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K2 Konic 75 2018
K2 Konic 75
K2 Skis: Ski 2017/2018 English K2 Sports Europe GmbH 6-Jul-172 KONIC SERIES men’s iKonic 84Ti The redesigned iKonic 84Ti is a highly versatile ski capable of ripping groomers, on any day and any condition the mountain calls for. Exo-Konic technolo...
K2 Catamaran 2018
K2 Catamaran
K2 Factory Team Riders Pep Fujas and Sean Pettit were on to something with their brainchild, the Marksman, so we took their advice and added an even wider asym ski to the Factory Team Collection. Enter the Catamaran. With a twin-inspired asymmetric...
K2 Turbo Charger 2018
K2 Turbo Charger
Elite precision, quickness, and control define the all-new K2 Turbo Charger. Designed for the piste skiing by the advanced skier, the Turbo Charger delivers a smooth, chatter-free ride for carving a variety of turns, shapes and sizes on your favorit...
While the legendary ski shape has remained, the arrival of Alchemist stokes the smoothness factor on this classic. The Wailer 112 legacy has dominated magazine tests and is known as the shape that truly makes people ski better. It has the versatility...
Line Sick Day 104 2018
Line Sick Day 104
An all-new upgrade on the award winning design, the 104 is the perfect waist for mixing it up on the frontside and the backside. Lightweight, surfy but stable thanks to the new Magic Finger Carbon Filaments, this ski still has the hold where you need...
Line Sick Day 114 2018
Line Sick Day 114
From backcountry, slack and hard pack, the all-new Sick day 114 is the perfect powder ski for those looking for a surfy, playful feel and ease of use while planing through deep snow. Magic finger carbon filaments add power whiteout sacrificing weight...
K2 Sight 2018
K2 Sight
Built for freestyle, the fresh new Sight is wider than previous models for extra hold on icy pipe walls and maching through the flat bottom, as well as stomping big landings. while retailing playfulness for rail switch-ups. Warm up or cool down the ...
K2 Ikonic 80Ti 2018
K2 Ikonic 80Ti
Newly redesigned for 17/18, the nimble iKonic 80Ti is a next-level, performance ski for skiers who prefer a stiffer, stable ride for cruising the piste with clean carving style long after the perfect morning corduroy has been tracked and piled up.
Movement FLY 105 2018
Movement FLY 105
FLY WITH STYLE is the image and message that we want to share through these skis. The best riders of the moment are skiing this pioneer ski. They are ultra-playful skis which make the impossible possible. The FLY range is for all types of FREESKIERS ...
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 104 2018
615 $
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 104
A “one-ski-quiver” may be a cliche, but since it´s the best way to describe the CountDown 104, we´re sticking with it anyway. We´ve been refining this design for the last 5 years, and it´s getting very close to perfection. From powder to groomed pist...
Line Supernatural 92 2018
Line Supernatural 92
The Re-designed 92 is the best medium width ski to handle all those hardpack pucker moments and more! Newly shaped for easier turning and initiation that gives it a little more give on the edge-to-edge without talking back.
K2 Pinnacle 85 2018
K2 Pinnacle 85
The brand new Pinnacle 85 is the multi-purpose tool of the collection. Technical skiers will appreciate its narrow waist for technical, icy descents and AT approaches, while those new to Pinnacle Series will find the 85mm waist to be approachable w...
K2 Pinnacle 118 2018
K2 Pinnacle 118
K2 Skis: Ski 2017/2018 English K2 Sports Europe GmbH 6-Jul-173 PINNACLE SERIES men’s Pinnacle 118 Pinnacle 118 is one award-winning freeride ski that’s sending into the new season without even pulling in for a pit stop. Its fir and aspen core deliv...