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Nocopy POWDER DOG 2018
784 $
EXTREMELY GOOD POWDER SKI with a fantastic cut that also offers good skiing in the pist. Tip and tail rocker with spoon form to give a very good ride off-pist. (Only pre order)
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107 2018
Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107
Designed with the needs of our pro athlete team in mind, the Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107 is a tuned-up, limited edition ripper that excels on big, consequential lines, high speeds and mixed snow conditions. Building on the playful soft-snow perfor...
Movement REVO 82 WOMEN - Titanal 2 axes carbon 2018
Movement REVO 82 WOMEN - Titanal 2 axes carbon
EN — Above all, our clients demand versatility. That is why we opted for a new ALL MOUNTAIN slope category named REVO. REVO is the result of several years of testing as well as continuous improvement to in order to obtain/create/make a fantastic ski...
Movement ALP TRACKS 84 WOMEN 2018
We wanted to redefine our mountain line and we did it with the new ALP TRACKS range. Movement has written a new story with the ALP TRACKS line, which is a new technological marvel. The line expands with a new model of ALP TRACKS, the result of preci...
Klint Krypto 2018
699 $
Klint Krypto
Krypto is a wide powder charger which stands out in any soft snow conditions. Klint's Deep Rocker profile combined with the special damped Birch wood core, provides a responsive, stable and playful float, which excels in powder skiing all over t...
Movement BLACK APPLE 2018
Easy to handle skis in any kind of high mountain terrain are very important for the novice touring skier. The APPLE range was created for this client. These skis have an ultra-modern geometry as well as a light construction which still performs well ...
Voilé Super Charger 2018
Voilé Super Charger
Now, before you think it’s an even-stiffer and more-aggressive version of our original Charger, think again, because the SuperCharger is absolutely none of those things. In fact, it’s a ski probably more akin to our venerable V8. Except that it’s not...
Easy to handle skis in any kind of high mountain terrain are very important for the novice touring skier. The APPLE range was created for this client. These skis have an ultra-modern geometry as well as a light construction which still performs well ...
On3p Steeple 116 2018
829 $
On3p Steeple 116
Our newest offering, the Steeple 116 is a Billy Goat at heart, but with a backcountry makeover. Our Tour Layup and Skin Clip Tail make for a convenient trek uphill, while the RES sidecut and Asymmetrical Tip Taper we’ve borrowed from the Billy Goat e...
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 114L 2018
650 $
Down Skis CountDown Carbon 114L
By popular demand, we´re debuting an extra-light version of the 114 this season. Keeping the all-mountain abilities of its heavier cousin, the 114L has a livelier flex and crisper feel and is even better suited for touring and long days spent logging...
Faction Heroine 2018
589 $
Faction Heroine
Fluent in the language of fun, the Heroine builds confidence wherever you go. Eager to carve into fresh corduroy, the Heroine’s cap construction and ABS in the tip and tail keeps it stable when arcing those turns. A progressive sidecut, coupled with ...
On3p Jessie 98 2018
679 $
On3p Jessie 98
The Jessie 98 is an agile, poppy, and playful do-it-all quiver of one for the advanced to expert lady shredder. Our Elliptical Rocker and Elliptical Sidecut combine to allow natural planing and balanced turn initiation, while the smooth taper profile...
The Cassiar A95 leans moderately more towards softer snow than its little brother, the Cassiar A85. The package is accomplished through a slightly higher tip, an altered flex profile, and of course, an extra centimeter of width underfoot. The Cassiar...
DPS LOTUS 124 TOUR1 2018
The introduction of Tour1 construction chopped another 30 percent of weight off an already lightweight Pure Carbon layup – all while retaining tremendous torsional stiffness that is unmatched in the touring category. Tour1 layup skis make long days ...
Zag H-95 Lady 2018
599 $
Zag H-95 Lady
he perfect combination of performance, versatility and ease-of-use. Its grippy edges will let you make the most of carving on pistes, while its mid-wide waist will carry you off the beaten track faster than you ever thought possible. This H95 Lady wi...
Zag H-85 Lady 2018
579 $
Zag H-85 Lady
If enjoying long days of skiing in absolute comfort is your motto, then you will love this ski! Its short radius will let you easily make short turns on piste, while its wide tip will let you discover the powder going off-piste.
Zag H-88 2018
579 $
Zag H-88
Endowed with excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvre. It will keep you amped to ski every day, no matter what you plan to do. This ski doesn’t forget its freeride origins that are so dear t...
Down Skis ThrowDown 105 2018
535 $
Down Skis ThrowDown 105
The TD105 takes the ThrowDown line further into the park and even deeper into 1-ski-quiver territory. Combining all that with what we know about ski shaping the TD105 builds on the success of the TD110/TD103. Direct input from our team and customers ...
Nocopy CARVING Q 2018
719 $
It took us a while to decide and plan for a Nocopysports pist ski - it is based on our idea of having fun and do some easy skiing. This one is an "easy turner" with the rocker. It will give you something extra while riding it. And if you go...