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Trysil is a really good ski resort for the family. The complexity of the backers complexity, and their proximity, make it perfect for skiing where skiers have mixed knowledge. The ski school is good and the ski instructors are really competent. Trysil, however, is a bit expensive for us Swedes but still cheaper than going down to the Alps.

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Hi all happy skiers!
Have been to Trysil during the New Year's Week and thought to write a little review.
The village
Trysil village is wonderfully cozy and perfect for families with children. We lived in "Trysil high mountain center" but unfortunately never was down in the center. One friend was down there one evening and went to a club and he said it was like that. If you are looking for wild aprons and festivals, Trysil may not be the best place to turn around. A glass of fat salad cost 110 SEK.
I had a lucky trip with the weather and almost got snowfall every night. This made me barely go for a single pist but the slopes I went were barely pissed. Even though we went during New Year's week there were hardly any lift queues except during New Year. Something that was a big minus was the non-functioning lift system in High Eggs. There was power failure at 13:00 and we were stuck there until five o'clock when we took replacement buses home. This meant we missed a half day of psyche skiing which is never fun. Fortunately, we did the best of the situation and built a jump next to the piste.
Always find untouched offpiste scratches and a lot of woodland skiing which is appreciated.
If it were not for the power outage and the badly pissed pistes, I was generally happy about the trip but would not get up there if there was no incoming snow weather.

Sara Öberg
Sara Öberg (Guest)
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Trysil, a ski resort that provides incredibly good skiing at a reasonable distance from the slightly less snowy Uddevalla. Goa slopes, friendly staff and the right attitude at the ski instructors.
Suits the whole family from small children to older children in the 70+ age.
Highly recommended.

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Superb family destination!
Wide range of slopes, regardless of size of children, you will find challenges at arm's length. Efficient lifting system makes the journey up to the back smooth and fast also.
Should I remark it is the supply in and around the slopes, there is nothing! On the other hand, we lived near the hill. Would like to go back!

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After opening the new Skihytta Express and Toppekpressen lifts, the Akilles Shelter in Trysil has been removed, which previously had long transport times between the two centers. Still quite expensive, but the Norwegian crown is a bit more human than a few years ago.

Isak (Guest)
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A nice ski resort only 5-6 hours from Stockholm. The best mountain values ​​can offer me because it has fall heights almost in class with Åre, but with the absence of the sick bottlenecks and the tight transport distances. Something that also gives Trysil a plus at the edge is that you can travel more than 1, which is quite unusual in the airborne mountain range, which also gives the ride more variety, the area becomes less weather-sensitive. The biggest minus is the prices, but it is Norway, so you can expect it.

+ Fall height
+ Proximity to Stockholm
+ Norwegian is sexy!
+ Slightly slope around Högegga
+ With Nordic dimensions, good and easily accessible offpiste

- A little too flat in addition to Högegga
- Expensive but that's Norway

Igor Ahlbaum
Igor Ahlbaum (Guest)
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Trysil is a big ski resort in southern Norway that offers many good slopes and is perfect for the family. Next best ski resort in Sweden / Norway but expensive.
Large system providing 67 runs and 29 lifts as well as lots of cross country skiing.
Long slopes 75 km total pile length.
Good fall height 685 m is good from the top.
Carving paradise, the best ski resort for carving is very many long and good carving backs in Trysil. T.e.x 79.15 and 46an.
Very good lift system with 7 chairlifts, of which 5 express lifts kept lifting queues despite week 9
The Högegga area is comparable to Åres vm area, good fall height and demanding slopes but quite steep.
The slopes at Fageråsen are comparable to Tværåvalvet and Stendalen.
Two nice peaks and nice skiing in the high zone above the forest line.
It is easy to move from one end to the piste system to the other.
Plenty of backs under the forest line that is wind protected.
The horse and the horse are a fantastic lifting structure. Just like a switchable button lift. You get the lift at 0km / h and then the speed increases dramatically in two seconds of an engine. About like a Launch lift.,
Perfect for families, large children's areas and many easy long backs.
The expert and the offpiste around there though, the expert too steep for my taste is unable to press there.
Backe 30 is fantastic both upper but above all the lower part down the high lift is amazing the best back I have ever traveled.
Nice accommodation and many cabins
The proximity to several other ski resorts such as Sälenfjällen, Idre and Branäs
Good signposted
Expensive as satan both the restaurant food and the food in the grocery stores are crazy overpriced .. 1L milk 25 kr it's not fun.
Some slopes are too flat but still difficult due to the length of the slope but if you do not like too much speed, tourist center slopes are perfect.
The food did not match the price, expensive and not very good like most other ski resorts.
Very freaky people sit in the restaurants for several hours and drink beer and pick up important space when it is lunch rush.
Only Norwegian TV channels

Elin (Guest)
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Were there in February -16 for the first time. The skiing (the 3 hours I included him) was quite ok, though long transport distances.

However, damage management is useless, so make sure you do not go wrong or hurt yourself! I had a fault cut that caused me to twist both knees and flew out next to the piste. There was a scooter who talked a little with me after people stopped and called for help (no, I did not scream or cry but pointed out that I was very hurt). He felt a little on my knees, pulled me on my feet and wondered more or less if I could ski down, which I said I definitely did not think. Then went to the scooter (which was badly difficult because the legs woke up in all directions.) Got to climb the scooter, and was late released at the nearest ski center, even there I had to climb myself. Got a description of where the health center in the village lay low and then he disappeared. Luckily, be a friend who had to go skiing back to the cottage and pick up the car to pick me up at the bed I got up (could not go without support at all). It took her around an hour to come, and I tried as well as I could use my forehead ribbon, but could only have it on one knee, had no ice (did not manage to get snow myself) and had no chance of high . Then we went to the cottage (I did not hurry to sit at a health center to wait even longer for no help)

Turned out when I got help in Sweden a couple of days later that inner ligaments and crossbands were deducted on both knees, a rather serious injury in other words. I have had two operations during the year due to this damage.

It seems that at least you should have to go downhill (it's sick easy to twist even more, eg menic if you're going to stumble around climbing pants with such injuries) and get access to RICE treatment at once. After all, it's a ski resort, there must be systems and routines for damage management that work !!

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we stayed in the bargain and went for 2 days in Trysil, it was the best on the whole trip, what skiing are some wonderful options for all types of skiers ... we enjoyed the wonderful weather and probably tried all the slopes that were both in the north and the south side. My own personal favorite was high (have lived and worked in Trysil before) so that ski area always has our favorite :) We enjoyed every second we were there, although I probably never seen as little snow this time but it did not affect our skiing, There are many places in Sweden that should take a look at their lift system and the almost total zero time in liftkö. The negative is, as usual, the price level of most of the Swedish dimensions, but it's just packing a bag of baking and grilling on the hill, so the second affordable type of lift pass and drink, not the first time we were there or the last one.
PLUS skiing, lift system, nice staff everywhere, close to cabins in Sweden :)
The MINUS price level of everything can sometimes be very windy at the top, the fee you have to pay when you leave the north side (a bomb) horribly !!

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Been there more than 5 times (often lived on the Swedish side) and never been bored or stuck in queue.
The entire Högegga area gets a clear femma ;-)