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On3p Wrenegade 108 2018
749 $
On3p Wrenegade 108
The Wrenegade 108, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile and Bi-Radius Sidecut, remains the big gun when groomers and speed are the name of the game. A stable and directional option for every condition on the hill, the 108 provides the b...
On3p Billy Goat 2018
779 $
On3p Billy Goat
The Billy Goat is our go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft and variable snow. Updated with Asymmetrical Tip Taper to boost smearability, combined with our best and most user-friendly RES sidecut to date, the Billy Goat is fo...
On3p Kartel 116 2018
779 $
On3p Kartel 116
The Kartel 116 brings years of freestyle powder ski design into a balanced package outfitted for the deepest of days. A Bi-radius Sidecut combined with the most aggressive tip and tail tapering of all Kartels improves tracking through variable and ju...
Faction Prodigy Jr 2018
389 $
Faction Prodigy Jr
From freestyle team to freeride team, the Prodigy Jr. equips young rippers with a versatile ski to progress across the mountain. A 79mm waist and Poplar/Beech core pack a punch in the park while a solid full sidewall construction will outlast even th...
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107 2018
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107
Designed with the needs of our pro athlete team in mind, the Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107 is a tuned-up, limited edition ripper that excels on big, consequential lines, high speeds and mixed snow conditions. Building on the playful soft-snow perfor...
The Cassiar 95 leans moderately more towards softer snow than its little brother, the Cassiar 85. The package is accomplished through a slightly higher tip, an altered flex profile, and of course, an extra centimeter of width underfoot. The Cassiar 9...
Zag Adret-88 2018
829 $
Zag Adret-88
Wider than its little brother, the A-88 will take you further in deep snow, whilst maintaining exceptional lightness. Construction : Ultra Light Carbon Kevlar Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology
Zag Ubac Team 2018
419 $
Zag Ubac Team
It's touring family time ! Our Ubac Team is the 1st free touring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With a similar construction to the Ubac, it provides the young adventurers lightness for the ascent and pleasure in the descent. T...
Zag Ubac-95 2018
809 $
Zag Ubac-95
A construction and a balance of camber and rockers: our UBAC is even more efficient and grippy than ever before, whilst maintaining the key to its success - manoeuvrability. A ski developed, tested and approved by the Chamonix mountain guides. Cons...
Zag Ubac-95-Lady 2018
809 $
Zag Ubac-95-Lady
Finally a feminine version of our most famous freerando ski! A wide, ultra-light and versatile ski accessible to all to climb high and make the most of the downhill. Construction : ZTH Hybrid Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology
Zag Ubac-105 2018
819 $
Zag Ubac-105
A new generation of ski that will encourage the most devoted freeriders to put on skins! Construction : ZTH Hybrid Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology
Zag Bakan-112 2018
829 $
Zag Bakan-112
Discover our ultra-light « powder devourer ». A genuine toy with a short radius for powder lovers and forest explorers! Construction : ZTH Hybrid Profil : Rocker XGrip Technology
On3p Wrenegade 98 2018
729 $
On3p Wrenegade 98
The Wrenegade 98, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile and our Bi-Radius Sidecut design, is our most versatile directional daily driver. Our progressive rocker profile improves float in powder snow while the thinner waist ensures solid ...
Faction Prodigy 4.0 2018
799 $
Faction Prodigy 4.0
What floats better than Johnny Collinson’s flowing blonde locks in the breeze you might ask? Well, his skis. The all-new Prodigy 4.0 is a pow-slaying and pillow-dropping machine. With a 112mm waist for superior float and extra landing gear for stompi...