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We run the TRUE Edtion Noir onwards - it´s popularity made us proceed. Some new design features and an even more steady run. Best in pow but works well in the pist as well. Many comments are that this is the ultimate skis - no need for anything else....
Line Sick Day 114 2018
Line Sick Day 114
From backcountry, slack and hard pack, the all-new Sick day 114 is the perfect powder ski for those looking for a surfy, playful feel and ease of use while planing through deep snow. Magic finger carbon filaments add power whiteout sacrificing weight...
The 106/99 Foundation Chassis is the new standard for mixed snow and all-mountain versatility. The Chassis design places your boot in the optimal place within both the flex profile and the sidecut, which fosters predictability and a powerful response...
DPS LOTUS 124 TOUR1 2018
The introduction of Tour1 construction chopped another 30 percent of weight off an already lightweight Pure Carbon layup – all while retaining tremendous torsional stiffness that is unmatched in the touring category. Tour1 layup skis make long days ...
Down Skis ThrowDown 125 2018
595 $
Down Skis ThrowDown 125
Developed from all the years of experience with the TD124/CD1 and of course with great input from our team (thanks guys!) the ThrowDown 125 is a surfy, floaty and ripping freestyle pow ski. Carbon mixed with a new 8210 gloss topsheet, harwood core, a...
Faction Heroine 2018
589 $
Faction Heroine
Fluent in the language of fun, the Heroine builds confidence wherever you go. Eager to carve into fresh corduroy, the Heroine’s cap construction and ABS in the tip and tail keeps it stable when arcing those turns. A progressive sidecut, coupled with ...
Line Supernatural 92 2018
Line Supernatural 92
The Re-designed 92 is the best medium width ski to handle all those hardpack pucker moments and more! Newly shaped for easier turning and initiation that gives it a little more give on the edge-to-edge without talking back.
K2 Pinnacle 85 2018
K2 Pinnacle 85
The brand new Pinnacle 85 is the multi-purpose tool of the collection. Technical skiers will appreciate its narrow waist for technical, icy descents and AT approaches, while those new to Pinnacle Series will find the 85mm waist to be approachable w...
K2 Sight 2018
K2 Sight
Built for freestyle, the fresh new Sight is wider than previous models for extra hold on icy pipe walls and maching through the flat bottom, as well as stomping big landings. while retailing playfulness for rail switch-ups. Warm up or cool down the ...
Faction Ambit 2018
489 $
Faction Ambit
The Ambit has faced down some of the toughest competitions in the world, from the X Games to World Cup podiums. The ski of choice for X Games Gold medalist Kelly Sildaru, the Ambit is your champion for freestyle skiing. With a snappy and responsive p...
K2 Marksman 2018
K2 Marksman
From its clean-edged graphics to its modern asymmetrical construction, the K2 Marksman adds a dash of class to any park party. Forged under the eye of K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this all-terrain slashing ski reflects its maker by integrating i...
K2 Poacher Jr 2018
K2 Poacher Jr
The K2 Poacher Jr. has its sights set on team captain – just like its older brother. With a versatile All Terrain Rocker, lightweight cap construction, and resilient, easy-to-ski aspen core, the Poacher Jr. is the jumping-off point for little groms w...
K2 Pinnacle 118 2018
K2 Pinnacle 118
K2 Skis: Ski 2017/2018 English K2 Sports Europe GmbH 6-Jul-173 PINNACLE SERIES men’s Pinnacle 118 Pinnacle 118 is one award-winning freeride ski that’s sending into the new season without even pulling in for a pit stop. Its fir and aspen core deliv...
Movement BLACK APPLE 2018
Easy to handle skis in any kind of high mountain terrain are very important for the novice touring skier. The APPLE range was created for this client. These skis have an ultra-modern geometry as well as a light construction which still performs well ...
On3p Steeple 108 2018
799 $
On3p Steeple 108
The Steeple 108 maintains the surfy, catch-free ride it has become known for while offering greater versatility on the ride down. Thanks to an updated Reverse Elliptical Sidecut, it maintains better edge hold on hard snow traverses or when you must s...
Movement ALP TRACKS 94 2018
Movement ALP TRACKS 94
We wanted to redefine our mountain line and we did it with the new ALP TRACKS range. Movement has written a new story with the ALP TRACKS line, which is a new technological marvel. The line expands with a new model of ALP TRACKS, the result of preci...