdis, and the forest slope is in a completely different league.

The whole area around Serre consists of larch forests that provide a nice and sparse forest, which made for skiing. It's also very sunny, but when it's not sunny, it's really dumb. As with all ski resorts, one of course depends on the weather gods for a successful trip and we have had a great trip the three times we've been here since it's always dumped at least once during the trip.

True golden grains are a shark up the Cucumelle with a downhill ridge, a piste race down the Casse de Boeuf (1000fhm rolling black piste in the north that never gets harvested) or any of the huge forest areas at snowfall.

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Serre Chevalier, the forest and the sun's mecka.
After two seasons in this place it's so Serre Chevalier also called '' Serre '' can be described in few words
It's just the aforementioned that gets Serre to stand out. The soldiers are around 300 per season and between the trees it is splendid, especially if you are used to barring with the Nordic mountain birch forest. And do not be afraid of all sunshine, because when it's snowing it's all the way it's snowing.
Serre Chevalier is a composite ski system where you can climb the mountain from the city of Briancon and the villages of Chantemerle, Villeneuve and Monetier. Almost all of the sysem is drawn along a north side and it is far from the city of Briancon in the east to the picturesque village of Monetier. The contrasts and skiing are also the major between this city and city, Briancon has a very old-fashioned neighborhood but is otherwise industrial and gloomy, unlike Monetier, which is picturesque, cozy and typically French.
Between Briancon, the villages of Chantemerle and Villeneuve are the heart of the system, this is where most hotels, restaurants and bars are located, both villages have cozy and less cozy parts with typical French alphabet houses. It is mainly in Villeneuve the seasons choose to live and work. Still talked about the villages and the skiing.

We take the skiing in the same order and start in Briancon. Here the system is the lowest and it is also the slopes around Briancon that look the most towards the sun, perfect for ice skating on slopes in a slight slope and a beer at the outdoor terrace Chalet Serre Blanc, in my opinion a of the better in the system. From Briancon you can reach good woodland and some open yard, but have a snowy ride to other parts of the system as there is a lot better skiing to find.
Above the village of Chantermerle you will find incredibly nice woodland and nice sweeping slopes. If it's snowfall and bad sight, it's a hot tip to look for the Aiguillette lift where one of the system's finest forests is found, maybe not the steepest and worst but sparse between the trees and many pillows to bounce around and play on just lying and lapa lift all day and come down with a smile after each ride.
In the next town of Villeneuve, the forest is not as accessible as it is, but there are many nice short open runs that are reached quickly from the lift, but it is time to get up at these places quickly, do not forget to go on the black slope Casse du Boeuf, 800 fall height meter black pist, in my opinion the system's best.
Where the skiing in Villeneuve adjoins Monetier you will find the system's second-nest pine Cucumelle, unfortunately there are many others who seem to be the same and it can easily get crowded in this. Around this piste there is also an offpiste in a slower slope.
When you get over to Monetier, the size of the mountains changes, and the feeling is immediately high-headed with 4000-meter peaks in the background, even here is the steepest, largest and highest ridge with known fields like Montagnole from the top of the system and the steep forest slope of Tabuc. Is it the first time you go off the piste rather choose the woods around Aiguillette, but looking for steeper and more challenging rides you will enjoy yourself! Have a look at the avalanche risk when you go here, which of course applies throughout the system.
Should you probably get tired of skiing here or want to try something new, La Grave is 30-45 minutes away from Serre Chevalier in one direction and Montegenevre that are assembled in a giant system elsewhere.

+ Cruel forest skiing
+ Much sun, but still as big snowfall as usual
+ Good slopes
+ Long untouched after snowfall if you look a little further
+ Perfect for average riders

- Afterski? There are some bars, but nothing to do with rags, you'd rather take a beer out in the sun, so you've doted right!
- Many bad restaurants on the slopes although there are some better
- Not the biggest shot if that's what you're looking for
- In some cases, you may wake up for longer periods of time if you have a bad luck

Do you want to go magic forest and sunbathe in the village with a cold in your hand after a day on the mountain, go to Serre!

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Were in the Serre Chevalier easter 2015 with UCPA family week. We had amazing weather (+18 degrees and sun in the village).

+ The sun and the weather
+ Despite 18 degrees, it was possible to ski (water) skiing all the way down to artificial snow.
+ UCPA (best as always)
+ The pool (according to my 7 year old
+ Vålistade slopes (in the morning)

- No really challenging slopes, even the off-piste scratches were quite easy.
- Very bad snow in the afternoons
- Difficult to move between the places without a car (and even by car since parking was not so good)
- Some restaurants on the slopes were typically French sour (You can not sit on the free tables if you only have to drink, so there can be 100 guests suddenly and take all places for lunch at 2:00 pm)

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We visited Serre Chevalier in January 2014 and got really good with snow! When it happens, it's a fantastic offpiste place with lots of sparse forest to go in. And will not dump, so the sun will shine often. Adequate many backs for not getting tired of a week.

The only (and not insignificant) drawback is that basically the entire system is on a long side of the mountain. This makes the skiing experience a little less varied than other ski systems.

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Cozy area, but do not go there to adjust the powder strings. It's so unbelievable that it dumps a few larger amounts that the odds are very bad for faceshots. Southern Alps get worse and worse with snow unfortunately. High pressure can last for 3-4 weeks and effectively keep away all heavy clouds. In addition, it is a valley that is very exposed to northern winds that quickly turn the snow into rock hard cement. But if you're lucky enough to dump a dump, you'll get amazing forest skiing and easy-to-reach Offpist in Serre.

I've been four times in Serre for ten years and just got good snow once. Now I've given up the hopes.
If you love the sun and laidback lifestyle, Serre is right. If you like party then Serre C is completely wrong.

Magnus (Guest)
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Read Ingo's review below and agree to 100%.

We have been to Serre Chevailler for three consecutive years, becoming one fourth this year (2 families with each child 8-11 years old). Traveled with Nortlander 2 times + this year and Langley once. We have lived in both Briancon (lively town without skiing), Villeneuve (Ingos description quite right) and Chantmerle (small mainly newly built town with OK service and piste / lift close by).

Want to add a few things to Ingo's almost complete review.

+ Weather. 300 days of sunshine / year = about 1-1.5 days bad / week. Have sued for us (v 1 and v 4 as we were there)
+ Good and nice (!) Ski service, where we took advantage of it.
+ Very newly built apartments (in each case in Villeneuve and Chantmerle), with much better standard than traditional French ski apartments (such as 20 sqm for 4 pers with bunk beds in the hall)
+ Stable ski bus system if you do not get home before the lifts close or feel like moving in that way (free with lift passes)
+ Great value on a charter trip
-Lift lifts, our guy lifted up a jerk in one of them and never wanted to go to sleep again.
-Chambery Airport, even harder than Grenoble's

blomba (Guest)
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This year, for the third time, I liked Serre with UCPA, after a couple of years of stay, but it felt like coming home. Serre Chevalier is not the highest, biggest, brilliant or coolest, but definitely the nicest. A snow winter like this one, with really good skiing, both in the open and outside. That two days after snowfall, untrained couloir makes no sadness. Relaxed is the word, why sting when the snow stays the next day too?
Rumors also say that a new gondola is in progress between Frejus and Cucumelle comb for faster connection between Villeneuve and Monetier, ie we may not be able to sit and freeze in the old Balme chair next year. There are unfortunately no rescues, but there is a difference between elsewhere in other parts of the world?

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A really good ski resort, has been there 4 years.

On the mountain there is everything needed (besides really good lifts) for a happy day whether you are a puppy hunter or a granddaughter parent. As said, the lifts do not really measure because there are many and long trailers that should be replaced by newer options. Moreover, there is not much to complain about in this place, except that it is something of a Swedish map, which other people may like: P

Am really happy with this place and will probably return there several times in my life!

Ingo (Guest)
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Were there on week 2 2010. Went with Langley, flight to Grenoble. Stayed at the Langley Hotel La Vielle Ferme in Villeneuve.


* Good snowfall.

* Good pistachio in general

* Varied skiing, ranging from blue slopes to steep slopes with skating rink. There are good slopes for all types of riders.

* Coherent lift system with quite a few transport stretches.

* Stable lifts, although some are just as old and unchanged. Extremely few stops and incredibly reliable compared to eg Åre

* Absolutely nonexistent lift queues, totaled 20 seconds in a week

* Offpisträvar finds a unique access to offpiste tracks in the lift system without knocking a meter.

* Langley Hotel La Vielle Ferme is eclectic, and the food is cruel.


* Still some deadly slip lifts that wear their backs in pieces with their two fingers

* A lot of less good skiers who unfortunately efficiently hunt and plow up puck piste in the slopes for the afternoon.

* Definitely NOT cheap with jaws in the restaurants of the restaurants. On the other hand, where in the Alps is it cheap ....?

* Halftryg transfer, though with awesome views and cliff top 50 cm from the bus window

* Grenoble airport not the best on the planet ...... but it may well be considered a petitess in the context.

Overall, I can only say: Go here !!!!! The skiing is completely complete and offers plenty for all skiers. Offpisträven finds everything he / she needs in the lift system, if you want to knot a bit, the kingdom of heaven opens. The pistachio shooter finds enough advanced slopes, not very long, but long enough and well-pisted. The beginner finds nice, wide and good pisted slopes.

Villeneuve is a cozy town with great contrasts between the old part of the village and the newer. Highly recommended.